DIY - Coastal Votives with Tray

blue coastal votives with jute rope and sand and sea shells on tray

Hi Friends,

In about two weeks I'm going with my son on a long trip/vacation to my home country, Colombia, to visit my family. It's been over five years since I last went. Needles to say, I'm super happy and busy packing and leaving everything in order here at home, the hubs and daughter are staying. ;)

I've been working on some projects that I haven't had the time to upload pics or write about them yet, they're gonna be the ones to go live during my trip, but I'm also going to
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Five Tools for Him this Father's Day and Giveaway

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RYOBI Brushless Hammer Drill, Dremel Multi-Max, Husky socket wrench, RYOBI trim router, Milwaukee 25 ft. magnetic measuring tape #thdprospective

Hey there!

These days have been all about tools, tools and more tools!

As many of you already know, last month, I was one of the lucky ones to attend the ProSpective tool event in Atlanta and get to see tons of new products/tools coming to the market. Well, all that info came in handy to pin point a handful of tools I think are very budget friendly and most importantly, tools dad will love!

Yes, dad will be happy, and you will be glad to give him a wonderful tool for a very reasonable price. ;)

So, let's get to the tools and yeah, the awesome giveaway at the end!

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Second Story Deck Ideas for Your Backyard

High deck ideas with staircase and pergola

Hi friends,

After building the floating deck, our backyard has become the place where we want to hang out. Whether it's cooking and eating something, playing, or simply chatting, we always have a great time there. The electronics are left inside, which means quality time for the entire family.

The thing is, we have loved this space so much so, that we're now considering building a larger deck, a second story deck like the ones I'm sharing with you today.

 In order to reach the backyard we have to go down through the basement, which is kind of annoying, especially when bringing food out! It would be way easier having a deck right outside the kitchen area.

So, I'm getting ideas and trying to get a head start on this project. There are so many things to put into consideration! And no, I'm not DIY'ing this. It's way to big of a project for me.

Let me show you these beautiful ideas and the things I'm trying to decide. 
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The Home Depot ProSpective Event

 This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

It was five years ago that I decided to renovate my kitchen and share all the details about how a regular mom, with no experience whatsoever in renovations or building structures, and with minimum tools borrowed from the husband, could bring change to her home in a big way.

My main goal while documenting each of the projects was to be of help to other moms out there wanting to bring change to their own homes. It wasn't easy, I didn't have the necessary tools or skills to work fast and accurately, but project after project those two factors started to improve and I began tackling more complex tasks...

Little did I know that by getting into renovating my home and sharing the details on the blog, I would be opening the door to a whole new world of opportunities! And this is by far, the most wonderful experience I've had:
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Flower Box on the Side of Deck

side of deck flower box

Hey there,

The weather it's been gorgeous! I just wish I can stay here in my backyard all they long!

Well, I'm been here in the mornings, watering the flowers and the grass. We removed a trampoline we had in the middle of the yard, it was like removing an elephant from this small space! :D The grass had stopped growing underneath the trampoline, so new seeds were planted.

Anyways, I was taking some pictures when I realized I haven't share the details of the flower box with you guys.

The idea of the flower box came up as a solution to a problem...
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DIY - Jewelry Organizer - DIHWorkshop and Link Party

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white round side table in bedroom with jeweled picture frame

It's reveal time you guys! I always love to see the many different ideas to a same project, and this post it's exactly that,  you can find the links to the other Jewelry organizers at the end of this post.

As I told you last Monday, creating a Jewelry Organizer like the one in the picture below, is the next Home Depot Workshop which is this Thursday, May 18th, 2017, you can register here.
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How to Hang String Lights on Deck

Hi there,

It looks like this is the first Summer, after more than 10 years of living in this house, that we're going to enjoy our backyard! Puff, it's about time, wasn't it?

In the morning, this is my gardening space, every time I'm watering the flowers I find any excuse to come here and change things around. And at night, it's the kids retreat, my son is already a master setting the fire-pit and believe it or not, he has prepared dinner right here! I'm loving that. ;)

The deck was a big project conformed of many little projects that most of the time get lost, but today's post thankfully is not one of those forgotten projects thanks to
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Let's Create a Jewelry Organizer for Mother's Day - A DIH Workshop

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Logo for the Home Depot do it herself workshop - Orange, grey and white

Happy Monday friends!

After a small break I took to recharge and reconnect, I'm so glad to start this new week with the happy news of another year of Do-It-Herself Workshops with the Home Depot!

Mother's day is around the corner and if you're still looking for that perfect present for mom, look no more. We will be creating an easy Jewelry Organizer like the one in the picture below that's perfect for any mother in your life!

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