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Early Spring Mantel

Last week the family room was still sporting Valentine's day decor. The mantel was full of hearts in a wide range of pink tones and to make matters worse, the red area rug I brought from the basement during Christmas was also here. It's bold color and pattern was overwhelming.

I wasn't planning on updating this room just yet. But, in one of those rare instances when the hubs asked me if I wanted to go to Target and I couldn't say no, that's when I happened to find the pretty art piece you see in the picture below.

And well, I knew that frame was coming with me to set the Spring mood in our family room.

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When I spotted it there at the store, it had no price on it or on the shelf, so I brought it to a price checker and the price it gave me was "$35 online". I thought it was a good deal for a 26" x 32" framed art piece.

During check out, the final price they were giving me was $47. I told them it was on sale for only $35. But, they said it was an online price.
So, I didn't buy it there and went home to place the order.
Kind of disappointing, right?
And besides, it's even more expensive for them... The shipping, the big cardboard box and protective material. They should honor the online price at the store.
Spring home decor
| Yellow Throw Blanket | Wall ArtRolled Arm Accent Chair  |
Anyways, I ordered it and I also got that chunky throw blanket. And even before their arrival, I switched the red carpet for the blue one I had in the living room.
Got some books and vases there on the mantel.
And plants -faux and real - were also brought in to give this room that fresh spring feel.
family room with spring decor
Coffee Table |  Rug  | Vase |
Small changes that have a big impact! I'm so loving that yellow and blue palette.
family room decorated for spring

Now it's your turn to bring Spring into your own home! Please, give me all those beautiful Spring colors!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Love your mantel! The fresh, spring colors caught my eye right away. Unfortunately, haven't had many sunny days in New Jersey this winter and this feels like sunshine to me. So pretty!

    1. We're also having another gray day. :/ And that's exactly why I was picking cheerful tones for my mantel display. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words, Shelley!

  2. Beautiful as always...I feel "rushed" to bring out the spring...kinda like I do in October when Christmas stuff is showing up! Fortunately I am redoing my laundry room and that is keeping me busy while it is cold and dreary out! But my daffodils are blooming so that is always a nudge towards spring!

    1. Don't we love those daffodils sprouting out? Or the forsythias when they're about to explode in color? Yes, most of us can't wait to welcome the new season. 🙋‍♀️
      I'm also organizing my garage/shop. When it's too cold to work out there, I have to switch to do something inside the house.

  3. So fresh and pretty! You have a great eye for design!

  4. It feels so fresh, I did not see that print at target but I picked up that vase from the print...nothing says spring like blue strips! I do not miss not getting any snow this year. Love the addition of the yellow throw!

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