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DIY - Modern Night Stands with Wireless Charger

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Mid-century modern bedroom decor

Thanks so much for all your kind words in my previous posts about the reveal of my bedroom. I'm so pleased about how everything turned out. There were a few projects in the mix, and this pair of wall-mounted nightstands with wireless phone chargers is one of them.

You can check the complete reveal of this room right HERE.

These nightstands were one of those final projects to make it to the room. I knew I wanted something simple, the first nightstands I had in this room were two bulky pieces with three drawers each, that were filled to the brim with random and useless stuff.

When the previous makeover was done, I removed them and brought two little tables, folding tables without any storage. Guess what? They worked OK. 

For this last makeover, I wanted something similar but with a modern look, I also wanted to get rid of the table legs.

Well, this build couldn't be any more straightforward and more stylish! 

Let me show you how you can build this little box to mount on the wall right there on the side of your bed:

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free plans to Mid-century modern wall mounted night stands
| DIY- Wall Mounted Night Stand Plans |
The materials you'll need:

  • 1/2 sheet of plywood 3/4 in. x 2 ft. x 8 ft.
  • Wood glue
  • 1-1/2" brad nails
  • 1-1/4" Kreg jig screws
  • Walnut edge banding
  • Tung Oil
  • Wireless Charger

The tools you might need:

Tape Measure - Drill - Circular Saw - Miter Saw -  Brad Nailer - 2-3/8" Hole Saw5/8" Spade BitAngle Square - Iron - Xacto knife -

Cut list for two nightstands:
4 - 20" x 12" - Top and bottom - mitered on the short sides
4 - 12" x 7-1/2" - Left and right sides - mitered on the long sides
2 - 18-1/2" x 6" - back piece - make 3/4" screw holes around it
2 - 18-1/4" x 3-1/2" - French cleat - cut in two at a 45-degree angle.

I was going for a Mid-century modern look in my room, and this simple nightstand with a gorgeous wooden finish would be the perfect choice.

I ordered this half sheet of plywood online, and it arrived home well-packed and with minimal damage.
This is my first time working with a gorgeous piece of walnut plywood, and I'm more than ready to build something else with it.
free home delivery from the home depot
| Walnut Plywood |



Follow the list above to cut your material. I used my circular saw to break down that big sheet of plywood into more manageable pieces.

Now, I used my trusty DIABLO Finish/Plywood blade to minimize the tear-off on the plywood, and as you can see, I got very sharp lines.

It is SO important to use the right blade for the type of material that you need to cut!
Cutting through different materials with DIABLO blades
| DIABLO Steel Demon | DIABLO Wood & Metal | DIABLO Finish/Plywood |

Of course, I used the DIABLO Finish/Plywood to go through this pretty material and got perfect lines.
Cutting through Walnut plywood with DIABLO Finish/Plywood
| DIABLO Finish/Plywood | DeWalt Circular Saw |

I used my miter saw for all the miter cuts (45-degree angle).
Cutting mitered angles on walnut plywood for night stands
| DeWalt Miter Saw |


Bring each set of table parts side by side, holding them with tape on the outside.
mitered corners on night stand
Add glue to those mitered cuts. 

Form the box, secure it tightly with tape, and drive three nails on each corner.
Install the back piece, inset 3/4" from the back edge. Use 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.


The front edge was covered with edge banding in a walnut finish. The best method that worked for me was:
  • Cut pieces of banding about an inch longer than the length to be covered. 
  • I aligned the banding with the side that shows the most. For example, on the top part, the banding was aligned at the top. I trimmed the lower edge since the underside doesn't show much.
  • Start ironing the banding on the middle section of all four sides.
  • Use an angle square to trim the corners at 45 degrees.
  • Iron those corners in place.

Mid-century modern wall mounted night stands a diy project
  • Using an X-acto knife, trim the excess banding. I also used a band trimmer whenever I could. 
  • Sand any rough spots.


Apply Tung oil all around the box with a rag to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Three coats were applied.
walnut plywood night stand finished with Tung oil
Tung Oil |


Use three 1-1/4" wood screws to install the half part of the French cleat on the top back of the nightstand.

Find the studs on the wall to secure the other part of the French cleat onto the wall. Make sure it is level, and drive at least two screws to secure it to those studs.
how to hang a nightstand onto t he wall with French cleat system
Bosch Laser Level | RIDGID Drill |

And well, this is how it looked once I hung them in place.
walnut plywood modern, wall mounted night stands

However, after living with them for a few days... I didn't like this picture each night. :/
That's when I decided to incorporate a wireless charger into these nightstands.

The next step should be done before installation. ;)
No cables with wireless charger installed on night stand


I used a very simple wireless charger that you can mount onto almost any flat surface on which you can open a hole.
Charge your cell phone without cables
Wireless Charger  |

Mark the hole center location, 3 inches from both sides of a corner. Then, drill a hole using a 2-3/8" hole saw attachment.
Tape Measure | DIABLO 2-3/8" Hole Saw Drill Attachment |

Another hole must be drilled on the back for the cable to come out.
Bosch Spade Bits |

The last thing you must do is place the charger in the hole and connect it to the power supply.
Ahhh, much better!!

I  hooked it up to an outlet behind the bed. It's so good not having to deal with stinky cables anymore!! :D
Mid century modern bedroom decor from the Home Depot
| Bed  |  Wall Sconce  |  Comforter  | Curtains  |  Rug  | Fur Blush Pillow  |  

I love the clean look and easier way to keep things clutter-free with these legless nightstands that double as charging stations.

The total cost for both nightstands, including the charger, was $150. Tools are not included. If you use a more economical type of plywood, that number can decrease by half.

Mid-century modern bedroom decor - night stand

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  1. Love this so much!! Thank you for the post. Question: What is the cable coming out of the back for if it’s wireless?

    1. Thanks Kayla! that's the cable bringing the power to the port. When you're ready to charge your phone, you simply place it on top of the port, no cable needed.

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