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Dining Room Makeover & Christmas Home Tours

build-ins and coffered ceiling in dining room
Welcome! I'm so glad you're here to take part in this Christmas Home Tour series put together by my gracious friend Marty from A Stroll Thru Life.

If you're stopping by from Pink Peppermint Designs, isn't Tammy's home gorgeous? I love classy Christmas décor and she does it like no one!

 Please, get yourself comfortable and let me show you a little bit of our home all dressed up for Christmas.

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red and white stripped box with Merry Christmas tag on chair seat
This is a home tour, but this time I'm going to give you a tour of my new and improved dining room.

This is the way it looked when I started emptying it two months ago.
shallow shelves on wall, oak hardwood floors, white curtains, sphere chandelier
The shallow shelves were the only storage this room had.

Well, not anymore. 

This is the last picture I shared thru my social media channels this past weekend.
DIY Coffered ceiling and built-ins in dining room
 You can check the details/progress right here:
Last week I was in a paint marathon... Look at my enthusiasm. :D I was so tired of it all.
Cristina Garay on ladder painting the planked wall

But, some how during the weekend... BOOM! The real transformation happened.
Built-ins in dining room decorated for Christmas with a red and white palette with baskets, white dishes and a bench in between.
And, I'm over the moon excited at how this room looks now. 

This dining room of ours is my representation of modern farmhouse décor.
stripped grey and white rug, planked wall and bench

I cannot stop looking at the new coffered ceiling with rustic planks. It was a last-minute decision that I'm so glad I tackled. You'll find the details about that project right HERE.
farmhouse wall decor - black and white photograph of mill in Germantown, MD

The other big focal point in this room is the wall art. I love it!

This is a little part of our town's history. A picture of the Liberty Milling Co., the mill was founded at the turn of the century and went into business until the 60's producing an array of flour base products. It was located literally in my backyard.

You can find complete instructions on how you can make that art project for under $30, right HERE.
farmhouse dining table and lanterns filled with red ball ornaments.

My Christmas palette this year is white and red. It's not Christmas for my son if red isn't incorporated into the decor.
old scale and a toy moose are mix in the white and red decor

I shopped the house for white dishes, cups, bowls...
white bowls with dots, shelf styling
They got mixed with some fun Christmas goodies.
base cabinets holding storage baskets for Christmas decor
|  Wire Baskets  |  Wooven Jute Baskets  |

There are still many little details that I need to finish in this room, like adding shoe molding, another little molding all around the ceiling squares, and the doors for these base cabinets. 

In the meantime, baskets taken from my kids' bedrooms make things look organized here.
red and white Christmas decor

Bruce the moose is happy to be back in the spotlight. :)

Garland  |  

Oh, another favorite is the new dining table, a free Craiglist find that had a heavy coat of ugly varnish. I don't know why people use those products, they hide the beautiful wood!

Mini pecan pies are almost too cute to eat.
tow big wooden lanterns filled with red ball ornaments displayed on top of a table with a ball felt garland by the side.
| Lanterns |

A pair of big wooden lanterns became the table centerpiece.
Christmas decor in dining room

The other shelf is pretty much the same, I like symmetry. ;)

The baskets are now holding Christmas stuff, but this is going to be my office, beginning next year.
Christmas decor on shelves
| Wooden Tray | Bowls | Cake Stand |

I decorated it as a dining room for the holidays, but I'll probably be sharing its new look as office space around mid-January.
Holiday decor

Another easy and fun DIY sign
Dining room decor d uring the holidays
Boxwood Wreath  |  Bench  |

On the other side of the room, I had plenty of space to accommodate my red bench and on the wall my old chalkboard with a boxwood wreath.
dining room red and white Christmas decor.
| Christmas Stocking | Chairs |

The rugs got switched, the one I had here went to the family room and these two made more sense in here. I bought this stripped one at TJ maxx like a year ago.
Chalkboard holding a boxwood wreath a top a red bench with dining table in front.
Chandelier  |  Pom Pom Throw |

A wider view of this side of the room.

Well, this wraps up my tour. I hope you have enjoyed it. But, you sure want to go visit my friend Pat at Simple Details, who is the next stop. She always manages to create the most darling rooms and for Christmas it's even better!

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  1. Incredible, sweet friend!!! My goal is to have a bench just like this in my dining room. I'm saving yours as my inspiration. The ceiling looks incredible and your decorating talent did not go unnoticed. It is spectacular!!!

    1. The bench is such a space saver! It would be a good decision for your dining room. Thanks so much for your generous compliments, Megan. XOXO

  2. Cristina you have outdone yourself!! Building those built ins is not small feat and they are gorgeous. Wow, wow, wow

    1. Thanks Jaime! I'm a slow poke, but had to work at a faster pace on this project and boy oh' boy I was running out of fuel that last week! I'm so glad is over. Well, for the most part! :)

  3. Oh my Gorgeousness!!! that ceiling...the built-ins's. I am speechless. you are amazing and so is that space. Bruce must be pretty thrilled too!

    1. Hehe Thanks Laura!He looks pretty comfortable in his new spot. :D Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow, you outdid yourself with the added architectural detail. It's so so good. I agree with Jaime. I had to scroll back up and look at the before several times. I love it. And you Christmas decor with the red is so pretty. Enjoy your beautiful space.

    1. Julia, Thanks! We're enjoying it and getting used to it. Just yesterday, my daughter told me it was like she was in a different house. :D

  5. Wow, wow, wow!!! It is all so beautiful! You are certainly one of the most talented and creative bloggers out there. I love the way you have styled the shelves and the room. What a wonderful space that your family can enjoy every day. Can't wait to see how you decorate it for the other seasons.
    Sue P.

    1. Oh Sue, thank you! It's very nice of you to say that, and I'm so glad you like it. I'm already thinking on how to make this space work as my office, in such a way that's easy to also use it as dining table on a spur of the moment if needed.

  6. This is seriously one of my absolute favorite makeovers of the year --and one of my favorite Christmas rooms, too! You are amazing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us! Happy Holidays ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Thank you SO much Susie! Happy Holidays to you and your family too!

  7. Cristina, Cristina, Cristina, you are a true work horse and look at the beautiful room! I was right there with you painting the kitchen. I know how good it feels to get it done!!! All I need is the glass for two doors and a handle that hasn't come in. I love the signs you made and I love when you say it's easy. Yes, easy for you. :) Pat yourself on the shoulder for another job well done!

    1. Thanks Kim! You and Mr. Savvy were in my thoughts while I was painting. I was patting myself on the back for coming up with a solution to skip the painting of the ceiling like you two had to do. :D I can't wait to see your "new" kitchen!

  8. OH Cristina! You took my breath away with that amazing transformation! You are a true DIY talent! Now you have a dining room befitting of your gorgeous kitchen! Love, love, love it!!! :)

  9. Cristina you never fail to amaze and delight me! What an incredible transformation. To think you were just painting a few days ago! The Christmas grouping is delightful and I can't wait for the DIY on the picture. Thank you for a completely stunning tour!

    1. Thanks so much Laura! My next post is about the picture details, stay tuned. ;)

  10. Oh my word, this room is totally amazing. I love the walls and all that storage, but that ceiling is the most amazing thing and what a show stopper. Wow!!! I love it all. Thanks so much for joining the tours, you always amaze me with your talent.

    1. Thanks Marty! It's always so much fun to be part of your home tours. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Oh my goodness dear Cristina, you are a lady FULL OF TALENT AND ENERGY!!! Your built in you created yourself is truly amazing. I am in awe with it.
    Congrats, you did a magnificent job.
    You're going to have a wonderful C'mas with your lucky family to have you making it pretty.

    1. Gracias Querida Fabby!
      Merry Christmas to you and your pretty family!

  12. this is totally awesome! the built-ins were looking good on your last post, but now they are amazing! and that ceiling, I totally love the ceiling! I am interested in how you made it. Wonderful accessories too, Christmas has arrived at your house!

    1. Thanks so much Morgane! As soon as I install the tape trim all around the "beams" I'll share that project. It's gonna be at least two weeks before that happens.

  13. This is all so beautiful! I am drooling over that gorgeous ceiling!!

  14. Wow, I am blown away! You did all this yourself??!! You out me to shame. It is all gorgeous!!!

  15. Oh WOW Christina!!!How could you not be over the moon with the way your dining room turned out! It is in a word..."FABULOUS" I love the new built-ins the incredible ceiling that gorgeous black and white of the mill, all of it is put together so beautifully. You have one amazing talent Christina!
    XO Barbara

  16. OMG Cristina, and I thought your Dining room couldn't get any better?! WOW!!!!! LOVE, LOVE LOVE! Have the magazine editors started calling yet? They should, love the ceiling, the built-ins , but most of all your beautiful and fun Christmas style!!!!! So very honored to share this Home tour with you dear! Cheers!

  17. I wanna be you when I grow up!

  18. Cristina,
    Your dining room looks like something you see at West Elm or high end store. It's stunning and I love everything about this built. Hoping you can enjoy your Christmas now that you are done with this big project or at least till after the new year. LOL

  19. I love the newr built ins and that ceiling - wow!! Your white, red and green decor just pops with your modern farmhouse background. Bravo!

  20. This is a gorgeous makeover! Excellent!

  21. You continually amaze me with your skills and the challenges you tackle! Beautiful changes and your decor is so fun and whimsical. Merry Christmas, Cristina.

    1. Thanks Mel! I think we're alike in the sense that we work like little bees until we get what we want. I remember your kitchen makeover and how hard you worked at transforming it!
      Merry Christmas to you too!

  22. WOW!!! This room is beautiful. What a big change you have made. Keep up the inspiration.
    P.S. Thank You for info about the moose I did find one for Christmas! Yay!!!

    1. Thank you Andra! I'm so glad you found your very own moose. :)

  23. Cristina you have outdone yourself! It is perfect in every. single. way. And that ceiling...I just love it all, and I think you are sooooo amazing!!!!!!

  24. You amaze me! I am just in awe of your talent and creativity. Your dining room looks absolutely amazing. And your ceiling is like woah!!!!!!

  25. You are so talented, Cristina! The built-in shelving and ceiling are beautiful. The room looks great with the festive white & red holiday touches. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  26. WOW! WOW! WOW! Oh my goodness, Cristina, this room looks so amazing! I just want to sit in one of those cute chairs and soak in all of that "happiness" that's going on. It's fun, happy and gorgeous all rolled into one spot. Great job.

    Warm hugs,

  27. It's all so beautiful! I love everything you do. You're post on your kitchen makeover was a big inspiration to my own remodel. You are so talented lady! Merry Christmas!

  28. Oh my, this is absolutely gorgeous!! I love this soooo much! I love alll the white with the pops of red and green- along with the rustic planks- swoon!!! This room should seriously be in a magazine!!:)

  29. You did a fabulous job, looks like a magazine feature from a top designer!

  30. Wow Christina, your dining room looks absolutely fantastic!!! The built in shelves and seat are amazing and I love how you styled it for Christmas. Merry Christmas!

  31. Cristina, this is a fabulous transformation...and it is amazing dressed up for Christmas! Bravo!

  32. I love this, especially the shelf styling!

  33. totally gorgeous, your home always looks like it came from a magazine feature!! that ceiling is just fabulous, great job!

  34. Lovely, clean and refreshing! I am visiting from Common Ground and had to come see the rest of the photos! I am pinning for later. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear you like it. And thanks for the pins! :)
      Merry Christmas to you too!

  35. WOW Cristina! I was following your dining room transformation in the beginning and then I went on vacation so I missed some of the progress. I can't believe how amazing it looks! I've always loved the idea of a wood ceiling but wasn't sure how it would look with a wood floor and wood table, but seeing yours has shown me it isn't too much wood and it looks great! I love that you broke it up with the white too instead of solid wood. I know you said you're not completely done yet, but this room looks PERFECT!

  36. Well, if this isn't fabulous, I don't know what is. I've been itching to paint my dining room again and this might just push me over the edge. What a darling room with so many fun places to display stuff. I just love the ceiling.

  37. Un cambio radical y fabuloso, como todo lo que he visto en este magnífico blog. Cristina tienes un talento especial, tanto para el diseño como para la ejecución de las obras.¡Qué envidia! :-) . He de reconocer que visité este blog buscando enlaces, pero tanto me ha gustado que me he suscrito a él. Enhorabuena y un saludo de Reformas Madrid y Toledo)

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