2017 Fall Home Tour

white fireplace mantel with fall branches and brown and white strips wall decor and acorns

Have you started decorating for Fall yet? No worries if you haven't!
Today I'm joining a talented group of bloggers to bring you tons of Fall decor ideas in this, our Fall home tour week.

For those of you coming from Life Love Larson, welcome! I'm over the moon to have you en mi casa. :)  Get yourself comfortable and let me show you how I bring little bits of the new season into my home.

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My Travels: US Capitol Dome Tour

View of the capitol dome from outside

Hi friends,

I feel so lucky to live in the Washington D.C. area. The federal government with it's three branches, plus all the monuments and museums make the city an energetic place where there is always something new to learn, experience, and enjoy.

I've visited the US Capitol so many times, and each time I discover something new. I look like a crazy lady,  mouth agape looking at all the beautiful columns and moldings.

This time I was ecstatic because I had no idea one could tour the entire dome all the way to the top. How awesome is that! Well, not everyone can take this tour, the US Capitol dome tour has to be arranged with a member of the Congress. Having a husband that works on Capitol Hill is a big benefit to getting to know more about this marvelous piece of architecture.

I was determined to get lots of pictures and even videos because I wanted you to tour it wit me!
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Tips & Tricks on Installing Metal Label Holders

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silver metal label holder and screw driver

Label holders are a simple piece of hardware to hold labels, but as simple as they may seem, they're in fact a vital piece of hardware to keep things organized and as its name implies, labeled!

However, aside from the organizational aspect, I love label holders, especially metal ones, because they bring beauty to any drawer you put them on.

Installing them is usually done the same way as you would install any other piece of hardware on a drawer, you measure, center and install the holder. Kind of tedious I know.

After installing them in many of my projects, I discovered a few simple tricks that I keep on using and that I want you to have in mind for your next project.  And hey, NO Measuring required!!
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Raised Garden Bed Against Fence


At about this time last year, and after neglecting my backyard for the longest time, I decided I had to do something to bring this space back to life.

The picture below shows you how it looked at the beginning of Spring last year.  A small slanted backyard with a square leveled area on one side and a trampoline on the other side. No one was using this space, the trampoline had to go, and I had big plans for the patio area.
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DIY - Deer Head Silhouette Wall Art

white and grey deer head silhouette with a wooden frame

Fall is in the air and I've been adding little bits of it all around my home!

Ha, I know it's kind of early, but we can pretend those temps outside aren't that high. :)
Truth is, I'm getting my home ready for Fall home tour week.

One of the things I always like to change as the new season arrives, is the wall decor. But, in order for me to afford it, I have to DIY it. Yep, I cannot go and buy a new piece of art for every room every three months.

So, while I was working in the garage the other day I spotted a bunch of
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10 Easy Fall Decor Ideas You Can Create Right Now

Hey there!

Summer is slowly winding down and the first signs of Fall are starting to appear. I think it's just about the perfect time to start getting ready for Fall.

Growing up in Colombia, I was so used to the eternal Summer. The image of a world where Fall existed never appeared in my mind. It was a bit different for Winter, with Christmas so tight to it.
I knew that somewhere in the world it was cold, a few times we even decorated our tiendita (little shop), with snowflakes. :)

Nowadays, I'm beyond grateful to be able to witness all those majestic changes mother nature throw at us during the year. I cannot say I favorite a season over the other, but I'm always ready to embrace the new season as soon as those small changes start popping in the air.

Yes, I'm so excited for Fall!
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DIY Command Center & Diablo SandNet Sanding Disc Giveaway

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wooden mail sorter filled with folders, receipts and stuff

Hi friends,

As I told you in my previous post, I had this little weird corner in my now office space, that I've been neglecting for years!  But, after adding trim to the door on the right, I decided it was time to give some function to this little corner.

And it came in the form of a Command Center! 
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My travels: Colonial Williamsburg

white little house with lady in the front door - Colonial Williamsburg

Hi friends,

This week I had the privilege to visit Colonial Williamsburg again after more than 15 years. This time with my entire family and needless to say, it was one of our favorite destinations.

We spent an entire day enjoying the historic exhibits, seeing and interacting with the people in character, the carriages, the colonial food and wines, and of course the architecture.

I'm going to let the pictures do all the talking. Here are some of the structures that caught my eye.

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