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Change Is Coming To The Master Bedroom - The Before

white shabby chic bedroom

Good morning friends!

I've been MIA these past couple of weeks taking a break from blogging and social media, working on a few projects and going into a couple of Summer trips around the area.

It was a really nice break, but It's so good to be back to my normal routine and posting once again.

As you read it on the title, my bedroom is finally getting a makeover. Three weeks ago as I was cleaning and organizing this room, in the blink of an eye I decided to instead go for a whole room makeover and the cleaning and organizing turned up into emptying the entire room!

However, this post is all about the before and a little bit about the direction I want to give to this room.

Let's start with the before-before

As soon as we moved into our new home, this room felt like a huge white canvas with that high slanted ceiling that I had no idea how to deal with.

The first makeover was done using these rich tones that I loved so much! Those were the early 2000s and deep tones were all the rage.
By the way, these were pre-blogging days, but the painting of the room, the headboard, the canopy, curtains and bed-skirt were all DIY projects by truly yours. Yep. I've been a diy-er my entire life! :)
Yellow and burgundy master bedroom with canopy  headboard
I lived with this room for almost a decade until I grew tired of it. I didn't like that I did nothing to the ceiling.

The second makeover started right there, at the ceiling, installing faux wooden beams.
Cristina Garay installing wooden beams in bedroom
You can check the DIY- faux wooden beam entire process here, here and here.
slanted ceiling with DIY - wooden beams
Soon after, I embarked on my very first built-in project, right there in between the windows.
built-in with fireplace in bedroom
Here's a small video of that first building part.
Complete details for the built-in project are here, here and here.

The decor and final details of this second makeover were never completed. In reality, I didn't have the budget for it and got busy working on other areas of the house.

Hand-me-downs and free Craiglist finds, like the screen/headboard & chandelier were added from time to time.
wooden room divider used as headboard
Room Divider as a Headboard
Here, looking towards the entrance door, where I trimmed that area around the door.
white bedroom

Fast forward some more years and this is how the bedroom looked that day when I decided to get rid of everything... Starting with that red bench that I brought up during Christmas.
white shabby chic bedroom with red bench


This is the view when standing at this room's entrance door.
white bedroom makeover

The ceiling is going to stay the same, I'm still in love with those beams. The chandelier on the other hand, needs to go. I'm thinking on bringing modern design to this room and that chandelier doesn't quite fit that description.

I will be adding a wall design on that back wall, and I'm pretty sure about painting it a dark moody color. I haven't decided yet what color.
I need a nice comfy bed and a set of night stands, and pretty much all the decor/necessities for a bedroom... New lamps, bedding, pillows, etc.
white shabby chic bedroom
Getting rid of the carpet has been on my wish list for a very long time, but that's not happening this time either.
white bedroom
Whenever we remove that carpet, we have to do it on the entire second story and right now we don't  have the budget for it.
I gave my husband the idea of diy-ing those floors, but he's refused to that idea. He pretty much agrees with everything I do around our home, so this time I'm letting him win this one battle. ;)

Maybe, I can use an area rug while waiting for those hardwood floors.
I think that big mirror will fit nicely with the new modern design, because all this time it kept on fighting the shabby look going on in here.
That door to the side of that mirror is the one to the bathroom, and there's another door to the left of the mirror leading to the closet.
That's the view while looking straight from the bathroom door, and this following picture while standing at the closet door.

Well, the emptying of the room went by real fast...

You can see me in action right here:

I ended up with an empty room and my trusty Werner Telescoping ladder, the one that it's gonna help me reach all those high points on that ceiling.
Lots of work going on in this room and this Werner ladder is right there to help get it done.
|  Werner 5-in-1 Telescoping Ladder  | 

  • 5 Ladders in 1 with 33 adjustable working heights and positions
  • Twin Step, Stairway Step, Extension, Wall, and two Scaffold Bases
  • 375 lbs. load capacity ladder for Industrial Strength Performance

Well, did I tell you I'm very excited about bringing change to this my bedroom?!! Yes, I am!

Stay tuned for the next part...  Creating the design on that back wall.

The following are all the links to this bedroom makeover:
Here's how I easily change the look of the shower.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. My master bed/bath is next on the list too! I was also thinking of painting the back wall near the bed - probably Hale Navy as I'm planning to do the master bath the same colors as the kitchen with Hale Navy cabinets. (Hey, Benjamin Moore Advance paint is NOT cheap!) I just have to get up the wherewithal to start. I literally have all the paint and everything I need that's been sitting in the closet for three months!

    1. Oh, let's do it Janessa!! I was thinking on using navy, but I've been using blue so much around the house, that I'll probably go with a dark gray instead.

    2. Right? I'm a little obsessed with navy right now but then I was also obsessed with green/gold/red in the 90s and got tired of that PRETTY quickly!

  2. I cannot wait to see the finished product! You had me at "taking the carpet out"

    So excited for ya!

    1. I'm excited to finally bring some pretties to this room. I wish I could take the carpet out, but nope, that one it's staying... at least for now. :/

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