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Holiday Tool Gift Guide for the DIY'er In Your Life & Giveaway

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.
Cristina Garay - tools for the diyer in  your life and giveaway

The holiday season is upon us which means lots of joy and cheer... And lots of Christmas shopping... Right? Well, that last part is not fun when not knowing what to buy. But hey, I'm trying to ease up that process a little bit by sharing with you some of the tools I love the most and that I know I'm going to be a perfect fit for the DIY'er in your life or hey, even for YOU too!!

As many of you already know, I'm part of a great team of influencers working for Home Depot reviewing power tools under the ProSpective program. They send us tools and our job is to work with them, show our projects and tell how was our experience with those tools.

Well, this year I decided to compile a Gift Giving Guide where I'm including the tools I've used and I've liked the most. Tools that I recommend because they are simply wonderful! 

Wait... There is some more great news... 

At the end of the post, as a thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of RemodelaCasa, you get a chance to enter to win a $100 Home Depot gift card. Two winners will be chosen exactly one week from now, so you can spend your money during those awesome Black Friday deals.

I divided this long list of tools into THREE sections:
  • Tools that are $50 and under - Great stocking stuffer ideas
  • Tools priced between $50 and $100
  • And tools priced between $100 and $200

There are many Best Sellers among these tools and many of them are already carrying wonderful low prices. --> Check them out!! >>>

*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.


BOSCH DAREDEVIL Standard Spade Bit Set (6-Piece)  - Best Seller
An amazing price for a set of sharp threaded bits that go through material like butter. Designed for fast and effortless drilling. The Bosch Daredevil Spade bits also deliver ease of use and hole quality.

Firm Grip Gloves 

These are hands down my favorite working gloves. They fit nicely on my small hands and are super comfortable. They come in small - medium or large women's sizes. I use a small size.

RYOBI Impact Rated Driving Kit (70 Piece) 

Fantastic Impact-rated bits with a hex shank for Impact Drivers and Drills
Includes: Magnetic screw guide, socket adaptors, and nut drivers.
The modular case for easy removal and storage of bits.
A great bang for the buck. ๐Ÿ‘Š
impact rated driving kit set from Ryobi

RYOBI Multi-Material Drill and Drive Kit (60 Piece) 
Another wonderful Ryobi kit full of Power Bits and Insert Bits to fill all your driving needs.
Includes 60 Drill and Drive Bits with a carrying case.
It gives you a versatile range of bits for a variety of applications.
The bits included contain drivers and straight-shank bits for drilling into metal, brick, wood, and plastic.

drill and drive kit from Ryobi - tools

DIABLO Finish/Plywood    DIABLO Wood & Metal    DIABLO Steel Demon 

It is SO important to use the right blade for the type of material that you need to cut!
The good thing is DIABLO tools have the perfect blade for any cutting situation you might be faced with.
three diablo blades for your job

DEWALT MAX FIT Right Angle Magnetic Attachment 

Have trouble drilling and driving into tight spaces? Well, this DeWalt Angle Magnetic Attachment might be the solution to those troubles!

BOSCH Carbide Tipped Drill Bit Set  
For drilling: Natural Stone - Granite - Slate - Ceramic and Glass Tiles

Bosch Natural Stone Tile Bits are designed for decorative specialty tiles that feature natural stone and other harder materials. The bits provide a multi-grind head with multiple edges. With these specially ground bit tips, the bits deliver 20% aster drilling in natural stone tile and other hard tiles than standard glass and tile bits.
Manufactured with high-quality carbide, these bits were constructed for natural stone tile, slate, granite, and specialty tile.

BOSCH DAREDEVIL Multi-Purpose Carbide Drill Bits 
For drilling: Tile, masonry, wood, metal, and concrete.

Another favorite bit set from Bosch is the ones I grab when drilling into concrete, metal, wood, etc.

Give the gift of comfort, that's the name for this set of gel knee pads. The gel filling is soft and cushiony and the Velcro-like straps stay in place. Your knees will thank you!

Ryobi Hot Glue Gun  - Best Seller
Holiday crafting is way better when not dealing with cords. I love my cordless Ryobi hot glue gun, at this time of year, I always have it at hand.

TOOLS FROM $50 TO $100

DEWALT Folding Portable Workbench 

In need of a large work surface with a variety of clamping needs to work on projects?
This is the workbench for you! Lightweight yet sturdy, it supports up to 1,000 lbs
And one of the features I like the most about this workbench is the express folding it possesses -In less than three seconds you have it ready and it doesn't take much storage space, since the legs store neatly alongside the top.

Ryobi Trim Router (Tool only)  - Best Seller

So many great features in this trim router! lightweight, easy to use, nice ergonomic design, it fits nicely in my hand. Depth adjustments are easy to make and hey, it's cordless! No wonder it has a five-star consumer rating.

RYOBI Crown Stapler  

I got this crown stapler a couple months ago and I've used it multiple times already. Just last week I was installing insulation and this was the perfect tool for that job! Imagine dealing with cords up there in the attic?!

DEWALT 5-In. Variable Speed Sander  -  Best Seller

I love cordless power tools, but somehow I prefer my sander to be a corded one.
Great ergonomic design, lightweight, and useful speed settings.

RIDGID JobMax Multi-Tool with Tool-Free Head

Most of the time you reach to find your multi-tool when you're having trouble and you know that's the tool to take care of it! Yep. working in tight spaces, and getting rid of unwanted items. I'm always reaching out to my multi-tool during home renovations.

WAGNER Home Decor Sprayer 

Are you into decor? Painting small furniture pieces and decorative objects around the house? Then, this is the sprayer for you! I even used it to re-paint the doors on my kitchen cabinets and it did great!

BOSCH BLAZE 165 ft. Laser Distance Measurer with Blue Tooth and Full Color Display   -  Best Seller

This BOSCH measurer turns a two-man tape measure job into a one-person job by quickly and accurately measuring up to 165 ft. with this laser distance measure. It is very accurate and ideal when measuring targets that are out of reach.
This laser measure offers a backlit color display with large numbers to see measurements, letters, and words to provide simplicity when using its multiple measurement features.
It has Bluetooth connectivity. Measurements from the laser measurer to a smart device via the MeasureOn app. It's small, and it fits in a pocket.

RYOBI 18 Gauge Brad Nailer  -  Best Seller

This has been for a few years already my favorite tool, the one I use constantly during most of my projects. One of the tools I keep on gifting to the people I love.

HUSKY 144-Position Mechanics Tool Set 

If you have a car, then you should have this mechanic's toolset. 125 Piece set at a great price.

BOSCH Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser with VisiMax Green Beam - Best Seller

This cross-line laser precisely level and plumb lines for a wide array of leveling and alignment applications. Easy to use and store. Self-levels and indicates out-of-level conditions.

TOOLS FROM $100 TO $200

RIDGID 18-Volt 9 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum (Tool Only) 
with car nozzle, utility nozzle, wet nozzle, and extension wands

I was sold with the word CORDLESS for a shop vacuum! YES. I was so tired of pulling a corded vac there in my garage, even with an extension cord, it wasn't enough to go around the garage cleaning it without trouble. Not anymore!
Running with one or two batteries gives you double the run time.
Great suction and a full-sized design that lets you run continuously without having to stop and empty frequently.
It comes with a great variety of accessories, and the onboard hose and accessory storage make the vacuum easy to carry, transport and stow.
And hey, I love the Lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship!

cordless shop vacuum from Ridgid

DREMEL 4300 Series Variable Speed Corded Rotary Tool Kit 

The 4300 Series Dremel rotary tool kit is the one that covers it all. It comes with 40 accessories and 5 attachments. The accessories cover a great variety of uses which include Carving, Sanding, Cutting, Grinding, and Polishing. The attachments include a Pivoting Light, Garden Tool Sharpener, Cutting and Grinding Shield, Cutting Guide, and Sanding Guide. The rotary tool is covered by a 2-year limited warranty.Dremel rotary tool with a great variety of accessories

Milwaukee Cordless SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw 

A little machine with tons of power!! Doing demo work? This is the tool you need. Period.

RYOBI 18-Volt 4-Tool Combo Kit with Two Batteries, Charger, Bag, and Accessories 

My first ever tool combo kit was a RYOBI one and I still love it!! Ryobi has come a long way in the combo kit department, you can perfectly find the one that fits your needs.
This combo with Drill/Driver, Impact Driver, Reciprocating Saw, Work Light, 1.5 Ah Battery, 4.0 Ah Battery, Charger, and Bag makes an ideal gift for anyone!
Ryobi tools combo kit

  Kreg Jig 

The Kreg Jig had to be included in this shopping guide. Why? Because is just awesome! And I love that this kit comes with almost all you need to start building. 


RYOBI 3.0 Ah Battery (2 Pack) Starter Kit with Charger and Bag 

Not sure what to give?? This is the answer: Batteries!! They're always well received.
ryobi batteries

DEWALT 20V Max Lithium Cordless Circular Saw with Brake (Tool Only) 

For the most part, I didn't include big tools in this list. But, since this DeWalt circular saw is small and it's cordless and it's awesome, I had to bring it on!
cordless circular saw

RIDGID Cordless Heated Jacket (Battery not included) 

My latest favorite, guys! And I didn't even know this type of jacket existed.
This heated jacket uses a lithium-ion battery to power it up.
It has 3 heat settings to customize the amount of heat you prefer.

It not only keeps me toasty when walking my Louie around the neighborhood or when working inside the cold garage, but it also comes with a USB Power Source that I use to charge my phone on the go!
I love this jacket, this is a men's medium size, which I like because I can have more layers underneath.

You place your battery in a side pocket, connect the cable in there, push the on power on the battery and then turn on the power to the jacket by pushing the button on the inside left side of the jacket and you're done.  Push the power button again, to change through the different heat settings.

Removable hood - Cell phone pocket and cell phone cord management - 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Cristina Garay - show me your style - Ridgid heated jacket - Fall style

WERNER 5-in-1 Telescoping Ladder 

Well, this might be the biggest tool on this list, but I couldn't leave it out!
These are the three main reasons why I LOVE this ladder:
  • It's lightweight - Contrary to a long ladder I had for years and that it's still there in the garage because I can never handle myself, this one is compact, and lightweight and I can bring it wherever I go, it even fits in my car!!
  • Its Multi-Position feature is wonderful. You not only get a straight 18' long ladder, but you get five ladders in one with 33 adjustable working heights and positions. Great for when working on stairs.
  • Strength. This ladder is well made. With 375 lbs. load capacity for Industrial Strength Performance, I'm not afraid to climb on it at any time.

a wonderful ladder for your home or shop

RIDGID 18-Volt Hammer Drill and Impact Driver
2-Tool combo kit with (2) 4.0Ah Batteries, and charger.

Last but not least, this RIDGID Hammer Drill and Impact Driver is the combo I recommend for those tough jobs! Yes, my friends, lots of power here.

Brushless motor technology for extended runtime and motor life.
The combo comes with a hammer drill, impact driver, two 4.0Ah batteries, charger, and bag.

Ridgid combo kit of hammer drill and impact driver

G I V E A W A Y  T I M E !!!!

Guys, I wish I could give each one of you a $100 gift card. Someday, right?! :)
 THANK YOU for all the support you give to RLC
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*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. I love it and the best part is that you know how to use everything yourself!!!! xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana! Yes, It's been a joy working/building using these wonderful tools. ❤️

  2. I love the hammer drill and impact driver! Would have been awesome to use during the build of our backyard shed!

  3. The cordless shop vac would be so helpful!

  4. The RIDGID Hammer Drill and Impact Driver would be really great and useful!

  5. I would buy the WAGNER Home Decor Sprayer for all of my DIY home decor projects

  6. I would buy the RIDGID 18-Volt 9 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum (Tool Only)!

  7. I so need the Ryobi Crown stapler. So much crown I want to add to the house!

  8. I would love the heated coat! We don't have a garage and I do all my DIY outside.

  9. A cordless shop vac would be so helpful

  10. I need a RYOBI 18 Gauge Brad Nailer!

  11. These are great ideas for hubby and my list. I need that paint sprayer for sure! Thanks for sharing! I love your posts and home remodeling ideas. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I would love to buy the Ridgid Impact Driver.

  13. The right angle screwdriver is something I have a few uses for. I also like the Rigid drills, specifically the one with the clutch on it.

  14. That Ryobi 4 piece tool set with the batteries and carrying bag would be perfect for all my projects, and would keep everything nice and neat! Really would like that!

  15. The rigid cordless heated jacket to keep me warm in the winter!

  16. I would buy the Ryobi Trim Router.

  17. I love the WAGNER Home Decor Sprayer - $89.

  18. We are redoing our condo to sell, and I see us needing all of this.. The ladder, the Ryobi Trim Router, sprayer.. Home Depot is a store we've been hitting a lot lately..

  19. I would get the shop vac!

  20. The Ryobi ONE+ Stapler would be a great addition to the tools and batteries I have today.

  21. DEWALT 5-In. Variable Speed Sander is something I could use

  22. Most definitely the WERNER 5-in-1 Telescoping Ladder because I could use it in my house where we have a lot of angled parts in the ceiling.

  23. I could use the Shop Vac especially in my garage.

  24. We always seem to run out of batteries, so we could really use the RYOBI 3.0 Ah Battery (2 Pack) Starter Kit with Charger and Bag.

  25. I would be most likely to buy the DEWALT 20V Max Lithium Cordless Circular Saw with Brake
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  26. I would buy the WAGNER Home Decor Sprayer

  27. I would get a reciprocating saw to cut shapes.

  28. I would dearly love to have a Dremel to help with my new house remodeling jobs! It would also be handy with crafting, when I have the spare time to do that again!

  29. cordless shop vac


  30. I'd love to have the 40 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser with VisiMax Green Beam from Bosch!

  31. Oh these are all such great ideas! I think I would pick the WERNER 5-in-1 Telescoping Ladder! That would be so helpful working around the home inside and out!

  32. I would buy the WAGNER Home Decor Sprayer

  33. I would choose the rigid shop vacuum

  34. Nice list. We really could use the RIDGID 18-Volt Hammer Drill and Impact Driver!

  35. the tool i could most use is the wagner home decor sprayer.

  36. I would pickup up a few ONE+ batteries for my cordless tools.

  37. I would totally buy the
    WERNER 5-in-1 Telescoping Ladder

  38. I'd get the RIDGID 18-Volt Hammer Drill and Impact Driver!

  39. I would like the wet/dry shop vac!!

  40. I would get WAGNER Home Decor Sprayer. So I can do my bedroom furniture over.

  41. there are so many of these I would love to have, but the first one that stands out is the Ryobi Hot Glue Gun. I'm so tired of fighting the cord on the glue gun to get things done. It would be a blessing to have a cordless glue gun!

  42. I would like to have the Ryobi Multi Tool Combo kit

  43. The shop vac would be number one!

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