National Museum of Civil War Medicine -Visit

Outside the building big sign.

Hi friends,

Last week I shared some pictures taken while walking around downtown Frederick, MD and until we reached our destination: The National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

This post is about it, the museum and what caught my eye.


Cabinet Door Turned Football Field Tray to Celebrate the Big Game and Birthday

A cabinet door is repurposed into a Football field tray

January is a month of birthday celebrations in our house, it's the boy's month! It begins with Mr. RLC's and ends with my little one's birthday, which makes me kind of sad, because my little boy is quickly turning into a little man. :(


DIY - Rustic Arrows

Make your own arrows

Thanks again for all of your kind comments on my Valentine Mantel, I really appreciate each and everyone of them. These arrows were part of the mantel display, and as promised this post contains the instructions on how you can make them.

I went for a rustic look on my mantel, the old window, the crackled heart, the old patina on the beaded hearts... The arrows had to be rustic too I couldn't go for feathers and cute pinky stuff, but you can vary the directions to your own needs.


A Stroll Thru Downtown Frederick

A couple of weeks ago me and my family went to Frederick, MD. We live close by, I've visited this city many times though I'm not that familiar with the area. We'd planned to go to a museum and do a bit of window shopping since lately, this is one of  my teenage daughter's "favorite places to hang out". ;)


Valentine's Day Mantel

Valentine mantel with scrap molding heart

As usual, the place I like to decorate for Valentines is my family room mantel. Well, not only for V-day but for most of the holidays. Being this the room my family uses the most, I can truly say we really enjoy the new decor that comes with each new season or holiday. 


Recycled Beaded Hearts and Six Ways to Show your Love

I guess at this point of the year there must be some, very few of you, that haven't stored your Christmas decorations. Well, let me tell you, that's OK... Really! In my opinion, many Christmas items fit perfectly well with Valentine's decor. So, good for you, no need to go unpacking boxes. ;)


An Intertwined Heart - A Re-purposed Project

Hey hey how are you doing today! Can you believe that Valentines is quickly approaching? yeah, I'm already adding bits of pink and lots of hearts around the house, with the biggest heart I've ever created right here. ;)

I was in the garage re-organizing things when all these pieces of molding appeared.


DIY - Kitchen Organization Ideas

One of my goals this year is to bring organization to most of the rooms in our house. I used to be an organized person, but lately with all the projects I get myself into, that organization has been less than desired.

The kitchen is one of the spaces that easily gets out of whack. Since it's the place we love to spend our time in, obviously it gets messy very fast.

This is how the kitchen looks when I've presented to you, this picture below was taken during the holidays.