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Colors of Fall Home Tour

Happy Fall everyone!!

Welcome to my Fall home tour as part of the seasonal tour series hosted by Marty from A Stroll Thru Life.

A huge thank you to my friend Linda from It All Started With Paint for being the driving force and keeping us organized for the tours, as our dear Marty was having a terrible time, you can read more about that right here

You may be popping by from Our Southern Home, which gave me a little extra pressure since Christy's home and traditional style is one that I greatly admire. If you haven't visited her yet, do so soon!

The complete list and links of Fall home tours are at the end of this post. For now, let me go to the kitchen to grab you something warm so we can start this tour!


I'm a decorator turned do-it-yourself-er out of necessity to bring change to our dated home. It was precisely here, in this little kitchen where my blogging journey began and it hasn't slowed down a single bit. Most days you'll find me in my garage shop working on something to update our home. 

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Decor-wise, I always keep things simple here in the kitchen. Fruits and vegetables inside a bowl on the island are a fall staple, but this time I went another route and went with an old vase full of greens and embellished pine cones close by.

Isn't it fun when you're looking for decorative items and you find something you totally forgot you had?! This vase was dug out of the basement where it was collecting dust for several years.

Fall baking is back at RLC; although the kids are the ones in charge of it. Sugar cookies are my son's specialty while my daughter makes a delicious raspberry-topped cheesecake. Yum!

Stoneware Sugar Bowl | Kitchen towel | Cutting Board |


It's here in the dining room where those gorgeous autumn colors are in motion.
I was very surprised to find these little pumpkins at my closest grocery store and they were the ones that set the tone for this home tour.
Now, I hardly ever buy sunflowers, but I loved these the minute I set my eyes on them. Sadly, they didn't last me long.

A sign gallery was created on the chalkboard with some old signs and a couple of new additions. Don't you love decorating with signs?
DIY - Chalkboard | Table | Chandelier |


One space we all gravitate towards is our family room. Here we watch TV, eat, play, sleep, etc. The decor in this room is also kept simple, but I always try to bring something new to the mantel and that's the only space that many times is not so simple.
These faux branches are the ones to tie in with the colors in the other rooms.
black vase with autumn berry branches and golden sphere
 | Black Vase |

I brought in the small rug from the basement to layer it and give the room another look. It feels too small, I might live with it for a couple weeks and remove it.
| Wooden Bead GarlandCoffee Table DIY Built-In |

The mantel somehow got an unexpected boho vibe that I'm loving.


A few weeks ago I was working here in my living room, creating this office space for my daughter. Were you also scrambling to get a desk set up for your kid's distance learning? I guess we were all going through the same situation! 

Well, I built this trio of floating shelves and it has served my daughter very well. I had my monstera 🌿there by the railing, but she didn't approve of it there, so I sent it to the other side of the room. 🙄
Hands Bookends | Modern Ring Sculpture | Chair

Small touches of fall décor were added to the shelves, they all pop against that gorgeous teal color on the wall. My daughter loves this little fox and has been having trouble naming her. I suggested the name Shannon as anything foxy reminds me of  Fox Hollow Cottage but she didn't approve. Do you guys have any suggestions? 
| Wooden VaseDry Erase Memo Board | Wall ColorLamp |

More details about this temporary office space are HERE.

Looking the other way, this little fellow on the coffee table always puts a smile on my face.

And I just discovered this new view in my home. I had never taken a picture from this location. It's funny because I like it, but I keep on seeing the things I want to change... The first task might be bringing down that light, then, changing those colors on the walls. 
Rug | Coffee Table | Accent Chair |

My monstera is safe in that corner and happily getting lots of light.
 | DIY - Board & BattenMirror |


Last but not least, my office, where a little sign is all the fall decor I needed in this space.
Built-in | Office Chair |

I hope you've enjoyed this, Fall home tour today! Make sure to stay tuned to my blog/DIY projects and on Instagram where I share snippets of it all. Next on the Fall tour list? Tammy's lovely home at Pink Peppermint Design.

Monday - 9/14

Tuesday - 9/15

Wednesday - 9/16
Thursday - 9/17

Friday - 9/18

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Cristina your home always takes my breath away! The dining room is absolutely stunning. I love the warm hues. I've pinned several images. Truly beautiful my friend!

    1. Laura, you're so very sweet! Thanks for stopping by and sharing. ❤️

  2. Visiting your home always makes me happy! I love all your fall touches and colors. So beautiful!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Cristina, I always love seeing your home. So many fabulous DIY projects that you've done. Each one just better than the last and your decor is stunning. Truly a beautiful home. Thanks so much for sharing it at the home tour again this season. Love it all.

    1. Marty, it is an honor to be a part of this group. Thanks so much my friend!

  4. Love this so much! You just inspired me! I never thought of putting the microwave into the kitchen island! Brilliant my friend! Brilliant!


    1. Yaay I'm so glad you like it. It works great there in the island for us, short people.

  5. Stunning, as always! And you know I do love that kitchen (still looks amazing and timeless) and all those beautiful built-ins you created! Your home is an inspiration. Oh, and the most adorable workspace for your daughter!!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home at Marty's fall home tour!!!

    :) Linda

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! Sending you a big squishy hug for all the work you've done! ❤️

  6. Give me all that beautiful fall color that is gracing your pretty home! I love how your daughters work area turned out....and that color :) I hope you enjoy the fall season.

    1. Hehe yep. our daughters are on the same page. Love it in her room too.

  7. Wonderful tour!

    And I really love your foyer wall color!!!! Funny, I saw it, loved it then read you want to change it.
    LOL - I guess we all have different tastes, keeping it interesting.

    You have a gorgeous home - esp your kitchen!

    1. haha I used to love it, but after having it there for almost ten years it's time for change.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words, Michele!

  8. I love all the sweet little touches of fall you have in y our home Cristina!

  9. Love how you used traditional fall colors in a modern and fun way. So beautiful!

  10. Cristina, you house looking amazing, so inviting! Love to see all the orange/sunny touches!

  11. Gorgeous tour throughout! I love all of the bright color and touches of fall. Beautiful photography of every room styled to fall perfection!

    So happy to tour with you! Have a wonderful fall!

  12. This is definitely have written by some expert.

  13. What color is your kitchen island?

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