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A Hanging Planter - A Repurposed Project

Modern bedroom with hanging planter on high ceiling

Hello there!
It's been a while since my last repurposed project. It feels so good to utilize an object in a different way than it was in its former life. This hanging planter that now adorns that high elevation in my bedroom, is exactly that. Hard to believe that pretty shiny circle is the same object you see in the picture below. Any guesses about what is it?
how to repurpose a metal round base from outdoor table
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When my bedroom makeover was almost done and I was already prepping the room for pictures (talk about deadlines 😰) one of those last projects I had to accomplish was the hanging planter.

I had bought a wire to form a circle and had plenty of wood to create something out of those two materials, but I just didn't have the time to create perfect circles or a hanging planter contraption.

My sister-in-law came to help me with those last-minute peripherals. She gave me the idea of using a hoop. Yes, I had plenty of hoops in my stash, but they were all too small.

Then, I remembered I had some circles out of wood in the garage that maybe I could use for this project. Nah, those circles were again, too small- a couple of inches larger than the biggest hoop, but still too small.

I was looking around the garage to see what else I could use and that's when my SIL said: "Why don't you use that circle behind you?"
Me looking blackguards: What circle?
Sil: That one that's right behind you!
Me: Which one? I don't see any circle?!
Sil: That one that's hung up there
Me: Ooooh that one??  Ha, let me see!


Well, that circle or double circle is that piece that metal outdoor tables have as a base, below the top. They keep the table legs in place and that center circle also keeps the umbrella post straight.
Now, that left picture below is the actual table, the only picture I have of it. I got it for free about four years ago. A very rusty table that I wanted to update with paint. The mister volunteered himself to remove the rust, but after grinding the table legs and base, he got tired and never worked on that tabletop.

After holding to it for almost two years, we decided to bring it to the recycling center because we were not going to finish that job ever.
The circular base somehow escaped from that recycling trip and it stayed hung in the garage until the day my sil spotted it. She really saved the day! ❤️
base of tables repurposed as hanging planter
|  Table  |

The only thing I had to do was to open a hole in the middle of one of the connecting pieces, for centered hanging purposes-  and then, I spray painted it gold.
Repurposing a metal sphere from outdoor table
Rustoleum Metallic Satin Bronze |

Now, figuring out how to hang it, got the best thinking juices out of both of us. 😄  The easiest way was using a small screw eye with its respective nut placed right there in the hole I had just drilled.

That was the anchor point for the chain to be attached to it.
The chain was also a repurposed item. Thank goodness for being a hoarder! :) The chain is a purse chain strap that I also spray painted gold.
Another screw eye was installed up there on the ceiling.

| Hanging Chain |

I put my little plant there and she's been sitting up there since.
upcycled hanging planter

I'm keeping it in the same plastic container it came with, at least for now. I bought it at Home Depot.
cascading plant

I love all that cascading!
Modern Bedroom  with hanging planter
Bedroom Makeover  |

And I love how the planter fills that empty space up there. The ring's diameter: is 21".
a hanging planter made of recycled materials

Now, I need your help on how to keep this baby alive! 

First time ever having a hanging plant, so any tips on watering & fertilizing it are more than welcome!
Also, I see many little leaves falling daily... Is that normal?  I don't like all that cleaning. :/

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  1. How clever!! This is so perfect! Love it to pieces.

    1. It's like it was meant to be here. Thanks my friend!

  2. I love this piece recycled, it's perfect against that dark wall. I have one of those same little plants that I grabbed this spring at the nursery. not sure what it is, but mine "sheds" too. I was surprised to see the long trailing growth. I just water mine every few days and make sure it has adequate light.

    1. Haha that's what drove me to it... for such a small plant, that's a long trail! :D I'm watering mine twice a week, but might start doing it three times a week. She drinks LOTS of water! Thanks Debra!

  3. Excelente trabajo Cristina! Me encantó como queda el color que elegiste para pintarlo, junto a las plantas y el gris oscuro de la pared, gran combinación de tonos de color! Victoria

    1. Yo creo que fue exactamente ese color dorado el que le dio esa transformacion tan especial. 💛 Gracias Vicky!

  4. Very clever idea! It looks amazing against your dark wall. Nice save 👍🏻

    1. Thanks marie! I'm so happy with it. It was also the perfect size for that spot.

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