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RUST-OLEUM EpoxyShield Garage Floor - Showroom Floors!

garage with pegboard full of tools - Husky workbench
For several years, I used my garage floor as my biggest worktable... Yep. You would see me here, building, gluing, and painting to my heart's content without using any surface or material to protect that floor. All those memories smeared on the floor weren't that attractive, so I decided to give my garage floor the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield treatment.

It's been a year-long journey coming to this point, with the first task being decluttering this space and the building of a mudroom being the last project tackled here. I had no time to record a video of my new mudroom because I had to run to clean that garage floor.

Temperatures were dropping drastically, and that's one of the essential factors you need to consider if you want to epoxy your garage or basement floor. The outside temperature needs to be between 60 and 85 degrees, and the humidity not greater than 85%. You can find more information within the kit.

The shop vac, power washer, and all the Rust-Oleum products were ready to go, as shown in the picture below, when we were about to start.

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Before and after of garage floor
| Ryobi Power WasherRIDGID Wet/Dry Vac |

I'm going to give you a recount of what I did. The complete instructions come within the Rust-Oleum kits you buy. I tried to follow them to the t. But I will also give you some tips and tricks that worked for me, and you may find them helpful.

If you're going to embark on this project, let me tell you that it's very doable, and you can complete the most crucial part during the weekend. However, the cleaning process might be arduous depending on the condition of your garage floor.


That first task took me a year to complete. :D 

Yes, it took me a whole year to eliminate tons of stuff I had scattered around the garage. I had to build storage solutions and get organized.

Look at the mess this garage was before!
A messy garage gets emptied for an Epoxy makeover

Most of my builds are now on wheels, except for one. That tall cabinet full of tools was going nowhere, even empty. It was too heavy. It stayed in place, but we propped it on two 2 x 4s and secured it to the studs on the wall. The only space we didn't epoxy was underneath those 2 x 4s, but people will only know when we move that up the garage for Epoxy floor


One full day was dedicated to cleaning that floor.

I first used my shop vacuum to get the biggest mess, and then Mr. RLC used his trusted blower to remove what remained there. 

Pff, that was a cloud of dust!

cleaning up the garage for an Epoxy treatment


You need to wash that floor to remove dirt and grease! 

We used two gallons of Rust-Oleum cleaner and degreaser for our garage, which is approximately 500 sqft.

As per instructions, we mixed it with water.

This is when the fun begins! Just kidding. 

The scrubbing begins. 

We divided the area into four parts. The first part was this one, the back-left area. Mr. RLC is here, using a scrub brush, which I recommend. I was using a broom, and even though it was one of those heavy-duty brooms, the brush was better for this job.
Cleaning the garage for Epoxy painting it
| Professional Scrub Brush |

Once you see the area free of grease and dirt, it's time to rinse it. We used our Ryobi power washer, which also removes stuck-on dirt.
Cleaning the garage for Epoxy painting it
After rinsing that left area three times and squeegee-ing the excess water, we went to the other side of the garage to do the same.
cleaning the garage floor before Epoxy


The cleaning continues; the next step is using the citric acid or concrete edge that comes with the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield kit.

The powdery stuff is mixed with water, then you return to scrubbing. 
Cleaning the garage floor before Epoxy
Then, rinse the citric acid off the floor.
Cleaning the garage floor before Epoxy
And going to the other side of the garage... edging and rinsing again.
cleaning the garage floor before Epoxy
We rinsed that floor about seven/eight times. 


We didn't want any residue of those products compromising the adhesion of the epoxy.
cleaning our garage floor  - scrubbing the dirt
24 In. Floor squeegee with handle |

This is how the floor looked at the end of the day.
Epoxy painting the garage floor
After 24 hours, the floor was dry, and I went to see if there was any dusting. I passed my fingers through several sections, and it was clean!

If you find dust on your fingers, you must rinse the floor more.
clean floor before epoxy


I could've applied the epoxy at this point, but I first needed to fill holes and gaps. I used the Rust-Oleum Concrete Patch and Repair kit. It is a two-part product that you mix. 

I filled in a few holes in the middle of the garage. Then, I started to fill in a section of that gap where the floor meets the foundation wall, but my oh, my! This small section ate half of the product, and look how it ended... Just the same as it started! 

I wasted no more time or product on that gap.
filling gaps before epoxy
| Rust-Oleum Concrete Patch and Repair Kit |


I taped the area to be epoxy. My kids were the ones helping me on those corners, and those guys can't keep a straight line with the brush.

I waited 48 hours after washing the floors to apply the epoxy. 

The Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield is a two-part product you mix in the burst pouch. Pushing part B into part A and then mixing it.

Depending on the temperature, let the mixed epoxy sit/rest before applying it. See the instructions for more information.
Cristina Garay mixing the two part epoxy garage floor

While my two helpers brushed the product on the corners, I rolled it into the central area.
Cristina garay mixing Rustoleum EpoxyShield
| Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield | Epoxy Roller |

My son was in charge of adding the paint chips. He didn't like them, but there was no way I was not going to use them. They distract from the imperfections on the floor, and they look cute. :)
Throwing the flakes on an epoxy garage floor
This is how the floor looked right after we finished applying the epoxy. 

A completely new space!! 😊😊 

I could've stopped here; the floor looked perfect, but I went the extra mile...
a beautiful garage makeover with epoxy painted floors

flakes and beautiful epoxy floor


Yes, I wanted that shiny coat!

This topcoat is another Rust-Oleum kit with a two-part product that you mix in the burst pouch and the anti-skit additive to prevent it from being too slippery, especially when wet.

Applying the product is easy. Mr. RLC brushed the corners, and I rolled it. However, I had a tough time keeping an eye on those wet lines. It is transparent... HARD TO SEE!
Applying top coat to epoxy garage floor
| Rust-Oleum Clear High Gloss Garage Floor Kit

Of course, as you can see below, I had plenty of missed spots. The bright spots reflect the light coming through the little windows on the garage door. But the missed spots are there.

working against the light applying transparent poly

To solve this problem, I applied another coat of the transparent high gloss product. This time, I did it in the opposite direction that I had first done. I took advantage of the light, showing me which areas were covered and which weren't. 

The missed spots from the first coat were saturated with product, and in the end, the entire floor looks shiny, but the variation of color/shade on those spots persists.

Well, guys, that's a little issue because this garage looks a million times better!!

garage floor epoxy

The after of a garage floor transformation

painted garage floor
| DIY - Lumber Rack |

painted garage floor
Ryobi Devour Debris Sweeper | Garage Shelves |

We already rolled in the workbenches and lowered that charging station/tool cabinet. It all looks fantastic!

painted garage floor
| DIY Pegboard | Husky Mobile Workbench | DIY Miter Saw Station |

Can you believe this is how this garage looked a year ago?! 🤮 👇🏼

It certainly was the wrong way to keep our garage.
garage transformation with a Epoxy painted floor

How to epoxy your garage floor - before and after

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Enjoy what you read today?



  1. We debated doing this in our new I wish we would have...LOOKS AMAZING!!!! Well, until you paint something!!!!

    1. Haha well, I’m now, fiercely, protecting that floor! 😅 I already painted a small table and I was super careful not to spill anything there. Thanks Beck!!

  2. Oh wow, this looks amazing. Green with envy

    1. I should’ve done it years ago! It really looks and feels so good!

  3. What a lot of work, but looks like a good way to get the whole family involved.The floor really looks good and should be easier to keep clean now. Your garage looks like Home Depot now! :-) I wish my husband's workshop was that well organized, but he likes it the way it is...even though things can sometimes be difficult to find.

    1. Sue, the cleaning is the dreaded part about this entire project, applying the products goes fast, you just need to follow the directions. You made me laugh about it looking like Home Depot! Almost, almost! 😂 it’s hard to keep it organized, as soon as I start building something, things get crazy!

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