Spring Home Tour

Kitchen counter with pink flowering branches in a pitcher, plates and sign on backsplash

Hello and Welcome to Remodelando la Casa Spring home tour!

Don't you love home tour week? I sure do! It's a week full of home decor ideas that most certainly you can bring in to your own home.

At the end of this post you'll find the links to all the other 29 homes in this tour. And having said that, I need to send a big thank you to Marty from A Stroll Thru Life, our wonderful host that always puts together the most fun and distinct tours. There's inspiration for everyone!

If you're coming from my
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Easter Tablescape Ideas

white and yellow flowers in clear mason jar

Hi friends,

Why does it feel like 2018 is going by SO fast?

It looks like we always say the same thing, especially at the starting of a new year. 
But really, every month has come and poof, it's gone in the blink of an eye. We're already in the middle of March!

Ha, and Easter is two weeks away. 😯

 Anyhow, I went deep in
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How to Prevent Plastic Connectors on Gas Range Knobs from Getting Damaged

LG stove with damaged knob plastic connectors

Hey there,

Last week I was in a deep cleaning mode. It only happens twice a year around these parts.
I never look forward to this kind of week, but hey, it's something that needs to be done and the sooner I cross it off my to do list, the better it makes me feel.

So, while I was there, cleaning all the gunk on the stove, I remembered I didn't share this awesome tip with you guys.
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DIY - Wooden Plant Tray - Spring Decor

Right after completing the building of the shelves in the basement, I gave the entire space a good dose of organization. There were lots of stuff that was still in good shape but we didn't use. So, I brought it a donation center, while there, I couldn't resist not getting inside to check what treasures were waiting. ;)

Of course, it was a lucky day. 😊 I spotted a big
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Daylight Saving Time Begins, Check Your Smoke Alarms!

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how to replace a smoke detector and replace the 9V HDX battery

Daylight saving time begins this Sunday, March 11th. ⏰  For me, it's the unofficial start of Spring and that makes me happy.  :) The hour of sunlight we get, completely over-rides the hour of sleep we lose.

Daylight saving time is also a good reminder to go and check those smoke detectors!  That's one of the easiest and very inexpensive ways to protect your family from smoke and fire injuries. All it takes is to test those smoke alarms to ensure they are working properly.

Go, press and
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DIY - Plate Rack

DIY - Plate rack on the side of fridge.

Good morning!

I'm so excited to share this project with you all because I think it's something that's so easy to create. It brings a good punch of style and storage to any blank wall you might have!

Yep. Style and storage are two key words in a kitchen, especially in a small kitchen like mine. We have to be creative and try to utilize every single inch of space to store all the necessary items we use in there.

Well, for me, that blank space was right here, on the
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5 Tools You Should Always Have In Your Car

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Hi there!

It's always a good idea to have in your car the necessary tools you might need in your everyday endeavors and most importantly if your car brakes down.

I went ahead and created this, a very small list compare to others I've seen around that might include things like an umbrella, a snow shovel, a blanket, etc.  Those are things you certainly want to keep in your car because chances are, you might need them at some point and they'll make your life, while in the car, easier.
Some other must haves like the car manual, a jack or a spare tire I just assume you already have them in the car. However, this small list is directed to those tools that
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St. Patrick's Day Printables

A friend is like a four leaf clover hard to find & lucky to have

St. Patrick's day is fast approaching and today I have you covered with a pretty set of printables to celebrate this lucky day.  🍀

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