Easy to Make BIG Chalkboard

chalkboard with wooden frame with mitered corners - Mercantile sign on the top

Hey there!

I'm still working on finishing these two rooms, the dining/office and the living room, they're almost done with paint and trim, but the decor is coming to the living room this week.

I was adding the trim to the door in between the two rooms, handling some pieces of wood, when the idea of a better chalkboard for the office appeared.

I like chalkboards, they are like wall decor that you can update at any time. They're also a good
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DIY - Doorway Trim

square grid board and batten on entire wall.

The last project added to the living room was the board and batten wall, but the room still needed some other elements like, trim around the windows, finishing installing the crown molding all around the room, and the door trim, which is the project I'm sharing today.

I added the baseboard all around the door to make it look better during the holidays. But, I didn't like how it looked, too chunky at the bottom.

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Painted Old Books

old books painted white and given a title.

Hi Friends,

There are always a bunch of projects going on at the exact same time. Sometimes it's a big project that takes a long time to complete, and other times are a variety of small projects the ones that pop up and keep us busy. Well, at this moment I have a combination of both of them.

I'm still working on updating the living room, I've been adding crown molding, the chunkier baseboards, trimming the windows and the big doors in between rooms, and that's taking me lots of time, especially the later one, with all the little pieces that need to be added on both sides of the opening. The other little projects I've been tackling are finishing the organization of the drawers in the kitchen and setting my office in the dining room. Boo. And of course there is something else that I don't remember at this moment. :)

The project today, painting a bunch of old books, is one of those small projects that pops up, but it's something that was in my to do list for a very long time, Even though they're supposed to go to the office, I know I'm going to use them all around the house.

dark chunky books in dark colors

I scored a big bunch of these books, most of them big law books, that once the laws changed, they're discarded. They were the perfect candidates for this project.  My daughter thought I was nuts and didn't want me to paint them. I assured her it was only the cover the one to be painted and that she could read all those books as soon as the paint was dry.

dark book painted using a paint brush and white chalk paint.

Homemade chalk paint was the one I used, the one you make with plaster of Paris. I followed this recipe here, using regular flat wall paint.

second coat of chalk paint on books

Two coats were necessary, letting the paint dry in between coats.

using paint to transform old books

I gave them a light sanding to smooth out the roughness of the chalk paint. The edges got lightly distressed.

painted books with added red romantic titles for valentines, Pride and prejudice, Mamma Mia, P.s. I love you, Live Laugh Love

Just for fun, I created some romantic titles with my favorite new tool, the Silhouette Cameo.
You can download those Silhouette titles HERE.

P.s. I love you, Mamma Mia, Live Laugh Love

In an all Valentine's day spirit, they're gracing this vignette in my family room.

white and red cups, lantern, vases and books
Fabric Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Gorgeous Tablescape

10 gorgeous tables dressed in pink and red to celebrate v-day

Hi Sweet Friends,

Valentine's day is around the corner and whether you celebrate it big or small, it's a good opportunity to say I love you to that people you care about the most.

I got you the most beautiful tables from around the web because, let's face it, what's better than enjoying good food at a gorgeous table with the people you love.

Yep, it can be your entire family, maybe some friends, or your significant other.
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Single Wine Crates Turned Drawer Storage Chest

office organization - upcycling

These days I'm not crazy about going shopping as much as i used to. But, I still like going shopping after the holidays, those low prices are always enticing. And well, if it's something for the house or one of my projects, much better, the game is on! :)

Like a month ago I went shopping with my sister-in-law. We didn't find much stuff that we love, but in between the few things I bought, were these single wooden wine crates. Their price: two bucks each. Not bad. But my first thought was, how to repurpose them, because I really don't care about wine, and the boxes looked good to store something.
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DIY - Double Layer Drawer Organization

two drawer in one - utensil drawer

Hi there,

This is a project that's been in my lists of things to do since the moment we bought this house. Our kitchen is very small, I've been bringing organization in here with plate racks, tray dividers, adding counter storage, but as for the drawers, those few drawers have been a messy sight most of the time, and not even telling how much wasted space we have in there.

Well, the tipping point was last December, when visitors were trying to find serving spoons in that messy drawer where everything goes.  Yeah, you know that one, ☺ I guess we all have one of those drawers.
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Valentine's Day Favor Bags

brown paper lunch bags decorated for Valentines day

Hey there,

It's so fun to step away from the regular home improvement projects and spend time with my kids doing a simple craft!

The thing is, my kids are not little any longer. The boy doesn't care a bit about crafts. The girl, on the contrary, has been the one experimenting with clay, wax, and many other mediums all her life...

And no, she isn't a little girl any more. :(
She is in college, and she' s working - Well, an internship. But, that doesn't stop her from crafting.

This easy project today was her idea to
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DIY - Rustic Coffered Ceiling and Ryobi Tools Giveaway

wooden tone and white flat coffered ceiling installation instructions.

Hi friends,

The final piece of the puzzle for my dining room makeover is here, the coffered ceiling!  It took me quite a long time to get to the final details because of the break I took during the holidays.

But, hey guys, its here, and I love it, and as a way to say thank you to all of you for being that patient, I'm super happy to be teaming up with Ryobi Tools to give you the opportunity to win an amazing set of power tools. I'll talk to you about this in a minute. For now, let's get to the ceiling details...

I was in the midst of building the bookcases, when out of the blue I looked at
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