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Top Ten Posts of 2020

top ten projects of the year

Most of us can agree that 2020 was a tough, challenging year. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of being in the midst of a pandemic, and here we are hopefully reaching the end of such a dreadful year and sickness.

It's been a tradition for me to go back and look at the stories that have done well during the past twelve months. Even though it looks insignificant right now compared to all the sorrow and uncertainty this 2020 brought to our lives. Lives put on hold, kids learning at home, lost jobs, missing family get-togethers, and celebrations, and many of us losing loved ones.
However, I think is very important for all of us to look and find those little victories we had this year and celebrate them. It is a great way to learn from our own mistakes, and uncertainty as well as successes and move on.

I'm celebrating the joy of being home and working on the things that I love to do. I celebrate that I can share it all with you and hopefully help you a little bit while going through it all. 

This post, listing the most popular posts of the year is a celebration of all that was possible during this tough 2020. Thanks for bringing these stories to the top of the list!

Let's start at number TEN >

I spent a huge amount of time working inside my garage this year. One of the goals at the start of the year was to bring organization to this space because it was the messiest room in our home and I could hardly work in there.

After getting my favorite Makita Miter Saw, I went ahead and built the station where it is always ready to go! 
A simple setup with two storage cabinets on casters. I still need to customize it some more, but so far, it's been a joy to use this miter station at any given moment.

This table has its own history, you should see its before. A dark, drab table with a very stained top that was in dear need of a makeover. 

One of my neighbors was moving out and he didn't want to bring it with him. After being parked in my garage for more than one year, escaping many attempts to give it away and even the thought of throwing it away, she finally got the makeover she deserved.

Check the complete details about the makeover and saga of this table right HERE.

Here again, another garage project. The one that turned this big space into a showroom! 


Painting or Epoxying the garage floor is one of those projects that gives you instant gratification. WOW!

2020 was the year of the desks or home workstations. Yes. We were all scrambling to create working zones inside of our homes. Did you also build a desk or set up a new office space?

This little office in the picture below was the one I built for my daughter, with three strong floating shelves that turned this corner of our living room into a sleek workspace.

Visiting my closest Ikea is a day trip that I usually do with my sister-in-law. During one of our trips, I snapped a few pictures of room setups, especially bedrooms and bathrooms, and shared them with you. 

It looks like you really like this type of inspirational post. I'm going to keep on bringing this type of post/pictures of places, stores, etc., and share them all with you.

This bathroom tile project is perhaps the easiest way to spruce up a little area in your bathroom or kitchen.  

It's been almost a year of having that little niche sporting that pretty design and I still smile every time I see it when I get in my bathroom. 

The best 30 minutes of work. Check it out right HERE.

Building cabinet doors might not be an exciting project, but talking about creating a faux cabinet might be why this post climbed to the top ten.

That area you see the arrow pointing at (A plain wall that houses the air ducting) was turned into a tall faux cabinet in order to bring symmetry to the built-in cabinets in the mudroom.

Every year there's one seasonal home tour that makes it to the top ten. Most of the time the Spring home tour is the one, given that it has the time to get more traffic. Well, this year I was nicely surprised to see the Fall home tour get to this spot. 

I might need to continue using lots of sunflowers during fall. :)

Number two goes to this lumber rack, the first project I tackled this year here in the garage. 

This project was a huge relief, it allowed me to pick up all the lumber I had scattered all around the floor and get it organized up there. This might be the project that put an end to all the chaos I had in the garage. 

All right, a few trips to the recycling center were also necessary. ;)

Complete details on how you can build this lumber rack are HERE.

Finally, the number one project this year is not a surprise at all... 

The mudroom reveal.

The biggest project I worked on this entire year and one more project I tackled inside the garage.

This little room you see here didn't exist. 

All you could see when looking from this exact point just a few months ago was a big messy garage. 

Not anymore! 

You need to go and check the before and all the work done to bring this little mudroom to life HERE.

Thanks so much for your continued support!
There will be lots more RLC in 2021.

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Wishing you all a wonderful 2021!

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  1. Well done, my friend! Thanks for sharing your projects so the rest of us can be inspired!

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