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How To Paint A Mirror Frame GOLD

Rub n Buff mirror makeover for a Paris room

The perfect mirror for my Parisian bedroom makeover needed a good dose of glamour. Well, yes, it needed a good 'ol coat of gold paint and I was very happy at how easy and inexpensive this little makeover turned out to be.

As some of you already know, I'm working on bringing style and glamour to this renter's room you see on the left side of the picture below. The room belongs to one of my daughter's friends and she wanted it transformed into a Paris room. 

A few weeks ago I went to install a Paris gallery wall, you can read everything about it right HERE.

One wall checked off the to-do list and it was left with three more walls still waiting to get some pretties.
There's this little wall in between the bathroom and closet doors that sported a frame-less mirror. Nothing wrong with it, just a bit too cold. At first, I thought of adding a frame to the mirror and somehow gluing it in place. But hey, I went another route with this mirror situation.

Paris room

This is one of those cases where it pays to be a hoarder. ;)

Several years ago I scored this mirror on Craigslist. It was used there in my dining room for the longest time until I built the bookcases and bench/desk and that's when it was sent to the furthest corner of our basement to be forgotten... Well, until now!

I like this mirror, it's an antique, it's HEAVY.

I love the simple curvy lines it has and the detail on each corner and middle section.

The white paint didn't do any justice to all those beautiful details.

The mirror was dug out from the basement and here it was ready to get the glam treatment it deserved.

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You can watch the following video, or you can continue reading below for all the details about this mirror makeover.

The materials and tools you'll need:



The first task is to protect the mirror from getting any paint. I used painter's tape alongside the frame. I didn't cover the center of the mirror as I was going to apply the paint with a brush. 


I skipped this step because I used chalk paint, which adheres to any type of finish. If you use acrylic paint, it's better if you lightly sand the surface, getting rid of any glossy finish on the frame. That sanding or making the surface a bit rough will improve the bonding of the new coat of paint. 


As you can see, the paint I used is not exactly black. It was the darkest matte paint I could find when I decided to paint this mirror. Which happened to be at around 1 a.m. a few weeks ago.

Most of that dark paint will be hidden below the next coat of paint, underneath the gold.  
This dark shade will only be visible on the detailed areas or crevices and it will add depth and character to the entire mirror.

Rustoleum charcoal chalked paint

No need for perfection applying this dark coat of paint. Make sure you tap the brush and cover those low spots on the corners and middle section details.
Let the paint dry before continuing on to the next step.


Let me start this step by telling you what is Rub'n Buff. According to their manufacturer Amaco, Rub'n Buff is "formulated from Carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders, and select pigments for a finish no paint can duplicate".

When applying it, yes, it felt like I was applying wax with excellent coverage. You can apply it to clean, dry surfaces with a soft cloth or even with your fingers, but I used a soft brush, which worked out really nicely.

This small tube (15 ml) was more than enough to paint the entire frame.
White mirror turned golden with rub n buff

I squeezed the Rub'n Buff onto the brush bristle tips and started to paint the frame.

The main advice I can give you on how to paint a frame like this is, to give the first strokes onto those flat surfaces of the frame. You want most of that product to give you full coverage on those flat surfaces.

Mirror painted gold with Rub N Buff

After a few strokes and when your brush doesn't have much product on it, go and work on those details. Remember that you want the dark paint peeking through on those low detailed areas.
Mirror painted gold with Rub'n Buff

It goes fast because as I said, the Rub'n Buff has good coverage. 
I tried two colors, the Antique Gold and the Gold Leaf. I liked the Gold Leaf a bit better because it's slightly lighter than the Antique Gold. Although hard to notice, at least in the middle of the night as it was when working on this project.

Antique mirror painted gold


By the time I finished painting the frame, the first area I painted was already dry. Even though it feels very dry as soon as you apply the product.

I used a cotton rag, which I forgot to mention during the video, to buff the entire frame. It gives you a soft sheen that looks very natural.

Well, I brought the mirror to its new destination. Here you can see the unframed mirror to be replaced. And there on the right, I was taking the measurements to install the hardware. 

By the way, I used two 50 lb. picture hangers like the ones you see HERE to mount this mirror there on the wall.

The final detail was to add a string of lights to turn it into a magic spot. 

How to paint a mirror frame gold - RUB'N BUFF


Glam Paris bedroom with antique gold mirror using Rub'n Buff

Gold painted mirror in Paris room

Well my friends, I love LOVE how this mirror turned out. So classy! There in the room, it looks fabulous!

This was my first Rub'n Buff experience but is definitely not the last one. I'm already thinking about another gold project. :)

Have you used it? What did you paint? 

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