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Tool Review: Milwaukee Chainsaw

March 21, 2019
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would be using a chainsaw. Ha, all I can say is, it was  a lot of fun and easier to use than what I thought!
Last weekend I had a blast using the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16 in. Chainsaw. A cordless, brushless and powerful tool that went through this tree trunk like butter!

Here's a little video

Spring Home Tour

March 19, 2019
 Hi there!

I've been adding little touches of Spring around the house these past few weeks and I'm very excited to be taking you on my spring home tour today! My dear friend Marty from A Stroll Thru Life has organized, once again, a whole week of Spring home tours for you to enjoy. At the end of this post you'll find the links to all the blogs participating in this blog hop. If you're coming from my friend Laura from Duke Manor Farm, welcome! I love Laura's home, inside and out!

For those of you new to RLC, I'm Cristina a Colombian born gal with a

DIY - Affordable Moss Balls

March 18, 2019
decorative Moss balls on rattan basket - coffee table decor

Decorating for Spring made me remember that a couple of years ago I bought a sheet of moss to make those moss balls I kept on seeing everywhere! I love them, but for some reason I never got myself to go sit down to make them... Well, that's it, until now.

Don't you love moss balls?
I like the texture and the deep green color they have. And I also love that I can use them year round, although during Spring is when they shine the most.

Perhaps what stopped me from making the balls in the first place was the price of the Styrofoam balls I needed to buy. Have you checked those prices? Only one mid size ball can run for about five bucks. 😵
I know, crazy!

Well, I didn't pay five bucks for each ball, in fact

The Ultimate Outdoor Power Equipment - Milwaukee QUIK-LOK System

March 13, 2019
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.
Hedge trimmer attachment for Quik-Lok system
Are you enjoying the warmer temperatures already?? We are!! We almost hit the 70's this past weekend and that prompted my husband to go outside to start bringing the yard back to life.
Well, that's what he said, but I know he couldn't wait to go outside to try these Milwaukee Quik -Lok tools! :D
As he says... This is the real deal!!

And yes, I'm almost as excited as he is about using these

Modern Gold and Marble Tray Makeover

March 11, 2019
notebook on tray

Don't you love paint makeovers? It's so gratifying changing something just by painting it a new color! If your project is something small, like this little tray that I happened to change a few days ago, well, it's even better... Instant gratification! :)

It's been a while since the last time I did a small paint project. I might need to change that, because I'm so very happy that after 30 minutes, (drying time included) I ended up with a tray that looks like I just bought it!

Ha, reality is far from it.. 

Kitchen Organization - Plate Rack Ideas

March 07, 2019

Hey guys,

The cold weather have me in an organizing frenzy. I know. Not fun at all.
And to make matters worse, the house looks messier than when I started to organized stuff.
I have nothing to show about all the re-arranging, instead I found a few pictures I took last week when setting the table for a brunch and that gave me the idea for this post about plate racks.

I love plate racks!

Having the plates upright, in a line, makes me happy. I can see them better than when they're stacked up on the horizontal.Well, in the end, a plate rack is a stylish and convenient way to store your plates.

Over the years, I've been

DIY - Wooden Box Planters - Gallery Wall

March 04, 2019
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot
Shiplap boards turned into planters for a gallery wall

Hi there!
It looks like winter doesn't want to go away. Did you get snow this past weekend? We were lucky we  only got a dusting. Crossing my fingers for the snow to stay away and instead, I decided to bring Spring into our home with these cute little planters that are now a featured gallery wall in my office.

Last week I gave the garage a good cleaning and when in the middle of it all, I found some remaining pieces of shiplap I used to plank the ceiling in my bathroom. I had a full board and many small pieces that I wanted to utilize in a project.

A Visit to Lucketts It's Always Fun!

February 27, 2019

Hi my friends,

Popping up today real quick with a small post packed with lots of Spring inspiration.

Yesterday my son had an appointment that had been booked for quite some time for some important medical tests he's going through.  I have never opened up about his condition, but luckily it is nothing major, he's doing well. However, throughout the years we both had spent a good amount of time going to doctors offices around the area. So, yesterday we were at it once again, nothing different.

Well, nothing different, except that this appointment was
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