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Install Trim Around Door Niche

How to install trim around door niche

I'm so happy to partner with Rockwell tools for the completion of this project. But, I'm more than happy to know that one of you can be the winner of one of their awesome tools!

I'll talk to you about that in a minute. First, let's talk about this project. This was one of those two in one projects, where you're more excited about one of those said projects, but to accomplish it you need to first tackle the one that's not that exciting.

This is how the entrance of my bedroom used to look, this is from the inside of the room. I always wanted to install molding all around the niche around the door (kind of a boring project). Lately, with all the organization I'm trying to put into this room, I decided that a jewelry box would fit perfectly in this space too.

So, I immediately set to work... Trim + Jewelry box, of course, the jewelry box was a fun project.
But, first things first... The skinny trim around the door and the baseboards were removed.

Using 1x3 and 1x6  the trim was installed around the door, top and left side of the entrance. The plan for the jewelry box was to have it installed in between the studs on the right wall, concealing it with the trim. My son's bedroom is on the other side of this wall, no need to worry about water lines, contrary to the other wall where there is a shower, a pipe must be running all along that side.
Even before I began installing the trim, I knew there was a stud right in the middle of my future jewelry box, so I decided to work around it.

Just to make sure the wall was clear (besides the stud in the middle!), using the Rockwell Sonicrafter X2 one small opening was done on the Sheetrock. Everything looked OK. :)

Since I couldn't see past the other side of the stud, another hole was done to clear things up on that side too, but ho-ho, not so fast! Two pipes + a traverse piece of stud were in there. :(  I was surprised the stud finder didn't signal that stud?! Perhaps the fact that there is some space between the piece of wood and the drywall made the stud finder go silent?  I was so glad I didn't cut through those pipes! This is the perfect example of how nice is to work with the right tools :)  Cutting the drywall with the Sonicrafter X2 was very easy, I set the speed at a comfortable slow speed and I didn't push the blade all the way through, puff... it was scary to see those pipes. I assume those are some kind of air pipes, the main air duct is like two feet away.

After finding those pipes in the wall, the jewelry box project got canceled. I better find another wall for this.
My next move was to close those holes and continue installing the trim on that side of the wall.

The last part was to install trim all around the front face, the skinny trim taken from around the door was re-purposed here.

After caulking, sanding, and giving everything three coats of paint, this is how it looks:

It's been a long ride with this bedroom makeover. I still need to paint the doors, change the hardware, replace the carpet, install the baseboard and decorate all around.

door niche - white bedroom

Stay tuned because my next project also brings another amazing Rockwell Tool Giveaway, just in time for Mother's day!


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  1. Cristina love your fancy new doorway (and I love my Sonicrafter too!).

  2. Your master is shaping up to be truly masterful!!! Such amazing detail work!

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

    :) Linda

  3. That trim work looks so pretty around your door.

  4. You do SUCH good work- it looks great! xo Diana

  5. Congratulations on the sponsor. Your trim work is amazing. It is transformed!

  6. Me encanta como ha quedado tu nueva puerta, un buen trabajo!!!

  7. I love how that turned out! And it stinks that you hit those pipes! Hopefully you can find a good spot for the jewelry box!

  8. Another amazing job, Cristina. So beautiful!

  9. Looks great! After spending $2800 on a new AC system because of an errant stud finder, I am a little leery of were smart to do a little snooping first! I just trusted the "beep." Project looks awesome!! This is one tool I do not have but might be worth the investment! BTW, paint your doors an awesome color. I went with black but I have seen them painted many other wonderful colors!!! You think it would take away the "airy, light" feeling of the space but it really doesn't!

  10. I love your entrance. Renos take so long...all the little details. I am so excited to see what you do with your jewellry cupboard. Glad to see that Rockwell has found a gem!


  11. Me ha encantado visitar tu bloc. Esta semana os propongo disfrutar de una fiesta muy catalana imagenes de de sant jordi espero que os guste u por eso te invito a visitar mi blog y espero que te guste. Si te ha gustado espero que si no eres seguidora te hagas ahora.

  12. I am newly divorced :) and I am learning to be a handy girl! I have put wood laminate flooring in my house. My next project is to tackle the bathroom for some much needed updating :)

  13. Que gran trabajo Cristina , me gusta mucho toda la ornamentación alrededor de la puerta y que pena que no pudiste poner tu caja de joyas ,, pero ya encontrarás otra pared para ello,,Que tengas un óptimo domingo

  14. The transformation is incredible! It looks just wonderful. I have been thinking about (after I did my kitchen window update) doing the rest of the trim in the house and then the windows...seeing your door project now I want to add wainscoting....LOL

  15. Looks fantastic! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

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