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DIY - Drill Storage Shelf

April 23, 2018
How to store your drills -pegboard mounted shelf

Cleaning and organizing the garage last week made me go and build this small shelf to store all those drills/ drivers that were wandering around the house.

I love that it didn't cost a penny.  If you're a wood worker, you can get the four pieces you need for this project, from the scrap pile as I did.

I picked the first board I thought

Garage Organization - Five Simple steps to Bring Order to the Pegboard

April 21, 2018
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.
How to organize the garage

After a tough Winter it feels so good to be back in the garage!

One of the drawbacks of living up north is the fact that we can't work in our shops or outdoor spaces year round, unless we have the proper set up.

However, I still managed to work on small projects, bringing equipment and tools inside the house, which creates the biggest mess in the garage. All the tools get scattered around the house and if they make it to the garage, they end up on the working table or bench.

The picture below is how my garage looked two weeks ago.

There was that big pile of stuff by the door waiting for me to take it to the recycling and donation centers.

*This post contains affiliate links.

The garden tools were nicely placed on top of the table and the scrap pieces of wood seemed like they're multiplying by the minute! πŸ˜¨

Well, besides that, the main issue in this space was finding a place for every thing.
-Oh, and that big card box there is the bathroom vanity and the railing is another project in the waiting list. :/

So, back to the main problem here, I decided to re-organize things, starting here with the pegboards. That space on the left never look good. I had the paint sprayers up there, but the hoses and cords made that pegboard look messy.
I also had trouble with the garden tools there, they were difficult to access.

Those long clamps were always there on the floor and falling sideways each time I got to that area. :/

The simple solution: Remove everything from that board and start afresh.

But, first things first... Cleaning the floor!
Saw dust and pieces of wood get devoured by this tool
Ryobi DEVOUR Debris Sweeper
Getting the sawdust and pieces of wood at the same time has never been this easy. This Ryobi Devour Sweeper gets everything!
Before bringing it to the garage I tested it with Legos inside the house. Hey, not trouble at all, those Legos where picked off the floor in no time.
I'm really impress with this tool. It cleans wonderfully, it's cordless (you use the same Ryobi ONE+ batteries you use with other tools), it's very light weight and you can store it vertically which means, it doesn't takes much space.

You can see it in action right here:

Milwaukee Brushless Cordless HACKZALL reciprocating saw  |  Milwaukee 12in. 7/11 teeth per in. Wrecker demo Blades
I brought in all the tools that had been scattered thru the house. This Milwaukee hackzall might be my favorite reciprocating saw. It's powerful, compact, a one handed saw that fits so well in my hand!
This is going to be the one to use to trim the trees in the backyard.

Ryobi  Impact DriverDeWalt Drill DriverRidgid Impact Wrench  |  Milwaukee Hex Impact Driver |
The other tools that I needed here in the garage were my favorite impact drivers, hammer drills...
A little DIY - drill holder was needed to put this troop in order.

Husky SAE Long-Pattern Universal Combination Wrench Set (10 piece)
Husky Metric Long-Pattern Universal Combination Wrench Set (10 piece) not shown.
Next in line, were the Husky wrench sets, which are a must have in every home. I love the black tone with silver finish for easy reading of the specific size. Both, SAE and metric sets, consist of 10 wrenches in a handy carrying case that's very secure as they snap in and out of position.

And well, here's how they look all in one place!
My next post will be all about building an easy shelf to store the drill/drivers, perfect to get rid of some pieces from the scrap pile.

Here's the same area all organized. Ha, except for those boards on the floor. ;)

Ryobi power tools

On the other side, my Ryobi troop is still looking great since the first time I organized it.

Makita Compact Reciprocating Saw  |  Milwaukee Hackzall  |  DeWalt Cordless Circular Saw  |  Ryobi Leaf Blower

And did you notice the clamps up there? I found an easy way to hang them. I'll be showing it to you in an upcoming post too.

Ryobi Devour Debris Sweeper

Last but not least, here they're →

how to organize the pegboard

five simple steps to bring order to the pegboard
These are the steps I always follow to bring order to the pegboards in my garage:

1. Messy or not functioning properly

Decide what area of the pegboard is not working (maybe some tools are hard to reach) or it doesn't look organized.

2. Empty it!

Get rid of everything you have there.

3. Sort

Decide what tools you want to keep there, on the pegboard. Place them on the floor or large surface and sort them out... There are many possibilities, hand tools, power tools, measuring tools, clamps, screws, etc. It is up to you to decide which way you want to keep them.

4. Hang them in place

Bring those sets of tools back to the pegboard and start hanging them. You'll need a good assortment of hooks to set them in place. The tools I used the most are placed in the areas where I have no trouble grabbing them. The tools I don't use much, I hang them on the upper part of the pegboard (you tall people might not think the same), or in the corners.

5. Leave room to grow

Leave a bit of space in between sets, you never know when that extra space might come in handy for the new tool in your collection.

I hope that helps! For more Garage DIY ideas check these out:

How to Install a Pegboard

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*This Post Contains Affiliate Links*

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Vintage Modern Master Bathroom Mood Board

April 17, 2018
old, new, classic and a good dash of brass.

Hey there!

It's been a while since my last post, I'm so sorry about that.

Last week I was in New York, if you follow me on Instagram you'd probably know of my adventures there. :)  I'm so very happy and lucky to once again be a part of the wonderful team of creators that review tools for the Home Depot, for what's called: The ProSpective. I need to get the pictures and little videos of the events, tools and the places I went, out of my phone so I can share them with you soon.

Well, the other thing that has taken me a whole lot of time is the

I Found My Double Bath Vanity!

April 05, 2018
Home Decorators Collection - Hamilton Bath Vanity - 61 in.  $825
This is supposed to be the year of the bathroom renovations. I've been looking for inspiration for quite some time and maybe is the fact that I have to renovate all the three bathrooms in our home or who knows what, but quite frankly, I've been overwhelmed with all the elements that go into this kind of renovation. Of course, I'm already behind schedule!

Our three bathrooms need work, the first one I want to tackle is mine, the master bathroom. That room is sad. I've done nothing to it since the day we moved in, 18 years ago. 
The kids bath and the powder room had mini makeovers a few years ago, they can wait a bit until the master bath gets done, but I'm also having them in mind while I work on the master.

It's taking me more time than I expected because this is something so new to me! Figuring out all the stuff that's needed for a full bathroom makeover it's not easy task... tile, grout, vanity, sinks, faucets, shower, mirrors, fan, etc., etc... It all needs to be found before I even get in there for demolition. 

So, today's post is about the vanity. That's one of the big ticket items in this makeover.

And no, I'm not DIY'ing it! I decided to save some

Spring Yard Care - 20 Things To Do Right Now!

March 30, 2018
This post is sponsored by RYOBI Outdoor Products
Garden tools in flower bed

Hey there!

Spring is finally here and if you're as anxious as I am to go outside and start prettying up your yard for the beautiful seasons ahead of us, well let me tell you, this is the perfect time to do it.

We had a couple of warm days this past week and the mister was full speed ahead with his favorite tools starting the clean up and care of our yard.

After a though winter, there are many things we need to

Easter Table with Wooden Name Tags

March 27, 2018
A beautiful Easter table in pink and grey

Hi friends,

This past weekend I got busy getting everything ready for Easter.  That's not my usual, but hey, this is our Spring break, I have some outings planned for this week. So, for once and for all, I'm a little bit ahead of things and it feels so good! :)

I set this table, and I'm not touching it. I might need to buy new flowers and other goodies but that's all.
The idea for this tablescape started like two weeks ago. It was one of those rare warm days we had. You feel like hey, this is the perfect day to go outside and take care of the mess in the garage!

Well, I spent most of that day in the garage, but not exactly cleaning. At the end of the day it looked even worse than when I started. :/

I was separating pieces from the

DIY - Blue Geometric Cork Board

March 24, 2018
pin board with geometric blue design

I'm super happy to share this adorable project with you today, a geometric cork board painted by my daughter. 

But first, let me brag a bit about my girl. πŸ˜‰  My daughter is a young adult girl that's right now attending college here in the DC area. I don't know if it was the proximity to all the branches of the government in the area, or perhaps, all those -bring your child to work- trips, that made her follow that path and work towards a degree in public policy. Her father works in the US capitol.

Well, while attending college, she's also collecting very relevant work experience for important government officials. Last year she completed an internship for one of our US

Free Spring Printables

March 21, 2018
Let your dreams blossom

Raise your hand πŸ™‹‍♀️ if you got blanketed by the powerful nor'easter yesterday.

Boy oh boy, just when we're expecting the weather to change (it's Spring already!) we get this slap on the face.

It's not funny, I know. :/

We stayed most of the day inside our home witnessing this winter wonderland in our backyard:
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