I've been Featured at Southern Hospitality!

Remodelando la casa kitchen makeover

I'm soooo Happy I've been featured at

southern hospitality 

In case you are not involved in this gigantic Blog World,
in case you don't know about Rhoda and Southern Hospitality!
Let me tell you why I'm so happy!

She is like one of the founders or leaders of all these phenomenon of home improvement blogs! You can read her blog story HERE, where she describes in a series of posts all of her journey to become one of the most popular bloggers in this field!

So  it was a huge surprise for me when I got a sweet comment to my kitchen renovation from no other than Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality herself!!

When you have so many followers, subscribers, and commitments due to being a blogger is hard to keep up with answering every comment that you receive, much less time is left for you I guess, for visiting other blogs (especially small blogs like mine) and leave comments!

What a Nice Surprise!

But that's not all! She even ASKED me if it was OK for her to feature my lil blog on her site?! 

 Holy Guacamole! 
 Are you kidding me? 

Of course!! It Is OK!!

I thought it weird because I'm use to many "big" and not so "big" bloggers don't even asking! They just link your stuff  and you find out something is going on when you see your statistic numbers climbing up! Which is still GREAT, but let's say, less courteous!

In the end I think that's why Rhoda has put herself in the high place where she is!  After all she is everything about...

Southern Hospitality!

If you want to check the feature click HERE

Thanks Rhoda!

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  1. I LOVE her blog!And I LOVE your blog! what a sweet comment! and you know it is true! you do amazing projects, tools and all!

  2. Congrats, Cristina! You deserve it!! Megan:)

  3. Congratulations!!!! Such a fabulous feature and your home truly is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  4. Congratulations Christina! You have a beautiful kitchen and home. Enjoyed looking around.

  5. and well deserved may I say. :) Rhoda only features the best of the best and that is definitely you! Your talent deserves to be featured and showcased. Congratulations!


  6. Hay amiguita Christina, tu casa, tu estilo y tu gusto es excelente!! You deserve it and I'm so happy and proud of you darling! Everyhting looks magazine worth, sweetie.

  7. That is so AWESOME Christina! Congrats congrats! I'm super exited for you!

  8. Hola Cristina, I'm visiting from Rhodas! Me encanta tu Cocina, I can't believe the transformation, it's stunning. I'm always happy to discover new blogs, and I'm happy to say I'm your newest follower! Ojala puedas visitarme tambien.

  9. Congrats, Cristina! I am not in the least bit surprised. You are a rock star, girl...AND very talented. xo Diana

  10. Pues a mí no me extraña, porque me encanta tu blog. ENHORABUENA!!!

  11. I just saw you on there! Congrats! You are one clever lady, you deserve the feature!


  12. Thank you very much, Ladies! I really appreciate your kind words.

  13. I love your decorating style, what I love the most is your DIYing looks very professional. You are such an inspiration to all the Ladies! Great job and congrats on your feature!

  14. Congrats! they know you deserve it.
    keep it up!

  15. Congratulations!!!! So well deserved! Your blog is beautiful and you are such a talented lady! All your projects are magnificent!

  16. Hey, Cristina! Thank YOU for the kind words about me and my blog. I love to feature other beautiful blogs, and girl, you've got one. That kitchen still blows me away. Mine is coming along & when I wrote that comment I hadn't even started on it. I'm getting granite template next week. I'll soon have a pretty kitchen too & your kitchen is great inspiration for anyone redoing one.

  17. Cristina,

    I found out about your blog on Southern Hospitality and I agree you did an outstanding job with your kitchen. I live in Silver Spring so it's nice to see a blog written by local talent. Keep up the good work!

  18. Such a compliment! Heading to see the feature now...
    Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments!!!

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