DIY - Between the Studs Shelf - Closet Makeover Part-2


Hi everyone!

Here is what's going on with this closet, but hey first, just in case you're new here let me give you a little re-cap.

This is my son's room, with the closet before and after removing the door and wall surrounding it. You can read about it right HERE.
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DIY - Small Closet Makeover - Part 1

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Hi everyone! Just as I promised, today I'm giving you an update on how things are going with the closet in my son's room. In the first pic you can see how he kept it, or better yet, you can see by the amount of clothes in there, that he didn't use it! So, I took control of the situation and got rid of the door and surrounding wall, you can read about it right HERE.
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Trick on How I Cut a Full Sheet of Plywood with a Circular Saw

Hi friends,

I'm so sorry I've been, once again, so absent. In my last post I talked about my wacky Summer schedule, the driving I've been forced to take not only with my teen daughter, but also with my husband and his bad knee.

Well, things haven't changed much!

I'm still sitting in the passenger's seat each time my daughter wants to drive and I'm still driving my husband to doctor's appointments due to his knee surgery which got worse because it got infected. :(

Yesterday, I almost spent the entire day bringing him to the hospital for yet, another surgery for the surgeon to open and clean the area, since the antibiotics alone were not enough to get rid of the infection.

I'm now crossing my fingers for things to get better.

I've been working on the closet in my son's room but I haven't had the time to upload and edit lots of pictures I have on my phone.

I've got some of the materials, including three of these sheets.

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Removing Small Interior Wall with Door - Boy's Room Reno

Hey there!

I've been MIA these past days, lots of stuff going on in my family, first of all, it's Summer and as usual our schedule is all wacky!
This past week my daughter turned 18. Hard to believe! Just yesterday she was a baby. Time flies.
By the way, she has her driver learner's permit, took driving lessons, and is right now completing her driving hours.
Ha, I think they're all done! I'm usually the responsible adult who sits by her side while she drives, and you know what? She wants to go everywhere all day long!

In addition,
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Build-ins around Bed - Inspiration

Via Normandy Remodeling
In my last post I showed you how my son's room has changed throughout the years and how it's ready for another makeover.

It is a small room in dear need of general storage space and, as a special request from my son, a desk.

I went online looking for inspiration and found these beautiful rooms.  All of them share the same characteristic of build-ins that create a small nook around the bed.

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Changes Coming for Boy's Room

gingham blue curtains in boy room, crib

I was planning on updating my backyard, but with the mister with a bad knee and knowing that I need his help I just had to postpone that update.

Then, I was going to begin building some shelves in my family room, I'm in need of storage in that room since the time I sold the hutch, there's been an empty space that keeps on calling me to begin building something in its place.

However, just as I was ready to begin work in the family room, my boy, the boy that hardly ever asks for clothing, shoes, or things for his room, requested a bedroom makeover! I kind of looked at him in disbelief when he said, he needed a desk in his room, and as a matter of fact he said he wanted to have kind of a new room! :)

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Rustic Fourth of July Tablescape

American flags, paper plates table with wire spool.

How are you doing?! Are you guys already enjoying your vacation? Maybe vacation is still a month away?  or perhaps you're already back or having a stay-cation?! No matter what, I really hope you're having an awesome time!

However, no matter where you might be next weekend, let's celebrate the fourth of July!

I'm gonna to be
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Home Office Storage and Organization

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Dollar General storage solutions

In my previous post I showed you how messy my office closet was. How the shelves, that I proudly installed long time ago, were sagging, and how I fixed that problem. Well, at the end of that post, the closet looked like this.
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