Chinatown - Washington D.C.

Chinatown Washington D.C.

Last month I shared with you some pictures from one of our family outings to Washington D.C. The main purpose of our trip was the Cherry Blossom Festival, you can read about it HERE, but we made the plan to stay there for a while and go have lunch in Chinatown. We were glad to head out of the Tidal Basin, it was packed.

It was a very long walk from the Jefferson Memorial all the way to Chinatown, but it was a walk we truly enjoyed.
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New Trim Work for the Range Hood

range hood makeover with trim and bead-board wallpaper

As I told you, the domino effect continues. 


It all began when I found the corbels for the island. 
I installed them, but not without giving the whole island a new color.
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Patriotic - Burlap Ribbon - Wreath

How to make a wreath out of burlap ribbon

I've been slowly adding Summer touches around the house. Today's project came out after finding the burlap ribbons I used in last year's flag window art.

Is kind of fun to go and look at the stuff I've accumulated throughout the years and think about new ways to use it.

This is a very easy wreath, the only materials you'll need are
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Beach Pillow from Old Jeans and Troubles of the Heart

old jeans repurposed into a pillowcase with the words beach

Today I'm staying away from the kitchen, yeah, projects for the kitchen.
Though, not for long, there's something I still want to share with you but that can wait for a week or so.

The project today involves the sewing machine. I know some of you don't even like those two words: sewing machine, but that's OK you can skip this post. ;)

The other elements you'll need are old jeans and a bit of fabric paint.

I had a good stash of old, well worn and mostly damaged jeans...
The ones with the damaged zipper,
the other with a big tear on the rear part,
the ones my kids outgrow with big holes on the knees...
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Give your Kitchen Cabinets a Custom Look

modern kitchen makeover

I'm still working on some little projects in the kitchen, somehow, while going through it all, I went looking for some pictures to see the difference those small changes are bringing. The picture above is how it looked after the big kitchen makeover, as I told you before, the look I was going for was of a modern kitchen with lots of white and dark tones.
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Bar Stool Makeover - From Modern to Rustic Industrial

a set of modern stools is given a makeover

Hi everyone!
Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the kitchen island makeover. I really like the new color, so bright.
However, like in most updates, the domino effect has just started. Yeah. You know what I'm talking about, you change a single thing in one room and then somehow many other things begin screaming for change. :/

The picture below is how the island and the stools looked before. It's hard to imagine almost five years have passed since that update! At the time I was going for a modern look, using lots of black and white items and of course, modern looking furniture. I remember buying this set of stools because they were very cheap (the kitchen reno had taken all the savings), and because my kids really wanted to have stools where they could go round and round and up and down. For less than
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Kitchen Island Painted ASCP-Duck Egg Blue

kitchen makeover with ASCP, Glaze and wax for an old look.

Hi Friends,

I told you about all the unfinished projects I had around the house on my Friday post. Well, this one, the kitchen island, it's officially done!
I told you how I found the corbels at Home Depot and how they sparked the makeover. The corbels installed very easily, I only used four screws, the ones to the wooden surface of the island, I didn't use screws or anything going up to the countertop.
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So many projects, so little time!

Hi there!
It's been a beautiful week around here and I've been really busy with so many things, yeah, it's one of those weeks when you keep on working and working but at the end you have nothing to show!

This is the perfect time to work outside, so I've been there. The picture above is an
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