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Spring Home Tour With Pops of Yellow

Hello and welcome!  Spring is almost here and I'm definitely ready for the warmer weather and the pretty colors that mother nature sends our way during this time.

I'm once again thrilled to be part of the Spring Home Tour series hosted by the lovely Marty from A Stroll Thru Life.  Today she's kicking off the tours at her place, if you love traditional dΓ©cor with a modern and collected twist, then you would absolutely love Marty's home.

Given the circumstances in the world right now and with the advice to stay at home, I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for us to get busy in our homes. Whether, organizing a closet or the garage, painting a room or a piece of furniture, doing crafts or cooking...  Let's make our homes prettier to enjoy even more all the time we got to spent inside. 

This week, you have 30 homes which to draw inspiration from. The entire lineup of home tours is at the end of this post.

I first went through a good Spring cleaning and then, the dΓ©cor started... I don't know why, but since early January when I did the makeover to my sister's bedroom, I got infatuated with the color yellow.
The weird thing is that yellow is not one of my favorite colors, and it's been years since the last time I used yellow as an accent color for my dΓ©cor.

Well, here I go with my Spring home tour with very bright pops of yellow. :D πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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The blue rug that was previously here was sent to the family room, which means I had to find a new rug for this room. I'm very happy with the choice of a lighter rug in this room, since our floors are so orange-y, the new rug tones down the deep color. Someday I would refinish or change those floors. :/

The art piece, an easy DIY project with stick paper, plays so well with the color on the throw pillows.
The flowering dogwood branches, although faux, look so good in here.
Vase | Coffee Table  | Faux Dogwood Branch  | Area RugMirror |

On the other side of the room, I have the black bookcase that I want to replace for a secretary desk, which would be my husband's little office space.  I like the black tones in this area, they balance all the bright tones on the opposite side. And my fiddle leaf keeps on growing! She loves this bright room.
| Bookcase | Moroccan Pouf | Fiddle Leaf Fig |


Not many changes in my office. All the whites in this room are the perfect backdrop to whatever color I want to use for the new season. This is the most colorful space in our home right now.

The Silent Night lyrics I used in the big frame during Christmas were replaced for that colorful poster that I found at Hobby Lobby for only two dollars and fifty cents. Yep. that was a nice deal. In fact, I got three beautiful prints, this one and one more that I'm using in my son's room. The other one is still in the basement.

These gorgeous ranunculus are a good counterpart to all the colors on the print.
I took some of the pictures on a sunny morning. The sun pouring in makes me so happy!


From the office, this is the view of the kitchen.
| DIY Plate Rack | Kitchen Island |

My daughter was getting ready to prepare cupcakes. She's the baker and during her two weeks of no school -UMD, her plan is to keep us all happy with goodies.
| Kitchen Makeover |

When my kids were little I used to display Easter decor during this time. But, with a grown-up girl and a teen boy that's a high school senior, that type of decor is not appreciated anymore. :)
 |  DIY Plate Rack |  School House Ceiling Light | Range Hood |

Flowers, fruits, and utilitarian items are now our decorating pieces.
| Stoneware Sugar Bowl | Stoneware Salt Bowl |

Got a good bunch of tangerines at Trader Joe's when I was getting the flowers and hey, they also serve as decor.


That's more like the breakfast table, or the area where we almost always sit to eat our meals. A typical sunny morning makes this a bright room! During Summer, we need to close to curtains.
Kitchen Table Set  |  Pendant Light  | Curtains - similar

I set a quick tablescape with my thrifty blue dishes. The little white and blue pitcher and cup were a present from my daughter, she made them for me. πŸ’™
| Placemats |


The kitchen, breakfast area, and family room are one big room where we spend most of our time as a family.
It's here where the yellow accents made their first debut.
The blue rug that was previously in the living room was layered on top of the other thin rug already in place.

More details about the Spring Mantel are right HERE.
Coffee Table |  Area Rug  | DIY Built-In |

Both coffee tables in both rooms were changed during the past six months. Their thinner frames make the rooms feel more spacious. Here, the top glass also adds to the illusion.
Yellow Throw Blanket | Wall Art | Rolled Arm Accent Chair  |

I got another bouquet of buttercups mixed in with eucalyptus that smells SO good!
| Votive Candle Holder |


Last week I also gave my son's room a good clean-up and moved some things around.
Wire Baskets  |  Globe | Built-In |

The new art was hung all around the room, even the chalkboard got a masterpiece. :D

One of the prints (not shown) that I got for 2.50 was of the Brooklyn Bridge. Well, it fits in this room really nicely. Soon after I also found the print above the bed, the same bridge but at a different angle. Both prints turned this space into a New York room.
Teen Boy Room  |  Bed  |  Area Rug |  Brick Wall Paper  |  Ceiling Light

I took lots more pictures of this room, but I'm sharing them with you in this post right HERE since this is getting too long.


The final room I want to show you is my bathroom. I think you would love to give this simple, yet beautiful treatment to a little area in your bath or kitchen too. Very economical too!

More details about the Moroccan Decor Tile are right HERE.
farmhouse bathroom with black and white tile
Hex floor tile  |  Frameless fixed shower door Chandelier  | Rug |

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The tours continue, and I'm super excited for you to visit my friend Julia at Cuckoo4Design. She's a master at mixing patterns and texture and her furry little babies always put a smile on my face. You will love it!

Don't miss out on all the other fabulous tours this week too. Here's the complete lineup of beautiful Spring decor.  Have a wonderful time touring these talented ladies' homes!






*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. as if it was possible, your home gets prettier and prettier every time i see it.

    1. You just made my day! I’d like to think that finally all those DIY projects are beginning to mount up.

  2. Love the blue and yellow combo. It's so fresh! Wish I could have coffee at that lovely kitchen table. I'll bring the muffins. LOL... As always, Cristina....your new Srping look is wonderful! Susie from Chelsea Project

    1. Bring plenty of muffins, girl! Lots of catching up. πŸ’™

  3. Thank you for giving us a pretty escape from reality for a few minutes! Your bright sunshiny home is exactly what I needed to see today! Every time I visit your blog I feel inspired to make my home lighter and brighter. Your home is stunning! Stay well, friend!

    1. Shelley, you’re too sweet! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

  4. I love your home, it is so beautiful and I love seeing all your wonderful DIY projects in every room. Fabulous all around. Thanks so much for joining the tours, your home is always such a highlight.

    1. Thanks so much, Marty!! It's a pleasure joining you during home tour week.

  5. Oh my goodness Cristina, everything is amazing!! Love the yellow too, and never expected I'd use it either but something about it this season is just so pretty:-)

    1. Thanks Anita! I love that little pop of yellow you also added in your home.

  6. Wow, your home is picture perfect! I just love how it all flows, all the white with blues and pops of yellow are perfect for spring. You captured some gorgeous shots and your house is stunning!

  7. Wow, your home is picture perfect! I just love how it all flows, all the white with blues and pops of yellow are perfect for spring. You captured some gorgeous shots and your house is stunning!

  8. It looks absolutely amazing, Cristina! I could move in tomorrow. You've done such a great job with your home!

  9. every room is perfection. that bathroom tile...gorgeous. your home is always so bright and refreshing with your use of color and style.

  10. You lovely home makes my heart so happy! I love the pairing of yellow with grey and blue. Such a lovely tour!

  11. Absolutely beautiful, bright and springy! I love the all the yellow you have added and the blues too. So happy to be touring with you this week. Happy spring!

  12. Gorgeous tour, Christina! I love the white office with all the colorful decorations!

  13. Simply gorgeous as usual Cristina, I so love your house, wish I was close to you so I cango visit.
    Loving the pops of yellow and blue. Every room looks fabulous and it feels like Spring as soon as you open the door for us.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep safe,

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