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Garage Organization - The Mudroom Plan

Garage mudroom - the plan - entrance to the house from the garage platform
Good morning friends!

It's been a while since my last report on the garage organization series. I have to give you a good explanation of why I'm already planning to build a mudroom in that little corner of the garage that you see in the picture up there, given that I didn't follow this list of future projects I gave you in this post in March:
  • Building the miter saw station with underneath storage
  • Painting the floor (waiting for warmer days to tackle this project)
  • Building a table saw station
  • Starting work on mud-room.
Well, the miter saw station was built, you can check that post right HERE.
garage organization - makita miter saw
According to the schedule, painting the floor was my next task. Look how empty the garage looked after completing the miter saw station!garage with mitersaw station, pegboard, tool storage bench
 Especially when compared to the starting point. 😖
messy garage ready to be organized
I postponed the painting of the floor because I didn't want that newly painted floor ruined with all the construction that I had to get into for building the mudroom. So, let's talk about it...

This little area on the right corner of the garage, leading to the house, has been our little mudroom area for the past 20 years.

The most awkward space to get in and out of the house. I had that basket there to collect shoes... Ha, it was always full of shoes. A small bench in front of that basket was kind of a storage spot for anything and everything. That little clearance you see going to the laundry room was all the real estate we had to go in and out of the house. 
garage organization - mudroom

OK, Let me try to explain my plan for this area.

But wait! The very first thing I had to do was to bring the cars in. (it's been a few years without parking the cars here!)
Anyhow, I brought the cars in to mark the area -furthest away from the back wall - where they can be parked. Even though, I'm not planning on parking the cars here, I still want this garage to be a two-car garage. I don't want to damage the house's resale value. This is my shop right now, but future owners might like to only use this space to park two cars.
Cars parked in the garage
I used Gaffers tape to mark the area on the floor. From the tape, all the way to the back wall is the space I can use for the mudroom.
area for the mudroom marked in the garage
Ha, time to demo that platform. 

Bye Felicia!
Cristina Garay domoing the platform in garage
 In no time... Well, two days... I had this open space.
empty area in the garage for a mudroom


Knowing the area I had to work with, I sat down to draw my ideas on paper. The plan is to build an enclosed room in that corner of the garage to serve as a mudroom.

I always thought that the stairs were going to be facing the entrance of the garage. But, when putting things on paper, doing the stairs that way didn't seem right. plans for mudroom in the garage
Plan 1 is the one that makes the most sense. A straight pathway from the door to door/stairs and all that back wall free to turn it into storage.

Plan 2  pushed the stairs against the back wall, creating a less than ideal pathway and compromising the back wall storage.

Plan 3 the staircase all the way to the right was definitely not a good option. Both doors close to each other were a big NO.

Perhaps you noticed the window-s there on those drawings. Yep. I want to have a window in that little room. I don't want it to feel claustrophobic.

When you draw the plan you have to also know the material you'll be using, dimensions of those materials/items (size of windows and doors). You also need to follow the code, when building the stairs, there're guidelines for the size (depth-height) of the treads and risers.

Now, guys, I'm getting here into new territory. I've never built a room from scratch, not even a wall. And here, in order to build this little mudroom, I first needed to build the platform to bring it up to the same level as the house.

Well, I'm so very lucky to have my BIL- Stan, as that person that's going to help me with this entire project. I'm going to work along his side and I'm going to be a sponge, getting all that knowledge from him and sharing it all with you!
---- o ----

Plan 1 was the one to follow. Armed with a pencil, a ruler, a measuring tape, and a level, Stan started by drawing the plan on the floor. Those double lines are the two-inch material for the platform. Posts locations were also drawn onto the floor, making sure things were square.

This is the final moment to do adjustments to your plan. I didn't do a good job calculating the area for the stairs. He adjusted those measurements on the floor.
how to build a mudroom out of the garage
 The lines were brought all the way up the wall, again making sure everything's level.


Well, in my case, I wanted the final flooring the be at the same height as the floors inside the house. There, through that opening in the Sheetrock, we could take a look at all the layers inside the house.

Knowing the final height, we had to start subtracting all the material we were thinking of installing here in the mudroom, like the thickness of the flooring we're going to use, Durock if any, thin-set, subfloor, etc. 
Then, the height of the ledger and finally you are left with the height of the posts.
It's like building a little deck in here.
We used 2 x 10's for the ledgers, and cutting them to size was our next step to start the building of the platform.
And well, I think I'm going to save this part for my next post because this is getting too long.

Stay tuned for my next post this Wednesday with a fun Father's day giveaway!

See ya!

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