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Small Master Bathroom - The Reveal

White bathroom with shiplap - gold fixtures and gray vanity

It's been a long journey since I started this project in the summer, and today, I'm so happy to finally share with you how our small en-suite was turned into the vintage-modern bathroom I envisioned a long time ago!

Since there were many projects along the way, I'm sharing the links to all of them at the end of this post.

I want to apologize for the delay in posting this reveal. First, I had a product setback, then a collaboration that made me postpone the post even further. Lastly, Mr. RLC promised a video of this entire project, and he took a bit more time than he initially thought.

If you prefer to watch the video, here it is, with my strong accent, which I don't like. But it is what it is. 

The starting point for this bathroom makeover is what the builders gave us 18 years ago because I had done nothing to this space this entire time.

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small white builder's grade bathroom with honey oak cabinet vanity
Here is our brand-new space:
Vintage - modern bathroom makeover with walk in shower

I get to see this each time I stand at the door, making me smile every time I see it. :)

Renovating this bathroom was like putting together a puzzle. Every little piece was one step further into the overall design. And It's at this point, when everything is set and done, that I assure you that the time it took us to install those 235 pieces of wood on the ceiling, walls, and cubbies was well worth it!
Hex tile in bathroom
Hex floor tile  |  Frameless fixed shower door  |  Subway Tile |

The most significant change this bathroom encountered was transforming the bathtub into a walk-in shower. Big thanks to The Home Depot for partnering with me to bring this dream to reality. You can check out my six steps to get to this beautiful shower on their blog right HERE.

One of the features I like the most is the floor with the little hex tiles and curb-less design. There are no stepping stones on the way to the shower, and the clear glass panel makes the bathroom feel spacious.
sitting bench with quartz top - body brush on bath bench
Let's continue talking about space because the 16 inches we grabbed from the attic to install the bench were all we could hold, but it was the right amount of space for a comfortable shower. 

We're not hitting the wall with our elbows anymore! 

This area is also an excellent place to store or display shower essentials.
white subway tile - storage niche in shower

A shower niche is what every bathroom should have to store shampoo bottles and shower necessities. This makes a world of difference in a shower. No more suction cups for us. 🙌

If you're considering renovating a bathroom, I highly recommend adding at least one storage niche between the studs.

vintage clear and pink glass bottles on shower niche
I chose classic subway tile for the shower, even inside the niche. 

I like bright colors and bold patterns, but I chose a neutral palette on these surfaces that are difficult to change. The products I store here are the ones that pop.

Check the little makeover that Shower Niche got HERE.

The bathroom fixtures are the jewelry in this room. 

The champagne bronze finish on these Delta Vero fixtures is so beautiful! Their sleek, minimalist design is one of the modern features of this bathroom.

shower with subway tile and gold fixtures
Delta Vero 1-Handle showerhead

We installed the one-handle, one-spray rain can shower head and, per the mister's request, a full-body spray hand shower. Now that we have them, I know how practical they are.

On the opposite side of the shower, I installed a towel rack.

bathroom with turkish towels
Towel Rack | Stripped towels

The towel rack's deep wooden color adds a touch of warmth to the shower and coordinates with other accessories in the room.
shower towel rack

On the opposite side, you see the vanity area and the bedroom outside the door. 

All the surfaces around the vanity were updated.
white and grey bathroom with wooden accents
Vanity  |  Toilet Paper Holder  |  Vanity Install |

I love this vanity, its color, and the quartz top. It's a huge step up from those golden cabinets we had!

I just now realized how awesome it is to have drawers in the bathroom! I already organized them, but this has to be shared in another post.

That cute tilt-out tray is where I keep my toothpaste and toothbrush. It's so convenient and out of the way at the same time.
gray vanity from Costco with organized drawers
Tilt-out tray insert  | Toothbrush  |  Storage Boxes

The faucets follow the same line and color as the shower fixtures. I love the look of faucets with two handles, but I dislike cleaning them. It's more work! 

I chose this Delta Trinsic design because I didn't even want to install the plate, but it looks much better with it.
Delta Trinsic Faucet

The mirrors I originally had in mind differed from those on the wall. I was planning on building a frame and using/cutting the huge mirror we had before. But one day, I spotted these on Craigslist

I removed a huge crown molding that the mirrors had at the top. I'm so glad they worked out! 

Ha, what I saved on the mirrors, I splurged on the walnut art frames! :D
gray vanity and wooden mirrors in bath

My summer vacation to San Francisco was the inspiration for the art.
San Francisco prints in frames
Walnut wooden frames  |  Art 1  |  Art 2

Three round hooks were installed on the wall where we had the medicine cabinet; by the way, I don't miss that cabinet at all!

These hooks are mainly decorative, although the little hand towels often hang on the smallest one.
modern vintage bathroom with gray vanity and subway tile
Round Wooden Hooks  |  Shiplap on Wall |

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember me asking for your opinion about the rugs. These striped ones and others were very colorful choices. 

I went with the neutral one because the other grabbed so much light. And to tell you the truth, it was a pain taking photos of this bath with that rug; the lower part was so dark, and the top was overexposed.
white and gray bathroom with shiplap on wall and ceiling
Striped Rug  |  Pulls  |  Toilet |

On the other side of the room, these little shelves keep me busy. I am constantly rearranging them with new goodies! :D 

I'm so glad I could utilize this once-wasted space. With all the wood and beadboard, this area looks a bit cottage-ish.
white bathroom with build in shelves under the eaves and framed little windows

The little windows were trimmed, and I even built another window to maintain the symmetry above the shelves.

Little faux plants are displayed on the window sills because I always forget to water plants that are above my eye level! :D

These shelves are this bathroom's charming storage space.
Storage cubbies in bathroom
Build-in shelves |

Soaps, sponges, and bath necessities were gathered in baskets and ceramic bowls I found at thrift stores.
ceramic bowl storing bathroom necessities

It's a quick way to grab what we need and return the basket to its place.

The air vent was moved from the floor to the wall, here between the shelves. It sits below a wall heater hidden behind that cute cover.
under the eaves bathroom storage

Washcloths, hand towels...

These shelves are the place to store fluffy towels! 

Oh, and the little area rugs we use to get out of the shower.
white towels on the shelves

Looking up... 

The shiplap ceiling is the perfect background for the pretty chandelier.
This floral burst chandelier was another Craigslist find. Though it was in new condition, still in the unopened box, the price was less than half what I would've had to pay at the store.

I bought it when the bathroom was under construction, and I was nervous about it not working with the design. When the tile and the ceiling were installed, I immediately brought it into the room to see how it looked...

I instantly fell in love!
bathroom with floral burst chandelier

It IS a floral burst! 

But it's also the piece that gives the bathroom a luxurious feel.
Floral burst chandelier installed in small white bathroom

I always say lighting is an important step in any room design, but it truly is.

Above the vanity, we installed three pendant lights. I painted their ceiling plates gold to match the color of the chandelier.
Industrial pendant globes in white bathroom
Pendant lights |

We also installed a can light in the shower. They all work together or separately, no matter the time of day, making us enjoy this room even more.

Here is a pic without the rug:
White bathroom with shiplap on wall and ceiling with gold accents
Hex floor tile  |  Flooring Install |

And I couldn't leave you without the before and after:

white and gray bathroom with subway tile, shiplap, wooden accessories and gold fixtures.

It feels so amazing to be done with this space. It was hard for our entire family to squeeze into one bathroom (especially during the morning rush).

Thanks so much for sticking with me to the end. I hope you have gotten a little bit of inspiration for your own bath renovation.


The following are the links to the projects done in this bathroom:

Here's how I easily change the look of the shower.

      Source list:

      Ceramic Subway Tile, Pencil tile, Hex floor tile, Delta Vero 1-Handle shower, Delta Vero 1-Spray Hand Shower, Frameless fixed shower door, Towel Rack, Stripped towels, Brush set, 


      Vanity, vanity pulls, Delta Trinsic Faucet, Vanity Tray, Hairbrush, Drawer organization boxes, Tilt-out tray insert, Toothbrush, Soap Dispenser, Mirror -similar, Round Wooden Hooks, Hand towel, Toilet Paper Holder, 


      *This post contains affiliate links.

      Enjoy what you read today?



      1. This is truly a dream-come-true bathroom makeover. It is smart, fresh, and over-the-moon lovely. I'm so thrilled for you! Now is time to enjoy. ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

        1. Thanks Susie! We're so happy with it! Those showers are taking way longer. :)

      2. LOVE every single detail!!! I am in awe of your detailing...perfection. And that video...OMG...such a talented videographer ;) You may have to forgive him if he leaves a little toothpaste in the!

        1. Hehe Beck, THANK YOU very much for being my biggest cheerleader during this entire renovation. Know that your input knowledge is always appreciated. Many times I think... "What would Beck do in this situation" and that's true! :) And yes, he's a talented videographer. :D Thanks Beck!

      3. You. are. amazing! Wow, this bathroom is gorgeous! I love every single detail from the tile, to the floor, to the it all. Congrats on a beautiful job!

        1. Shelley, THANK YOU so much!! It took me awhile, but we're so happy with it! It's like we gained lots of space when in reality is kind of the same footprint. I think storage is a big deal compared to the before.
          Enjoy your weekend!

      4. Oh wow, this is gorgeous and the storage you've added is amazing. Love it all, what a fabulous makeover.

        1. Storage was a tenfold increase, Marty! I don't know how I could live like that all that time. It's so good to have everything this organized. Thanks!

      5. It's beautiful! do you have a source for the bottles in the niche?

        1. Thanks!! The clear ones are vintage, I got them at the flea market. The pink ones were bought at Marshalls.

      6. We just finished remodeling our only bathroom and we have some similarities. I'm working on the blog post today about it. We used the same hexagon tile on the floor and went with subway tile in the shower. The original 1928 floor was white and black hexagons, but our new floor looks so much better.

        You did a fantastic job,.

        1. Thanks so much Carol! I've been checking your progress over on Instagram. I can't wait to see the reveal! I'm in love with the little hexagons tile, it looks and feels good.

      7. WOW, this bathroom is stupendous! All your hard work really paid off!

      8. It's just amazing! I'm so impressed that you did all the work. And your husband did an excellent job on the video. Your accent is lovely and it's what makes you YOU. That and your fantastic building and design skills.

      9. This is seriously the most stunning bathroom now (& well worth the wait for the final reveal!) I'm definitely bookmarking this post for when we start to prep to build our house-love the curb-less shower!

        xoxo, SS

        Southern and Style

      10. Fabulous makeover! Simply stunning and filled with great ideas.

      11. i love it, it's so you!!!! i do have a question about the plank walls and ceiling. did you add a layer or some sort of mold protection to the planks? because it's a bathroom, does moisture/steam from the shower will affect later on? or, will the exhaust fan and opening the windows will do?

      12. What a stunning bathroom!! :o The dandelion chandelier is so beautiful!!

      13. Eres una artista decoradora. Maybe you missed your career dear friend !
        You did an awesome job with your master bathroom. I'll save it for inspiration for my future redecorating.

      14. Cristina, look what you've accomplished! This bathroom is beautiful - just beautiful. You amaze me honestly because I look at this stunning space and know that you build it all. So proud of you and happy that you and your hubby will have this space to enjoy.

        The video was wonderful and I love hearing you speak. :)

      15. So insanely GORGEOUS! You all worked so hard and this is one of the prettiest transformations I've ever seen!

      16. Woweee!!!! That’s so impressive.

      17. i swear you just get more and more talented!

      18. This comment has been removed by the author.

      19. Cristina, I always go back to your blog posts when we're about to start a project to see if you've already done the same work. Your blog is a great resource! We're about to start a total master bath remodel (plan to hire it all out as we're not as talented as you are) and I have a question about your shower. Has keeping the grout clean been a problem? I know smaller tiles on the floor with lots of grout lines is recommended so that it's less slippery, but I'm concerned about the shower floor being hard to keep clean. Anything you'd do differently if you had it to do over? Thanks for any advice and insight.

        1. Sue, thank you so much for your very kind words! How exciting that you're getting a brand new master bath. I have to tell you that my showers got longer after the bath makeover! :D
          I love the small tile, it feels so good walking on them, you feel the texture.
          Now, I haven't had any issues keeping them clean, or keeping the grout clean. I'm not a neat freak, I usually clean the shower lightly once a week and a good scrub once a month. I usually spray all tiled surfaces with Tilex once a week and that's it.
          You can seal the grout lines to make them less porous, I didn't do that, but that's a good measure to take once you install the tile. I've had more trouble keeping the glass door clean, even though I squeegee after every. single. shower. No matter what, it always shows spots.
          I totally recommend the small tile.
          You can write to me at remodelandolacasa at gmail dot com if you have any other questions or design dilemmas, I love that planning phase.

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