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Master Bedroom - Planning a Wall Design

how to create and accent wall on a slanted wall

I'm back today with this quick post about this accent wall I want to create here in my bedroom.
My first idea was to paint this wall a dark - moody color and yes, that's still the plan. 👍

But then, I also thought of creating a design, a wooden design like the one below. Don't you love it?
By the way, if you happen to know who's the rightful owner of this picture, please let me know to give it credit.

This image is my biggest inspiration for what I want to do in my bedroom, but I also gathered a few ideas online...

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wooden accent wall painted gray

Starting with an accent wall created by the super talented Angela Rose from @angelarosehome, please go do yourself a favor and follow her on Instagram!

DIY - Accent Walls that I love:

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Well, I'm here starting to laugh at myself... I had my mind full of gorgeous wall ideas that prompted me to go to my computer to start creating my very own design.
how to create an accent wall on a slanted wall
Well, yes. Those were the two best designs I could produce. 😄 The one on the left was done as practice, trying to copy-cat the one I liked the most. The other one took me more than an hour before I gave up.
If you have followed me for a while you probably know that I suck at graphics and cooking and a bunch of other things, but that would probably be a good topic for another post. ;)

One of the hardest parts of coming up with a design for this wall was the elevation. That was the same trouble I had the first time I painted this room, as you saw in my previous post.
My solution at that time was to draw a line all around the room, leaving that elevation untouched. Of course, it didn't work.

The following were the guidelines I was trying to follow to create my wooden accent wall design:
  • It should be an asymmetrical design.
  • Maybe this is covered in the previous line, but here it goes again, I didn't want a center point.
  • The design should bring the eye towards the right, top corner of that wall - the shortest part.
  • That big elevation on the left, should be downplayed.
  • Last but not least, I wanted an easy design. 

My failure at drawing the designs made me go and ask for help from my designer nephew, Julian.
He created these three beautiful designs:
how to create a design on a slanted wall

How to create a design on a slanted wall

How to create a design on a slanted wall
What a difference, right?! My least favorite was the first one, the gray. I liked the green one but thought it might not work on my slanted wall. So, my favorite design was the last one, this yellow and gray.

I asked my nephew for measurements and he was quick to send me these:
How to create a design on a slanted wall
Boy oh boy, I got scared with so many numbers and cuts. 😵

While trying to decide what to do... I went to patch holes and prep the entire wall.
Patching holes and prepping the wall
Two coats of spackling & sanding in between coats.
white room with beams and built-in with fireplace
Then, I installed the new baseboard.
Getting rid and installing new baseboard before doing an accent wall
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Once done, I had cleared my mind and decided to go my own way about the wall design. I went for something new, and without following any paper or crazy numbers. So, I grabbed some blue tape, a square, and an angle finder and got busy!
How to create an accent wall on a slanted wall

Complete details about the DIY-Accent wall are right HERE.
Now tell me, have you tackled any wooden design on a wall in your home? Or are you thinking of giving it a try?

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*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Looking good! I can already tell this is going to be awesome.

  2. So exciting to see you work your magic on another room!

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