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The Secret to Easily Install Curtain Rods

May 16, 2019
Installing curtains is an easy way to give your rooms a good amount of style, privacy and even insulation. However, hanging the curtains is a task that many homeowners don't want to deal with because they find that the main components... the brackets and the rod are somewhat difficult to install. Well, I have a little secret to make that install go effortlessly.

I installed in this, my son's room, a blackout Roman shade. I thought it was enough to keep the room dark when he wanted it dark. But, it looked like nope. It wasn't enough. He kept complaining about

10 Essential Gardening Tools

May 10, 2019
This post is sponsored by the Home Depot.
10 Essential tools for the gardener - Wheelbarrow, garden gloves, pruner, shovel, etc.

Hey there! 

These past few weeks I've been out in the yard, working lots on our garden. While fixing our homes landscape, I've realized how important it is to have quality tools by your side to help with whatever project you are working on, making it much easier to work and not take so long.

Having that in mind, I went ahead and put together this list of 10 gardening tools that will make you enjoy working in your garden a lot more.

Master Bathroom Repurposed Mirrors

May 06, 2019
It's been almost a year since I finished work in the master bathroom. We're delighted with its outcome, maybe that's why it seems like we've been using this, the new bathroom way longer than that. 

There were quite a few projects packed in this bathroom makeover that kept me super busy last Summer. Transforming this space from the floor to the ceiling generated quite a few big and small projects that for the most part were shared with you at the time. However, a couple of those small projects, like this one, the repurposed mirrors, were pushed to the side. Last week, when I found these pictures, I decided to bring them to a post.

My initial plan was to build the frames or boxes for the mirrors, but with all the projects and blog obligations I had at that time, I decided to take an easier route

Front Yard Landscaping Work Almost Done

May 03, 2019
getting rid of big and damaged bushes and planting new ones.

Well HELLO!!

I'm back with an update to the work we completed last week in our front yard. This time, all the efforts went towards updating the flower beds. 
We started off by sprucing up our entire yard about three weeks ago; we removed some small bushes that lined each side of the entry, applied fertilizers and added grass seeds to the front and back yards. This is the first time we're using an Eco-Lawn in the backyard, its a drought tolerant grass that's earth friendly, sustainable and perfect for kids, pets, and high foot traffic areas. You can check that post right HERE.

DIY - Chinese Checkers Nesting Table

April 29, 2019
white nesting tables with Chinese checkers game on it #diygamechallenge
As the kids prepare for their final months of school, this is the perfect time to plan some of the activities that will keep them busy during those lazy Summer days.
And today, you guys are in for a treat! As part of our monthly DIY-Challenge, I have 11 games that you can build to keep those kids super busy while having loads of fun! - Be sure to check all the amazing games linked at the end of this post!

My project > a Chinese checkers game that doubles as nesting table and that you can use inside or outside your home.

Before I start giving you all the details of this build, I have to tell you a little story about this project.
Three years ago I was rushing to finish the final details for the

Beautiful Spring Colors

April 27, 2019
Happy Saturday!!

I hope you're enjoying these beautiful Spring days to the max! I've been doing so while working out there on the yard, but hey, every little outing or just looking out the window is a good opportunity to enjoy mother nature's gorgeous display of color!

I couldn't store these pictures, leaving them there in a bit of a dark spot. Instead, I'm sharing them with the whole world and I hope you like them as much as I do.

These blooming cherries are located

Three Essential Milwaukee Additions to your Tool Arsenal

April 24, 2019
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.
large capacity chalk reel - red and black

I'm a firm believer of using the right tool for the job and today I have three tools that will make that job they are made for, very easy to accomplish.

As with any Milwaukee tool, durability and performance are their best bets!

10 Decorating Ideas to Steal from a Hotel Room

April 22, 2019

This might have happened to you too, you get into a nice hotel room and see something that makes you think to yourself... Ha, I can do that at home!

Well, yes, it happened to me once again last week during my stay at the Atlanta Loews Hotel.

I got into that hotel room and even though I had to run out of there to get to my first meeting that day, that didn't stop me from taking some quick pics at this pretty hotel room.

While checking out these pictures over the weekend,
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