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DIY - Built-ins Around Bed Final Reveal

grey and white desks turned into built-ins with industrial decor - lighting and baskets

I've been smiling ear to ear each time I get in this room and see the built-ins.
I love how they turned out!

I get in here and turn on a light...
Then the other... 
Then the ones above the desks, 
and then, I go back to the closet to see how it all looks with that light on too.

Crazy I know! :)

You can go back and check the first part of this project, adapting and installing the desks, right HERE.

The second part, building the shelves right HERE, ended with the picture below, the top part was opened and I was waiting for the lights and electrician to arrive.

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And they came...
And I was overjoyed about not having to deal with running cables up the wall or going up to the attic to connect those cables. Better yet, I didn't have to worry about not making the right connections and maybe putting the whole house at risk of fire! Ouch, that's scary.

I think that was the best decision ever.
Those guys spent a really good amount of time in this room -
running the cables for the can lights...
The two sconces on the sides of the built-ins...
The two picture lights above the desks area...

Adding an outlet underneath the desk...
Adding another light in the center of the room.
And finally, installing the closet light.

Puff that was a lot!

Each light runs independently and on dimmers, two of them have dual switches (at the entrance and close to the bed). I couldn't have done all that work.

I'm so very thankful for their work. Lighting is so important in the design of a space.

picture frame light on built-in header how to

Once all the connections were done, it was time to finish things up.
Before bringing the front board up to close the space above the shelves, we had to install the actual fixtures, the picture lights. You can read all about how to install the picture frame lights right HERE.

This is how it looked as soon as that long board was nailed in place and making sure those lights were working.

The ¼" plywood shelf bottoms were stapled in place. The crown molding was installed too.

But there's also a multitude of tasks that were done before the final shots were taken. -
Caulking all those nail holes and gaps, sanding, caulking and sanding again, paint - paint and paint, apply wax, buff, apply stain, patch those holes on the wall the guys made while running the cables, installing the baseboard around the room,  clean - clean and clean and many other little things.

grey and white built-ins in boy bedroom - vintage industrial

Well, it's lots of work but once you stand at the entrance of the room and this is what you see, you just know it was all worth it!

grey and white built-ins in boy room

There are still a few things that need to be adjusted or finished. For instance, the right desktop needs more coats of stain.

bedroom organization - white and grey built-ins around bed frame

As I told you before, the cabinet on the right-hand side is for the laundry basket, the inside is still empty, that's one of my future projects. I found the baskets at HomeGoods.

UPDATE: The hamper was installed and you can check that project right HERE.
grey and wooden tone desk repurposed into built-in base in boy bedroom

The baseboard still needs a coat of paint before installing the quarter round.

grey and white built-ins with desk area  and picture frame lighting and sconces.

The inside of the drawers needs to be pretty up a bit. That's another future project.

old desk transformed with ASCP and used as built-in base.

You can check the previous post for links to the lighting fixtures and hardware.

repurposing old desks into base cabinets for built-ins around bed.

I'm now beginning to move my boy into this room, I'll try to work on all those minor things with him installed in here.  I remember in the middle of December when I was working on Christmas d├ęcor and he asked me why I wasn't working on his room. :/

The good thing is, he really likes how things are turning out! :)

The following are all the links to each of the projects done in this room so far:

*This post has affiliate links for your convenience*

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Absolutely fantastic Cristina!!!! I want one for my boys room too! It looks really well made and design-wise, perfect!

  2. Mommy you've been working so hard! Amazing. I agree about lighting and I always hire out the electrical work, very wise decision. Plus all that time and energy you saved having the pros do it right is worth every penny. Waiting for the bed ;)

    1. :) Thanks Jaime! I couldn't agree more, it's better to leave that job to the pros. I had to bring the bed soon after taking these photos, the client couldn't wait to try his new mattress! ;)

  3. Wow, this is amazing. I love the 2 toned paint and the storage is fabulouw. What a great architectural feature this is.

    1. Marty, You said right, it's such a great architectural feature! Even though it's a small room, it feels majestic with the built-ins and the window trim all the way to the ceiling. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. It looks amazing! Your son is going to love it. I love that he asked bout the progress. The house could be falling down around my boys and they would never notice. Must come from their dad. ;)

    1. Hehehe, I think is good and bad, it made me feel bad that I was taking so much time to complete this project. He didn't want a white closet or built-ins, but he compromised when I told him it was better to paint the inside white. ;) Oh, and he wasn't much happy about the white walls. :/
      Some times I wish he were like your kids!
      Thanks Jennifer, and yeah, he's loving it!

  5. Just amazing, Cristina, just amazing. Your family is so lucky to have you with your skills! I have one question, and please don't take this as criticizing, it's just something that I've wanted to ask every time I see it on Hometalk or Facebook, or any blog. How does ones keep the baskets from ruining the bottom of that painted shelf on which they sit, knowing they have to be pulled out and pushed back in every time you want to access something in them? I see people using this concept, but the practicality of it, without gliders installed, has me baffled.

    1. You always warm my heart Rita, thank you so much for your kind words! That's a really good question. This is my first time having this kind of baskets -metal ones-. I had many wicker baskets around my home and I've never had an issue with them. However, when I brought these new metal baskets to this room, my husband was the one who asked me the exact same thing!
      At first I thought on gluing those rubber stoppers, those that are used on the cabinet doors, but they'll probably fall off soon.
      Then, my husband suggested using small rubber feet, the ones used on chair's legs, many of those come with a screw attached to them and maybe that'll do the trick, grabbing it with a couple of washers and a nut.
      I'll do a post if that works. :)

  6. It looks so amazing!!! You are such a talent! :)

  7. So beautiful!You've done an amazing transformation, Cristina!

  8. Absolutely perfect! I adore the built ins and lighting. What a lucky guy to have such a talented mom!

  9. Absolutely perfect! I adore the built ins and lighting. What a lucky guy to have such a talented mom!

  10. You did such a good job with this room. I really like the colour choices you made, especially on the desk. The room is very original and creative!

  11. I can't believe I am so far behind on your posts! This reno has taken over my You have been so busy and it shows my friend. This project turned out PERFECT!! Happy New Year Cristina. Looking forward to all of your creations in 2016.

  12. Great renovation! You are super talented :) you did a great job with this room and the colors are super! :)


  13. Wow Cristina, the lighting is fabulous!! The room is just amazing, you are so so so inspiring!!

  14. love those built-in cabinets. The perfect room for a young boy.

  15. Ahhhh que maravilla de mueble ,, te voy a cipoar la idea me encanto el canto pintado en otro color

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