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Vintage table Makeover

Front porch for Christmas
Hello there!

Are you already going through projects galore and the usual anxiety about the coming holiday season? Ha, well you're not alone! 

I was working on sprucing up my neighbor's front porch for the holidays and when the time arrived to decorate it, I needed a table... A small, skinny table to fit it right there on one end of her pretty porch.

It didn't take me long to realize I had the precise table for that spot. 

Yes, my garage was a disaster, that picture below is more than a year ago! But, when my neighbor across the street offered me that table because he was moving and didn't want to bring it with him, I couldn't say no. I was sold on those pretty legs and casters. The thing, however, was that I didn't need this table, I didn't even have the space for it.

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From that moment on I kept on offering that super cute table with two leaves and five pretty curvy legs on casters to family and friends, but everyone said nope. Thank you very much.

I listed it on Marketplace and didn't get a single offer.

The garage cleaning started and I wanted that table and dresser out of here, but there were no takers. :(
Well yeah, that top was a disaster and that's why many people refused to take it.
When the time arrived to get everything off the floor to apply the epoxy flooring, I put it inside my minivan with a whole bunch of other items that were going to the recycling and donation center.

I first stopped by the donation center, two of them, and they were not receiving a single item.😞

My next stop was the recycling - trash disposal. While it passed through my mind to toss it there, I just couldn't. I came back home with the table in tow.  And it was right there inside my car when I thought of using a table to decorate my friend's porch! 
There, inside the car, I removed the two leaves. They will be good for other projects, not this one. Then, I brought the table inside my spanking new garage to continue my work.

As you can see, I'm protecting that floor! πŸ˜‰

I removed the fifth leg, the one that supported one of the leaves. I liked the hardware holding it, so right at that moment, I decided to remove it to sand and paint the table but bring it back as a decorative feature.
I sanded the top heavily, many of the marks didn't go away. The base only got a light sanding because I was going to use chalk paint on this piece.

A light grey Rust-oleum chalked paint was used. I started painting the top and immediately saw lots of marks were bleeding through.

I went ahead and painted the base, while still thinking about what to do with that top.
In the end, I made that top all uniform with one full coat of paint and as soon as the paint dried, I started sanding it off.

I wanted some of those paint marks showing through, but I also wanted to see the wood, that's precisely why I didn't prime that top. I was also in a rush to finish this project and I didn't fight those marks.
I went with a dark stain, Varathane walnut, precisely to try to make those blemishes less noticeable.
Well, it looked good, but now it was a bit too dark for my liking. :) And that's why, after the stain had dried, I also applied one coat of Varathane WhiteWash.
This is how it looks now, after two coats of clear matte poly. See all those little white marks? I wanted them there. 
And here, the entire thing with all that light coming through.
Here in its new spot, she is shinning!!! πŸ˜πŸŒŸπŸ˜
Love LOVE that hardware there as something solely decorative! 
I'm so happy with this space and knowing that my friend is also enjoying it makes it even better!
Front porch decorated for Christmas with painted antique table and decor

Stay tuned, for the full reveal of this pretty holiday porch next week!❤️❤️

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. this table is so amazing. I have a soft spot for small white tables! Thanks for sharing your process, I haven't tried the white wash yet, but love how it looks with the matte finish poly. Love the hardware and it's perfect on the porch!

    1. Thanks so much, Debra! It turned out better than expected. I also tried the white wash on pine and I liked how it toned down the yellow for a more white-ish wooden tone. love it!

  2. SO proud of you...I have spent the last 6-7 years sharing this exact kind of makeover and I am always so happy when someone "save" a nasty old piece of furniture! It turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! Now I kind of miss doing furniture rehabs..hum...may just have to start that!

    1. haha Beck, you're the queen of furniture revamps! You now have a nice garage to work on those side projects. ;)

  3. Beautiful job! Looks great, especially with the Christmas dΓ©cor.

    1. Thanks Lilly!! I love how those red tones make everything pop! ❤️

  4. Great transformation, seeing the hardware totally updated the look!
    It is going to be a great Christmas front porch!

    1. It was such a nice surprise to find that pretty hardware when I removed the leaves. A hidden treasure! :) Thanks Morgane!

  5. Great save!! Clearly the table was saying, 'I belong to you!'

    1. lol so true! I'm now finding a spot in my home for when I have to bring it back.

  6. Love how you rescued it! I’m into the two tone dark stai top and white bottom! I’ve done that too!

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