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My Sister's Bedroom Reveal & Tips and Ideas for Small Bedrooms

It's reveal time!! This bedroom makeover it's done and I'm delighted with the outcome. Most importantly, my sister is very happy with her new room and that's the big payoff.

If you're new here let me tell you that I just got back from visiting my family in Colombia. I spent the three previous weeks enjoying the nice weather in Bogota and surrounding areas. The food was awesome too, but without a doubt spending time with my brothers, sisters and their families was the best part.

Hey, I also had time to work on this bedroom makeover which included a few DIY projects! 😉
Before I head into all the details, let's take a look at the starting point:
A tired room in dear need of a makeover!

We started by emptying out the room and giving all the walls and ceiling a couple coats of paint. And I say we because for this entire makeover I worked with my nephew and interior designer Julian, who in reality tackled all the hard work. 👍

Tip # 1: Paint is the best and most economical way to change a small or big room.
Well, I know I know... Let's see the after!

Let's start right there with those curtains. I kept the same configuration of curtains all along that wall. However, I ditched the valance, it was bringing that ceiling line even lower, and I used a lighter fabric to let lots of light come in. A black-out panel was installed on the other curtain rod.

Tip # 2: Vertical lines lead the eye upward creating the illusion of height. Horizontal lines usually carry the eye across.
The ceiling light also brings the eye all the way up and it's a big statement in the room.

The new TV wall is sleek, it has storage and double duty. We installed those simple shelves that not only serve as storage/display but also fill that large blank wall.
The dresser that was initially there, below the TV, was sent to the other side of the room and the ironing board it's still there, you just can't see it. Check it out right HERE.

Tip # 3: Use statement lighting in your room and also use other sources of light.
Close to the TV, and using the same mirror my sister had,  I created this little make-up vanity.
Added lights on each side of the mirror are great for applying makeup. Just by tapping the top of each light, you can change the type of light... cold, warm, blinking, etc.
Here she is, enjoying her girly-girl space! :D

Tip # 4: Create double-duty areas whenever you can!
The accent wall is the biggest statement in this room. I love the dark color and the texture on it. However, that grey tufted headboard is a close-by competition, it's the touch of luxury and comfort this room needed.

Tip # 5: Don't be afraid of using bold colors in small spaces.
I bought most of the linens at Ikea and I brought them with me in a suitcase. The dark sheet set, down comforter, duvet cover, pillowcases, and blankets. The theme for the textiles was "lines".
I had lines on the pillowcases, blankets, curtains, and rug.

Tip # 6: Add texture to your space. Easily done combining different types of textiles, soft pillows, chunky blankets, etc.
Having a comfy and warm bed, I couldn't leave her stepping onto that cold floor! A soft low pile carpet was the way to go.

This is the room they (my sister and her three boys) like to get together to watch TV. 

See that empty space on the right side of this picture below? Well, that's the space where they can move the swivel chair from the vanity area if there's not enough room on the bed! :)

Tip # 7: Create solutions to make the room work for YOU.
The DIY - Floating nightstands are a nice space saving idea, not grabbing floor space make them so convenient in small rooms like this one!

Tip # 8: Give up the table lamps. Use wall or ceiling lamps instead. It doesn't need to be hardwired, simple cord covers can hide plug-in lighting options.
I still remember going around the neighborhood looking for flowers and finding that little shop infused with all kinds of herbs and flower scents... Mint, thyme, sage, lilies, roses...
The kind lady attending it helped us prepare the flowers by removing damaged petals, cutting the stems, adding water to the vases, and voila! Two bouquets for only eight dollars, vases included. :)

Tip # 9: Add fresh flowers / plants to  your space.
 On this side of the room, you can see the landing spot for that dresser.
 The other bouquet's on top of the dresser, and on the wall, a gallery of botanical prints.

Wall art was the final touch given to this room. Botanical prints, flying butterflies, a sunburst mirror.
Tip # 10: Don't hang artwork too high on the walls. Keep it at eye level.
Well my friends, I can't leave you without the before and afters. The infamous overhead shot first!

Here, the bedroom at night:
 The after with the lights on. It's so bright!
And here the TV area:
Ahh, much better! :)
I hope you have enjoyed this makeover. Thanks so much for following along!

Check more details about this room:

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  1. You amaze me with your talent. I love how the room came out.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Such a transformation. Your changes are beautiful. I know you got lots of hugs from your sister for changing her bedroom into one that now will be the perfect place to relax and renew. Great makeover!

  3. Thanks so much, Sue! She was very happy giving tours of the room to other family members and visitors. :) This makeover couldn't arrived at a better time for her.

  4. Wonderful bedroom makeover. The color context inside the bedroom is nice. I like the blue and white color combination and I feel good when I see someone using this color combination for the interior wall painting.

    Nice before and after images.

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