My LG Parts Finally Arrived + A Great New Way to File Complaints

LG gas range knobs and how to complain

I got them! :)
If you just stumbled upon this post and have no idea what I'm talking about, you can check my previous post on the problems I was having with my LG appliances right HERE.

Most of the knobs on the gas range were unusable, we couldn't attach them to the range because the plastic connectors were breaking apart.


Leprechaun Hats - Kids Treats

Green plastic containers are used as leprechaun hats

If you're looking for an easy and economical St. Patrick's day treat to give to your kids or to bring to their school or even to give to their teachers, this is the one for you!

Really, it's so EASY!

No painting involved. :)


The Best Home Improvement Shopping Experience at

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review article about buying at

If you're one of those that's always on the hunt for something to improve your home, you should really check, the number one merchant store that offers everything you need in order to add comfort to your home.


The Oscars - Party Ideas by Maddiebella Home

oscar party ideas for a birthday

Hi everyone,

This is a very special post where I'm super glad to feature my friend Betty from Maddiebella HomeEver since I found her blog, I've been following her journey. I love her style, her vision, her creativity and attention to detail.

A couple of years ago, Betty celebrated her daughter's


10 Easy and Economical Ways to Decorate your Home

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Miller and Smith home in Gallery Park -Montgomery County MD

After all the hard work involved in finding the perfect home for your family, without overlooking that it had to be within a good school district, great location, and an amazing community...


Beautiful Flowers on a Cold Winter Day

picture of a vibrant yellow lily inside a bottle

Did you receive a good batch of snow yesterday?
we did.
At first they were talking about ten inches.
Then, it went down to five.
The schools announced they were going to be closed -
my kids were dancing on one foot :)


LG Appliances - My Review and Complain

stainless steal appliances review on how LG brand has stood up

I bought my LG stainless steel appliances almost five years ago. Those were the first items I bought when I first began thinking about renovating my kitchen. Yeah, I did it kind of backwards, the appliances were right there in the kitchen even before I started to paint the cabinets or to extend the kitchen island. I still remember how I protected them while in the middle of all those projects. I didn't want not even a little scratch on any of them! :)


Love - Alphabet block letter Art

how to make big letter wall art

Hi everyone!!

Don't you just love it when something serves multiple purposes? I know, it's like getting two of something for the price of one, and that's how happy I am about this project. :)

It was created last Christmas when it looked like this...