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The Easiest Tile Project With The Biggest Impact

Moroccan black and white decor tile in shower niche
Most of the time I start a project and it takes me weeks or even months before reaching the finishing line.  Ha, not this little tile project that I have for you today. It took me less than an hour and the end result is just GORGEOUS!!

This picture below of my bathroom was taken for the final reveal almost two years ago. I've been very happy with the form and function of this bathroom since that makeover. However, one of the decisions I was faced with during the renovation was what type of tile to use in the storage niche.  There were many black and white tile options to choose from which I wanted to feature in that little space. In the end, I used the same white subway tile as the surrounding area.

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You can check the video of this little project right here, or you can continue reading below.

Walk-in shower  with Delta Vero shower head

Why did I choose the same boring tile?

The simple answer was, that I didn't want to commit to a pattern. I wanted it to be black and white because I didn't want to have color there dictating my decorating choices for the rest of the bathroom.
When faced with what type of black and white tile to choose from, I knew I would get tired pretty quickly with any of the patterned choices I was contemplating. And let me tell you, regular tile is something that's not too easy to replace. So white was my final choice.

Ready for a SUPER EASY, yet BIG IMPACT tile project?

Enter here: Peel and stick tiles.

I found these décor tiles, at the dollar spot at Target last week. Three dollars for 12 stick-on tiles.
And I was like HOLY SMOKES! This is what I need in that little spot.

Now, I do not recommend installing these stickers in your shower if they're going to get drenched with water every time you take a shower. That's precisely the reason why used, water doesn't reach that niche. Most of the shower necessities are placed on the bench and the niche is used for décor.

Installing the décor tiles was as simple as Measure, Cut & Stick

You can get some similar tiles right HERE.
 Cut the tiles with scissors or a paper trimmer as I did.
 And stick them onto any clean surface you want to!
 Here, mid-way through installation.
 It goes fast! Here is the before and after.
modern farmhouse bathroom
I absolutely LOVE it!!
Moroccan tiles in shower niche
It's the little bit of pizzazz this shower needed.
How to easily change the tile look on your shower niche
Delta Vero 1-Handle showerhead  | Towel Rack |

They stick really well to the tile.
black and white tiles in shower niche - Wash black letters on it
| Similar Tiles |

And well guys, this has truly made a BIG IMPACT in this small bathroom.
Target peel and stick decor tiles in shower niche

modern farmhouse bathroom walk-in shower
Hex floor tile  |  Frameless fixed shower door  |  Subway Tile

white bathroom with gray vanity, shiplap and subway tile
Chandelier  | Rug |
Now I can definitely check if I can stand these tiles for a very long time, or maybe even change them for something else!

And hey, this installation couldn't be any easier! :D

What's that last simplest project you completed that you think looks SO good?

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modern farmhouse bathroom with wall shelves

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. LOVE this...I just redid my laundry room this past week and the whole reason I didn't want to go with tile per my original plan was because I know me well enough to know I would tire of it...and then I would have the mess of removing it. These would be perfect! I will have to check them out!

    1. Right?! That was exactly my thinking two years ago when we were installing the tile here. I'm happy I went with white, otherwise any pattern would've shown through these peel and stick tiles.

  2. Oh my word, how fun and what a fantastic change.

  3. I love it! What a great way to test out a style. My last simple project was painting a side table to bring in some color!

    1. Yes, I think this is a fantastic way to try out pattern and color before setting those tiles in stone. And girl, You need to come here and help me with a few painting projects I've been postponing for ever.

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