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20 Scrap Wood Storage Holders You Can DIY

Thanks so much for the advice and recommendations you gave me on organizing the pile of scrap wood in my garage.

I went looking for inspiration, and hey, I found tons! :)

I compiled a list of 20 scrap wood storage holders you can DIY this weekend! Many of them are from dear bloggers I admire, others are ideas gathered from online forums, and there are also a few plans you can buy online.

I'm already working on mine. This weekend, I'll give it the final touches, and yes, it was inspired by one of these awesome projects.

Check them out!

big rolling scrap wood organizer with free plans

2. Scrap Bin by Joseph M from Kreg Owners Community
wooden rolling cart - DIY wood storage

3. DIY Lumber Cart from Shanty 2 Chic
Big mobile cart to store wood goods.

4. Wood Storage Cart from MonoLoco Workshop
diy wooden rolling cart to store pieces of wood. - scrap wood storage plans

5. Lumber Scrap Bins from The Wood Whisperer
How to store scrap pieces of wood in bins and on the wall

6. Roll Around Lumber Cart from Plans Now
big wooden rolling lumber cart - store sheets of wood and remnants of wood.

7. Scrap / Cutoff Storage from ScrGeek
wooden rolling cart to store scrap pieces of wood.

8. Mobile Sheet-Goods Rack from Wood Store
How to store sheets of wood in the garage - Lumber cart

9. Cutoff Storage Bins from ShopNotes
wooden square boxes stacked together to store different kinds of wood.

10. Scrap Wood Storage from Spit & Vinegar
how to store remnants of wood in the garage

11. Cutoff/Scrap Cart from LumberJocks
wooden rolling cart for wood storage - garage organization

Easy way to store remaining pieces of wood.

13. Wood Storage Box from Ana White
wood box to store small pieces of scrap wood.

14. Lumber Storage Rack & Cart from LumberJocks
wooden rolling cart designed to store wood.

15. In Between Studs Storage from Garage Journal
lots of pieces of wood place in between studs in the garage.

16. Basswood Storage from Railroad Line Forums
Round containers put together to store basswood

17. Mobile Pallet Wood Storage from Fix This Build That
wooden rolling cart made out of pallets to store wood.

18. Vertical Lumber Organizer from American Woodworker
wood planks being organized vertically by a man on red shirt and blue jeans.

19. Workbench with Lumber Storage Space from The Family Handyman
tools and wood storage cart by the Family Handyman

20. Metal Storage Rack from Funky Junk Interiors
Red metal rack with lots of pieces of wood on it. garage with brooms

free Scrap wood holders plans and ideas

Which one is your favorite?

Complete details about this one 👇, the one I built, RIGHT HERE.

how to build a cart to store pieces of wood.

For more DIY ideas, check these out:

backyard with a football toss and man throwing football at it with Labrador retriever dog by the side

A wall of DIY shelves in the garage full of organized stuff.

pegboard full of tools in the garage above bench with screwdrivers and containers

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. All are a little large for my needs. But the front of the first one, built against a wall and a tad narrower is what I was talking about. I like that it allows you to see exactly what you have and the lengths. Again, I love my little rolling cart that holds my chop saw and stores hand tools on the bottom shelf....I like being able to easily roll my chop saw outside so I don't fill my garage with saw dust. And I like the drop down table...great prep space but can be put up when I don't need it. And then I have an entire wall of built in shelving for everything else...and there is A LOT of everything else! But as I always what works for YOU and what YOU love ;) It will be awesome!

    1. That's right Beck, most of them are huge! I'm going for No. 11 in the list, but a bit smaller. I think is going to work nicely. Hey, I couldn't find the drop down table on your blog, there's no way to do a search.

    2. Here is the table and here is the shop cart.... The "search" function shows up on the left, right above the facebook link....but who knows if it shows up on other OS. I'm not really a "blogger"...I just pretend ;)

  2. I am late at reading this and yesterday's post about organizing your garage. If I was you I would (and maybe it's too late) avoid a rolling lumber cart. They can get really heavy even with a few pieces of wood. Some of those carts would be impossible to move and also would need very heavy duty casters. The idea of a saw on a rolling base is good (as Beck said above) if you want to get working outside. I know a lot of really good woodworkers, including furniture makers, who have all their tools on portable bases. I think if you want to stay in the garage, then a divided bin against a wall is good. Try also to avoid the front vertical cross pieces like in the last photo. The front should be open, otherwise you are contorting to get the pieces out. My lumber rack is great for me, but it really depends on what types of wood you keep around.

    1. Yep Julie, it's already done! A rolling cart. I guess I have to stop myself to filling it up to the brim for it to work nicely down the road. My problem is, I don't have much space against a wall to store the wood. We have the bikes, ladder, tools, and garden tools all displayed around. That's why the rolling cart made sense but I see your point. Thanks for your advice!

    2. You need a "storage shed" for the bikes and garden tools! (and the scooter your daughter won't ride at college, and her old bike and your sons remote jeep, and the trim you used SIXTEEN YEARS AGO...and SO much more!) Seriously, I bought a "build on site" storage shed from the lumber store and then had them add windows, build the door a little different and increased the pitch. Then I added all the "froo-froo" to make it "cute." Everyone thinks it is a cute little play house...HA! Just an idea!!!

  3. In response to your comments on my blog (only because I don't know how to get a comment section that alerts people by email that there is a response to their comments! I told you...I'm just pretending!) ....EVERYONE should have a dolled up storage shed. There is NO excuse for ugly. And I'll be honest...I did put vinyl on the floors and I put plywood on the walls and painted it a pretty greenish color. But truthfully, it is full of lawn equipment and "stuff." ( and a few spiders!) Hence the mini-blinds! But even though it serves a utility purpose, I wanted it to look cute, with little money and effort! If you search "storage sheds" on Pinterest you will see that I am not the only one who likes to "froo-froo" their storage buildings!

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  5. Can you tell me how to get plans for number 6? My husband saw it and is building a base but I think it is too big. He has the base 4’ wide by 6’ long.

    1. Hi Lisa, there's a link to get to the plans right above the picture.

  6. I would like to see plans for the number 7 wood cart design. Is there one available to look at?

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