10 Simple Steps to Re-Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

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white and grey kitchen painted Benjamin Moore White Dove

Hi there!

Are you thinking of painting or re-painting your kitchen cabinets? Well, if you're here, I guess the thought of painting your cabinets has already crossed your mind.

There are thousands of tutorials out there on how to paint kitchen cabinets and most of them give you great advice. Well, one thing that everyone would tell you is that painting the kitchen cabinets is lots of elbow grease. It isn't hard, hard work.  The trouble comes with the size of the project, the fact that it can't all be done in one afternoon, and besides that, It's the room we use the most.

That being said, if you can paint a piece of furniture, let's say a table, a dresser, then, most likely you can also paint your kitchen cabinets. The great thing is that by doing it yourself you can save a good amount of dough and the satisfaction of tackling and enjoying the fruits of your hard labor.

I first painted my kitchen cabinets
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The Pasteur & Galt Apothecary Shop

green built-ins in Colonial Williamsburg apothecary.

Hi there,

Back in August while on Summer vacation, we visited Colonial Williamsburg, if you're one of my regular readers you might remember the post I shared about its architecture, you can find it right HERE.

Well, last week, while organizing and getting files off my computer I got to our Summer pictures and I remembered that I didn't want to store these pictures without first sharing them with you. ;)

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The Industrial Desk That Needed a New Room

wooden desktop and metal pipe base desk.

Hey guys,

This post is brought to you thanks to my son Matt. Haha  

Let me tell you, Matt is a bit of smarty pants guy. He wants to do everything himself, he wants no help until maybe he's exhausted all possible methods, and even then, he tries one last time just to see what.

Well, Matt loves to play video games, and given that he had to play his games on his dad's old computer made him very unhappy. The games didn't run fast enough for him. 
So, once again he went to solve his problem by learning how to create a faster computer, and yeah, in order to make this story short, he built his own powerful pc, with a powerful video card, and of course, a clear screen to see all the lights inside the unit with the changing colors he wanted.
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The New kitchen Island

Happy Monday everyone! 

My last kitchen post was about the range hood and how I was looking for that perfect blue-grey color for it.
The thing was, I wanted to use the same color on both, the range hood and the island, but somehow the same color looked totally different on both surfaces. The range hood always looked darker than the island and I wanted it to be the opposite way. :/

Anyhow, I think painting the kitchen island in itself is an easy way to give the entire kitchen a brand new look. I've painted mine three times already, and I know this color is not going to be here forever. :)

So, let me show you how it all went this time!
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Fall Wooden Fence Maintenance

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yellow and burnt red fall mums in pots inthe garden

Hey there,

A month ago I shared with you my flower garden and how happy I was to finally get to enjoy it. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears I put into this little garden over a year ago was totally worth it! I planted a little tree, some bushes, and I was one of the first customers at the Home Depot getting a bunch of beautiful mums to bring into my garden. ;)

Ha, it all looked so beautiful... until two weeks ago when I noticed that all the blooms on my beloved mums were GONE! :(  Look at the difference!
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2017 Fall Home Tour Part 2 - The Patio

Patio bistro set decorated for Fall with lantern full of pumpkins, lights and plaid tablecloth

Today I'm excited to join a fabulous group of bloggers gathered by the gracious Kristi from Chatfield Court, as part of the Welcome Home Fall Tour!

For those of you coming over from Laura at Duke Manor Farm, isn't her home amazing?!
These past weeks I've been working really hard trying to give my kitchen a needed update. Seven years had passed since I painted the cabinets and they were looking very sad. I'm almost done re-painting the cabinets and making some other small changes, but as usual, when work is done to the main room in the house, everything around it is complete chaos! :/

Well, I managed to bring some touches of Fall to my
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Range Hood with a Farmhouse Look

GREy and wooden tone range hood in white kitchen

Are you picky when choosing paint colors?  I'm not, or so I thought.

Really, all my life I've picked the colors I've used in my rooms and furnishings very easily. My motto is: All colors are beautiful, and even if they don't seem like the right choice when you're applying them, you can make them work with all the other elements in the room.

Ha, I kept on reconsidering that mantra all last week!

Finding that perfect grey plus my lousy job at patching was the reason
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Change is Coming to the Kitchen

Hi friends,

Yes, as you noticed the title, I've been working on some projects in the kitchen and that's what kept me away all last week.

It's been seven years since I gave my kitchen that big renovation where I got rid of the golden oak cabinets, added some moldings, a range hood and gave the kitchen island a new look. And it's been a really nice functioning kitchen and the most important room in our house.

However, as with most things, the passing of time and good use have put a mark on it.
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