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A New York Type of Room for The Teen Boy

Brooklyn Bridge NY art above bed in teen room
Good morning friends,

Last week was one of the longest weeks I've ever experienced in my entire life, and it wasn't because I had to stay home; I LOVE being home. It was a long week for me, and I'm sure that it was for you, too, because of the uncertainty the world is facing during this pandemic.

While looking through these pictures I took of my son's room over a week ago, it felt so insignificant to post about simple changes to a teen room when our lives are on hold and we're faced with fighting a war against an enemy we can't even see. An enemy that is bringing a large amount of destruction.

And then, when I remembered that the only way we can help right now is by STAYING HOME...

I felt oh, so much better. :)

Yes. Let's STAY HOME!

This is the only way we, regular citizens, can help one another move forward.

Staying home... 

Getting busy, doing what each of us loves to do when we're home, and for me, that's building, painting, crafting, and turning the rooms in my home into the spaces where my family and I want to hang around. 

And, of course, I love sharing it with you, and I hope it can bring some light into your day, too.

My son's room went through a big makeover about three years ago. He got a new closet, bed, built-in unit with desk, and new flooring. 

The picture below shows you the before & after right after completion.

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teen boy bedroom
He's been good at keeping his room organized, and from time to time, I come in here to this room to change accessories and bedding and to take pictures to post them on the blog. :D
| Ceiling Light  |  Bed  |  Build-ins |

He's not a little boy anymore. :/  

The tall, skinny guy that now lives here is not as fond of the color RED as he once was. 

Now he's into everything black. 

Well, black or gray and sometimes white.
This new monochromatic room made him pretty happy. 

However, he didn't even care about the New York theme, which was my idea when I found a $2.50 poster of the Brooklyn Bridge at Hobby Lobby and then another Brooklyn Bridge canvas print - $20 at Ross.
| Brick Wallpaper  |  Metal Baskets  | Wall Sconce (similar)  |  

This guy doesn't care about decor at all. 

I'm sure he hasn't noticed the NY cityscape I drew there on that chalkboard.

He did notice the bridge wall art and said, "Cool".

Yep. that's it.

That's all he said.

I'm fine with that too. I'm sure I can paint this room pink, and he'll be OK with it.
| Duvet Cover | Knit Blanket | Area Rug |

Here you can see the other print and his hoodie collection.
Wall Organizer |

And hey, let's take a look at the closet on the other side of the room.

This space works nicely.

Those little cubbies there in the closet still hold the same items I put in there three years ago! :)
| In Wall Storage | Flip Out Bins |

Now, he keeps those drawers and room almost always very organized, and he's happy being here, and that's what matters.

This room got a brand new New York vibe by simply changing the art.  

Switching the bedding and carpet was also a great way to update this room within a budget.
Wire Baskets  |  Globe Built In |

Reinventing your rooms doesn't have to be expensive or complicated!

For more details about this bedroom makeover check these out:

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Ilove this room, those built-ins are amazing. The NY theme is pretty cool too.

  2. The built-ins are great. Good work.

  3. Love this room! I keep seeing your pics from each version of this room as I search for "teen boy bedroom" inspiration pics. :) Thank you for linking the bed source. When I go to the link on Amazon, it's a taupe color, but in your pics, it looks more grey. Is it the same color? Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you!! This bed is grey, but it looks like that color is sold-out on Amazon. They only have it available in Taupe. If you scroll down the Amazon page, you can find similar beds, similar prices in grey.

  4. This is amazing! I love a themed room and this NY room is very cool! We did a Paris guest bath that has drifted into the guest bedroom. Wish I had another bedroom to do NYC!

    1. Thanks Ann! you made me laugh because I also worked on a Paris room, somehow those theme rooms are always a fun project! We need more rooms in our houses. :D

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