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Let's Take a Tour of Beautiful Bedrooms & Living Room Spaces

Moody bedroom with gallery wall
Last week, alongside my sister-in-law, we went on one of our fun décor inspiration trips to Ikea. I took lots of pictures because I also wanted to take you with us!

We visited the store at the end of Spring and it was completely different. The color scheme has changed drastically. I love how Ikea keeps on changing its room displays, there's always something new every time I visit.

Well, let me take you all along!

This first post is all about the bedrooms and living spaces.  This moody bedroom with that awesome gallery wall really caught my eye.
moody bedroom with gallery wall

Here again, a dark room, this time with bright pops of yellow. This bamboo pendant light is all the rage right now, they had it in many rooms, and it's been so well received that it's now hard to find one.

I love the brick wall in this room, a great backdrop for all the black accents. The chunky textiles make it even cozier.

While all the drama and contrast of moody rooms are driving us crazy - in a good way - That's not the only option Ikea has.

For us, white room lovers, they also have awesome inspiration. Here, is a classic white and black bedroom with a transitional twist thanks to the wallpaper. 
White bedroom with modern herringbone wallpaper

A bright room for a young lady.
White bedroom for a young lady

The pink continues in this room below, this time adding some more color to it. I like how the sheer curtains divide the room.

Farmhouse style, yes, please!

The living areas were also a mix of moody and bright rooms. This family room sporting that gorgeous burgundy color was another favorite.

I have a similar rug that I used in my family room last year. I was thinking of selling it, but seeing how popular those types of rugs are right now, I'm going to hold it a bit more. You might see it again during Christmas this year. 
Moody burgundy family room

Moody burgundy family room
Another angle of this beautiful room, and talking about angles... Layering rugs and diagonally setting them it's kind of popular now. Something I have to try.

How about that sofa below? Would you buy a sofa sporting this pattern? I think is pretty, but I might get tired of it real soon.

I need to finish my basement to create this game-tv room. So cool!
Moody game - tv room

Once again, dark and moody living spaces were plentiful, but white shiplap walls and slipcovered sofas are also in style.
Farmhouse style living room

Family room

girl with a pearl pic in living room

Oh, and a couple of dining rooms...

Finally, this modern family room with all those natural materials gives it a warm and cozy feel.
Modern family room

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of beautiful rooms.  Click HERE to check all the beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, and home offices I also captured!

So many pretty rooms! Which one was your favorite?

Enjoy what you read today?


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