Teen Boy Room - Source List

Thanks so much for your generous and sweet comments on my previous post about this, my son's Room Reveal. I read each and everyone of your comments and they totally made my week!
THANKS again!

As I promised, here is the source list. I think I included everything, but if I missed something,
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Teen Boy Room Reveal

rocket League sign, pillow with Rocket league sign, uphostered bed, white brick wallpaper

Hi Friends,

It took me forever to finish this room. Well, it seems so!
After more than six months of hard work, I'm so happy to finally show you the end result.

The building part was finished in December, my son moved in immediately, but I kept on working on the decor.

It took me so long because some of the items I ordered, like the main lighting, took forever to arrive.
The other item that
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Saturday Vintage Inspiration

Happy Saturday everyone!

Can you believe that there is only one more day left in January?


Time does flies.

The only thing that does makes me want for time to fly, is when I'm waiting for warmer days.
Oh yeah, this cold temperatures are no fun for me.

Anyways. whatever it takes, warmer temps are on their way.  ;)

Today, I want to warm up your Saturday with gorgeous inspiration I gathered
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Casper - Bed in a Box

As many of you know, the final part in my son's room makeover is here.
The building part was done, and as soon as I removed the paper that was protecting the floor and dusted the whole area, my "client" was more than eager to bring in his bed.

We ordered the bed a long time ago.
At first I thought about building the bed myself, but the client didn't want a wooden bed ( I was kind of relieved, I was tired of building).
He didn't want a metal bed (Insert sad face here, I was crossing my fingers for him to like this one HERE).
He wanted a bed with an
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Metal Clock Painted to Look Old

red metal clock with a painted vintage look

Hey there!

Another post that begins with a picture of an old clock.

The subject though is quite different from my previous post.

I've been adding those final details to my son's room, getting it ready for reveal time, and boy oh' boy, those "final" details are so many!

Well, this is one of those...

Last year, when this whole project began, I found this pair or clocks...
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Vintage shopping at Sweet Clover

Are you dealing with snow this weekend?

Well, we are! And we're embracing it.

So far, around 10 inches have fallen down.

The plan for this white Saturday ---> Go sledding with the kids.


Unlike today's weather,
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Valentine's Day Mantel

dollar tree valentine decor - inexpensive - love

I was supposed to be working on a painting project.

More exactly...

A spray painting project, but the temperature has being SO low, it was impossible to do that.

Instead, I was sitting in the family room
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Beginner Woodworking Project - DIY - Step Stool

I've been drooling all over small wooden stools.
I think they're so cute!
I like them even better if they're all beaten up or show the passing of time.

Last year I kept an open eye for these little stools. Each time I visited the neighborhood flea market or thrift stores, I kept on looking but nope.

There weren't there. :(

Well, the only one I scored was this:
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