Tool Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Tools Under $40

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Ryobi, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Husky, Dremel, Bosch tools under $40 for your holiday gifts

Hey there,

As many of you know, I'm part of the ProSpective Tool Review program for the Home Depot, which means I get to try lots of new tools and well, talk about them! :)

Thanks to the ProSpective program, this year I've been working with plenty of new tools, putting them to the test and I have to say, they are all really good tools from outstanding manufacturers, but there were some of those tools that were just AWESOME and that's why I'm doing this post and one more, next week.
The tools I'm highlighting today are my favorite under the $40 price range and I think they make perfect gifts for the DIY'er in your life or hey, maybe even for yourself!

I was happily surprised at these prices for the quality of these tools. So, let's check them out!
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Dining Room Before and After

It was a year ago that I brought change to this, the dining room, but it was only a few weeks ago that I completed the 1% detail work that we all procrastinators leave for later.  Yep. I'm one of those. :/

There were some spots that needed another coat of paint, well, that's done.
The quarter round was missing not only all around this room, but in the contiguous living room and in my son's room... Done.
The bench needed a proper cushion...  Done.
And the most important thing: the cabinet doors, done!  :)

Oh, it feels so good to cross things off your to do list.  So much so, that as a reward,
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DIY - Inset Cabinet Doors - A Beginner's Way

How to make inset cabinet doors - Shaker style -white base cabinet with door

Hey there,

This is one of those projects that took a looong time to finish. 

It was exactly a year ago when I was in a rush to finish this room and have it ready for Christmas. Installing the coffered ceiling and painting the entire room were the last big tasks I tackled, but there were many little details that I postponed for "later".

Installing the quarter round and the cabinet doors were some of those finishing details that were driving me crazy, and it was only a month ago that I decided to put an end to that story.
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Christmas Decor Tool Bag Essentials

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A Husky Tool tote full with Christmas decor tools and supplies

Hi friends,

Are you started on your Christmas decor already? Or perhaps, you're just waiting until after Thanksgiving to dive in?
I just couldn't wait any longer and this past weekend I gave it a go! I'm so excited about it! 😊

I used to wait until the last weekend in November to haul all the boxes from the basement, but then, it was a marathon where I was just trying to finish on time.

This year I'm taking my time and i'll be savoring every single step. Then, I'm just going to enjoy it all.

So, today, whether you're started on your holiday decor or not, I have this simple tip that's going to make your holiday decor way easier:
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10 Handmade Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Nothing like getting together with a bunch of crafty people to kick off the holiday season!

All last month I joined a group of bloggers to bring you the 31 days of handmade Christmas ornaments blog hop.  We gathered a collection of 31 beautiful ideas in hopes of inspire you to handcraft the ornaments for your home.

Well, the blog hop was lots of fun, the gears are on. :)  There were plenty of ideas for all types of Christmas decor. But today, I'm bringing to you a round up of some of the rustic ornaments that got my attention. Enjoy them!
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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen makeover

white and grey kitchen with roman shade and red-orange gerbera daisies

Well, the latest makeover to my little kitchen is finally DONE my friends!

I've been sporting a big smile each time I set foot in here. I keep saying to myself: Oh, the power of paint!

That's true, this kitchen makeover was a plain and simple paint makeover, bringing new life to a tired kitchen.

But, let me show you around...
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Favorite Flashlights & Happy Halloween!

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front porch decorated for Halloween with pumpkins and spooky items

Hi guys!

Are you all set for Halloween?  Well, I am!

I don't decorate much for Halloween, and as a matter of fact, the older the kids get, the less Halloween decor I use.

The only thing I have ready for Halloween is the candy! :D  I have a good stash to give the trick-or-treaters when they start coming.

This beautiful home
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Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organization

sage flower arrangement in white pitcher with a bowl of apples on the side of the kitchen sink with window

The cabinet under the sink was the only place in my kitchen that was complete chaos. :(

I never dared to show you a full picture of that mess.... Until now! :/

The hard part about this space was trying to figure out how to bring order when the cabinet has all those bulky items already in there...  The big garbage disposal unit, the hoses for the soap, dishwasher & faucet, and all those pipes!

Well, after having an empty and freshly painted cabinet, the last thing I wanted to see here was a mess.

So, let me show you how I tackled this beast! :D
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