Rustic Valentine's Day Mantel

rustic heart wall art made of recycled materials on mantel with tin tealights

Well Hello!

I've said it many times before and I will say it again , I don't decorate much for Valentines, but after taking down and packing all the Christmas decor, the house looked empty.

So here I am with one more Valentine's day mantel.

The space we always use is the family room, it felt bare, cold. So, creating a mantel display was the first thing to do after getting rid of Christmas.

Having this rustic display with the neutral color palette gives me the option to
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Valentine's Day Rustic Heart Wall Art

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How to cut metal with Ryobi shears - Valentine's day wall art using tin and wooden siding

Last Summer I scored two sheets of rusty corrugated metal. Yeah, very old roof material.

I thought 20 dollars was a really good deal for all that amount of character the metal sheets had.

They've been there in the garage waiting for me to think about something on how to use them. And it was only until last week, when I found a few pieces of chipped wooden siding, that I knew what would be my very first project using the tin >>>
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DIY Wooden Crate with Market Square Sign

kitchen island with wooden crate>

It's been a rough start of the year for me.

On the second day of Jan. I couldn't get off my bed. And no, I didn't attend any new year's parties. :/

My head kept spinning, full of pain... Agggh I got a bug, well, a terrible flu.

I don't often get sick, but when I get sick it's hard. I'm still battling this virus and the cold weather hasn't been any help.

I've been so unproductive! I hate feeling like this, not being able to concentrate or do something.

Actually, what I managed to complete was
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Tool Review: Makita Brushless Angle Grinder Kit

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Professional grade brushless angle grinder
Makita Brushless Angle Grinder Kit
Happy 2018! Here we are again at the start of a new year. Are you making new year's resolutions? Maybe setting some goals? or perhaps you're starting the new year with some simple changes to your normal routine?

Well, I'm setting a couple of goals and trying a few new things like this tool review post today.

Last year I was very lucky to try a good amount of new tools thanks to the
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Top Ten Projects of 2017

I've been putting together this top ten project post every year. It's been a nice way to see all that was accomplished during the year.

But, it's also a way for me to feel less guilty about not working during these two final weeks and instead, feel like hey, what the heck, it was a lot of work and now I deserve to take these two weeks. :)

So, yeah, I went to check all those projects that got the most views to create the following count down. →

As usual, there were some projects that I thought would do better and didn't even make it and there were others that were a total surprise to me to see them climb and make it to this list.

So, let's start at number TEN >
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Christmas in the Boy Room

I love to add a few touches of Christmas in the bedrooms, it can be a wreath above the headboard, maybe a little Christmas tree by the side of a chair, or some ornaments scattered on the shelves.

Well, a Noel sign on the headboard, two stockings and little decor on the shelves. That was all I needed in my master bedroom.

As for the girl room, I did't have permission and, I guess it was better for me to stay away from those premises. Young adult girls have lots of stuff going on to care about decor in their bedrooms.

My son, on the contrary,
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Red and White Christmas Tree

One of my favorite Christmas memories while growing up in Colombia was staring at our little tinsel tree.

Given that we were a large family, there was never a big budget for Christmas decor.
So, each year, no matter what, the little tinsel tree was the first, and many times the only, piece of Christmas decor put on display once December arrived.

I loved to help my mother set the glass ornaments on the tree.  Year after year, we hung the same multi-color, glass ornaments...
The same shiny star at the top.
The same teardrop and round ornaments.
And my favorite, the same Santa Claus with its long, white beard.

The only thing that changed was
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Buffet Makeover

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a dark buffet piece was transformed with chalk paint and sanding with DIABLO SandNet sanding discs

Hey there!

Have you heard those stories about people finding gorgeous pieces of furniture on the side of the road?

Yeah, I know. You just wonder where those magical roads might be located!

Then, you think...  Why it never happens to me. :/

Well, this piece of furniture can be one of those stories. And I wasn't the lucky one.

It was my sister-in-law the one that spotted the gorgeous buffet sitting there...

Nope, it wasn't on the side of the road.

Every time she took this road, she saw the gorgeous buffet sitting there, on the far end corner of this front porch.

It was hard for her to look at this piece during rainy days. She knew it was getting damaged.

So, after she couldn't take it any longer, she decided to stop by and ask...

Can I have it?

The answer: Yes! And you can also take the hutch that's inside in the foyer. :D

So, maybe that's what you and I have to do from now on... Just ask!
Well, I guess that's if we find those roads. 😃

The veneer on both sides of the piece were the parts that endured the water damage.


Pilar wanted to use this piece in her craft room. So, besides repairing the damaged veneer and giving the piece a nice finish with antique character, she also wanted to add a shelf on the lower part.

So, up next are the ten steps it took me to transform this piece from dark and drab to bright and glam!

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I didn't take a before picture of the damaged veneer, but it was bad. lots of loose little pieces.
They were removed and those sunken spots were leveled up with wood filler.
A 220-grid sanding disc was used to smooth out the entire area.


Every time I look at that lower part of this kind of buffets I'm curious to know why they didn't add a shelf. It seems like the most logical way the put that lower part to good use. Storage is always welcome.

Now, I didn't want to cover the detail on the top of those support pieces. That's why, I built the shelf to be placed on the inside back part of those supports.

1 x 2 material connected with pocket holes and glue were the main elements to construct the shelf.
¼" plywood material top it off.


Again, pocket holes and glue were the ones used to attach the shelf frame to the buffet supports.
I also attached two legs made of 2 x 2's for added support on the back.
The ¼" plywood cover was set in place with staples.


Wood filler was used to close gaps and little holes. Then, it was time to sand the entire piece. I started sanding lightly with a 80-grid sanding disc, but then I used a 120-grid.

The legs were sanded with a piece of 120-grid sandpaper.

Before going onto the next step it's important to clean really well all the areas, getting them free of dust.


Even if you're using chalk paint like I did, it is a wise practice to prime these dark pieces before painting them. You don't want stains bleeding through your finish coat.

I didn't prime those recessed areas, after all, I wanted them on the darker side. ;)


I gave the entire piece two coats of chalked paint. It kind of look good with only one coat, but there were certain parts that still needed more coverage.

Of course, chalk paint finish is far from smooth, but that's when these DIABLO SandNet sanding discs came to the rescue!

sanding discs and the advantages of using sandnet sanding discs

I used a 320-grid sanding disc to sand all those long flat areas. The great thing with this type of sanding disc is that you only need one-uno and you can sand 10 more pieces with the same disc - no trouble at all!
The discs can be cleaned by shaking, spraying, vacuuming or even washing them.

Clean all surfaces very well before going on to the next step.


A light coat of clear wax was used to protect the finish. Then, using a soft rag it was buffed.

I could've stopped there but it was too white!  The paint was hiding all those beautiful details.

The solution for that...


I applied a translucent color glaze to highlight those pretty details, engravings.
You applied it and immediately use a wet rag to remove most of it, leaving it only on those parts you want to highlight. You can check my kitchen island makeover HERE where I used this same technique to paint it.


Apply a tiny bit of gold on those highlighted areas for added charm.

Once dry, give the entire piece another coat of wax.


The last step was to give the hardware a good cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend.

And here is the new beautiful buffet in all its glory!

The three gold wire bins fit so perfectly on the shelf.

dark buffet painted white with gold hardware and metal bin baskets

Antique buffet painted white with chalk paint

My client's loving the new addition to her craft room! Here is a little peek of how it looks in its new space.

And I couldn't leave you without a before and after of this makeover:
Rust-Oleum chalked paint gives new life to this dark buffet

BIG THANKS to Diablo Tools with its wonderful SandNet Sanding discs for sponsoring this post!

And hey, stay tuned for the hutch makeover ;)

Here's a short video of this makeover:

*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

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