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The Garage Overhaul - The Plan

Good morning guys!

I didn't want to scare you with a picture of my messy garage. This first pic, taken about a week ago, was the most organized corner in the entire space.

Cleaning and organizing the garage is without a doubt the most important task I have right now. I don't remember at what moment my empty garage turned this chaotic. I can't move!
I don't have space to work on projects, I can't work efficiently in a messy place like this. It needs to be organized.

This is the disaster I had created:
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|  DeWalt Miter Saw  | 
  • Pieces of wood were laying everywhere.
  • A folding table was serving as a workbench.
  • Miter saws and the table saw did not have a dedicated station.
  • Furniture pieces (dresser-table chairs) are cluttering the space.
  • Big tools (pressure washer, lawnmower) do not have proper storage space.
  • Holding onto items to re-purpose them (railing, mirror, wire reel, etc.) added to the mess.
I started by dismantling the folding table and sorting all the wood underneath it.
More pieces of wood, molding, along this wall, were taken out. I had a good bunch of small baseboards that I removed from some rooms in the house... they're definitely trash. Why was I saving them?! Who knows!
Sorting the wood took place right here. Whatever I thought I might use in the future was left in the center of the garage. The minivan was right there, waiting for all the junk to be taken to the recycling center.
Looking toward this side, those shelves are staying the same. They have stayed pretty much the same since the last time I organized them.
Everything on the floor needs to be sorted through and cleaned up.
DeWalt Table Saw | RIDGID Wet/Dry Vac | 
 Precisely, those two rolls of insulation were brought up to the attic.
Knauf Insulation R-30 |

I continued cleaning and sorting everything from the center of the garage all the way to the wall where the pegboards are located. Got rid of chairs and tires my husband had stored way up there. I also removed one of the pegboards.
6' Werner Ladder |
My plan for this zone and left wall:
  • This is going to be my workshop zone - The pegboards in that corner are going to stay.
  • That yellow bench has got to go. It isn't strong enough and it doesn't provide good storage.
  • I'm going to install shelves to store wood on the wall with those green rectangles
  • A miter saw station, a future DIY project, is going to be located right there in front of the ladder.
  • I'm also building a table saw bench, which will be floating in the middle of the garage.
UPDATE: The Miter Saw Station & Lumber Rack were done! Click the link to take you to those DIY's
Werner 24' Aluminum Extention Ladder |
I need some empty space in the middle of the garage, not only to have ample space to work on my projects, but also to be able to park one car in here.

Now, looking towards the entrance to the house, this is the view standing at the garage door:
Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw with stand | Ryobi Devour Debris Sweeper | Werner 5-in-1 Telescoping Ladder |

Here, Louie says hello up the steps of yet another untidy spot. The door to the house is open and you get a peek of the laundry room.
Looking the other way, this is what you see... The garage with its tools, wood, and everything else in the background. -Close by, this little area where we take off our shoes is so cramped.
Surprisingly, I have big plans for this tiny area!
When I stand there at the door of the laundry room, this is what I see and what I want that little area to look like in a few months.
| Mudroom by Form Collective from Houzz |

Well, that's roughly the plans I have for this garage. I need to start building the storage shelves and benches. That way I'm going to be more comfortable working on the projects that follow.

For now, I need to go finish cleaning. 😩😩😩 


  1. You can do it! I am so inspired by your big projects like this...I have an outbuilding that's about to fall down. I need to pull everything out, demolish it, and come up with storage for all my tools!

    1. Whoa, that's a huge project! Kind of intimidating, right? I usually feel a little bit scared at the beginning of a big project like that one, but as it progress, the fear turn into excitement and the desire to finish it quickly. :D
      Let's get it done!!

  2. I also need to tackle my garage, definitely looking for inspiration from you!

    1. Thanks Kim! It's so hard to keep those garages organized.

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