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Gorgeous Kitchens and Bathrooms

Farmhouse white bathroom

Good morning friends!

First of all, thank you so much for all the love on previous, mudroom post. All that work was done and I'm now enjoying that little room. 

The weekend was gorgeous, but sadly I had to stay glued to my computer all weekend long, even yesterday, almost until bed time. That was exhausting. 😩 writing, editing pictures and a video is somewhat easy, but it takes me so much time. I was so disappointed every time I looked out the window. ☀️

Anyhow, I quickly put this post together, It is the continuation of beautiful displayed rooms from my latest visit to Ikea. You can check the previous post about bedrooms and living room spaces HERE.

I was completely in love with that white bathroom, I immediately thought on adding wooden beans to my bath. 😅

And how about this one:

dark green kitchen

dark green kitchen

Orange kitchen

Orange kitchen


Industrial Office

There were so many colorful displays/rooms, do you think we're going back to those 90's deep colorful designs? 

I still remember how colorful my casa was, mustard yellow living room, burgundy red powder room, dark olive green family room, terracotta dining room, brown office. That might be a reason why I'm sticking to whites lately. :D

Are you excited about colorful rooms coming back into style? Or do you prefer to keep that trend under lock and key back there in the 90s?

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. I’m about to start a kitchen remodel! We are doing it (mostly) ourselves using IKEA cabinets! I like their European feel and functionality!

    1. Oh, how awesome! I love Ikea kitchens, I want to remodel mine just the same way you're thinking on doing yours. Can't wait to see!

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