20 Craft Room Organization & Storage Ideas

I don't have a big area I can call a craft room. All my crafting supplies are scattered all around my home...
I know it's not the ideal thing, precious time is wasted while trying to get the supplies ready for a project.

After completing my latest project, the storage paint organizer, which by the way it's going to my
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Craft Room Organization - Paint Storage Box

old wine crate repurposed into a craft paint storage box with lots of cubbies

It's not a secret that I love to repurpose stuff. In fact, I try to use things I already have instead of building something from scratch. You can check many of the projects I've repurposed by visiting my repurposed projects gallery right HERE.

So, I was super excited to know the task for this month's DIY Creative Team: A REPURPOSED PROJECT!

Each month Brenda from A Cozy Little House, Susan from Love of Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper,
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Eclectic Chilean Home Tour - Decora Y Adora

Hi friends,

One of the marvelous things in today's world is how easy we can connect with people from all around the globe. This blogging trip of mine has allowed me to create blogging friendships with amazing people from countries like Canada, Mexico, Spain, India, and, as in this case, Chile.

Today, I want to celebrate all the beautiful work my friend Angélica has put into her home, all the work she chronicles in her blog: Decora y Adora.

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DIY - Geometric Wall Art

There are some projects that are done in the blink of an eye, while others take forever...

Well, this project, shamefully, it's one of the later ones. My sister-in-law asked me like two years ago to help her with two wall art projects when she started updating her basement.
A year ago I built the frame and  had the ¼" plywood top ready for one of those two projects but,
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20 Home Organizing Ideas You Don't Want to Miss!

I think we all want to have an organized house. For some, this task is easily achieved, for others, not so much. Maintaining an organized space is not easy...  Papers quickly accumulate on top of a table or the kitchen island, somehow clothes seemed to have a life in itself and they walk all around the house... The garage becomes a big jumbled mess with no space for the car...

Even though my home is far from being a spotless space, I've tried throughout the years to maintain a balance, let's say, some days I do something as simple as sorting the mail, while others, I clean and organize an entire room.

Whichever way you want to stay on top of the situation, I've found out that having clever storage and organizing solutions is an easy way to keep clutter at bay.

The following are 20 tried-and-true projects I've created to keep my home organized. Let's
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DIY Painted Swiss Cross Rug

plain gray rug is transformed with paint and cross template

Hey there, 
Isn't it awesome when you find a project that you love and you're lucky to have everything you need to do it!

Well, this is that kind of project. :)

I visited this blog HERE and I liked everything Kristin did for her kid's homework area...  So much so that I almost wanted my kids
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Red, White and Blue Garland / Backdrop

Hi friends,

First of all, Happy 4th of July! I salute the people whose sacrifices have made our freedom possible. I feel so proud to be a part of the most wonderful country in the world.

It's been a while since my last post. I took a big needed break to enjoy the company of my sister and her family that were visiting us, and the area for the first time.

Talk about going places, walking mile after mile around the DC area visiting museums and monuments, going on long shopping sprees, and of course, staying up way past our regular bed times. It sounds like it was a lot and yep, it was, but we had tons of fun and that's what's important.

Today, I have a simple project I created some weeks ago utilizing those damaged jeans I collected last year when
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Fourth of July Celebration

Hi friends!

Summer is here, the kids are already enjoying the long, care free days the season brings, and of course, I'm with them, not only enjoying the warm days of summer, but also the company of my family that came to visit us for a couple of weeks.

Our days have been full of activity... Going to the pool, visiting places, going shopping...
So much so, that it has also affected our meal times, forcing us to have
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