The Easiest Door Trim

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office with rustic coffered ceiling, bench and chalkboard. View to the kitchen

Hey there,

A few months ago I finished work here, transforming my dining room into my office space and what can I say, I've been happily doing all my paper work in this room, enjoying all those little and big details that I usually add to my rooms. In my mind, this little room had it all!

Yes, I thought this room had all the bells and whistles I could possible add to a room, you know... Window trim, new chunkier baseboards, a big wall of build-ins, a coffered ceiling and even a big black chalkboard. Really, what else?

Ha, it looks like I was wrong!

It was Mr. RLC the one who brought it to my attention. Like two weeks ago while we were having a cup of coffee, he looked up to the wall he was facing (above picture) and said: "Hmm why didn't you add trim to that doorway?" "It looks like it's missing it."

I couldn't believe he was saying that! :D  He doesn't pay much attention to that kind of stuff. But, the little seed was planted. ;)
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My Travels: Cartagena de Indias - The Walled City

It took me some time to edit and upload the pictures for this blog post, but I'm so happy I finally got to do it because oh my, Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to.

I visited Cartagena a month ago during one of my vacation trips throughout Colombia. As soon as I set foot here, my oh my, I totally felt in love!

The following pictures are a small sample of all the beauty and history that is packed in this place and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

My previous travel post was about the Rosario Islands, you can read about it right HERE.  As I mentioned there, Cartagena is a port city on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

Before I get in details, let me tell you a bit about
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Hidden Laundry Hamper & Giveaway

Hi friends,

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and I'm so glad because school is almost here!
That's not an easy transition around these parts. The kids are really happy enjoying these lazy days of Summer and nope, they're not looking forward for school to start. But, you need to do what you need to do! :D

Their school supplies are ready and so are their rooms. Yes, their work spaces are clean and tidy, but I also went ahead and finished this project that was on my to do list for a very long time:

A Hidden Laundry Hamper in my son's room!

Teen Boy Room
There's no excuse for a messy room!
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RLC - Main Before and Afters

white kitchen with teal kitchen island - painted oak cabinets
Pendant Light  |  Kitchen Island  |  Stools 

There is something about before and afters that I like so much, and I'm talking about room makeovers.

Witnessing the transformation of a room, is something that I've always loved to see.

Now, I like it even better when a room starts as an ugly duckling and makes its way into a beautiful swan. Ahhh love it!

Having that in mind, I went to my archives and picked all those before pictures of most of the rooms in my house and put them side by side to the latest work I've done in that room.

Ha, I see big changes in most of the rooms, even though my home is still a work in progress and perhaps will never be completely finished.

So, let me show you my before and afters starting at the heart of the house...
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Haven Conference Recap - 2017

Cristina Garay, Maison the Pax mentor group
Jennifer | me | SarahJodiLauraLindaRachel & baby | Laura CarrieJennie | WhitneyVanessa | Chelsea

Hi Friends,

This year I finally made the effort to attend the Haven Conference and all I can say is, why didn't I do this sooner!?

If you're not a blogger, you probably don't know what I'm taking about, so let me explain.

Haven is a DIY & decorating professional blogging conference which usually takes place in July. An event that gathers around 350 pro-bloggers under the same roof for three days.
Sessions focus on improving skills on blogging, decorating, home improvement, photography, writing, social media, brand relationships, book writing, and what I think is the best: connecting with other people that share the same passion for all things blog.
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My Travels: Rosario Islands - Cartagena, Colombia

My last travel post was at Puente de Boyaca, the site where Colombia gained independence from Spain. A country site located a top the Andes mountains which sports a cold climate year round.

Well, a bit tired of the cold weather, I headed to the Caribbean alongside my son and sister to enjoy a full week of sun, sand and water. We arrived at Barranquilla, but by the second day we moved on to Cartagena, a gorgeous tourist and cultural district. 
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How to Refurbish a Rusty Wrought Iron Patio Set

coastal decor patio set in floating deck.

It was like three years ago that I scored an old, rusty wrought-iron patio set. I was thinking on updating my backyard so, a free patio set sounded like a good choice, not much money to spend buying furniture and instead I could use said money to give the backyard a good makeover.

Ha, it didn't happen as fast as my mind wanted it! More than three years after I got the set, it still looked that bad or even worse than when I got it, as you can see in the picture below.
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My Travels: Puente de Boyaca

monument in Colombia to the battlefield to gain independence

Hey there,

My last post was about our trip to Nubsa, Boyaca. You can read more about that right here. This post is the follow up trip,when on our way back to Bogota we stopped at Puente de Boyaca, which is the site of the final battle for Colombian independence from the Spanish back in 1819.

It was right here in this beautiful country site where the Battle of Boyaca happened, commanded by Simon Bolivar, the decisive figure of independence for five countries in South America.
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