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Mudroom Update - The Cabinets

Adding storage was the next phase for this mudroom project.

However my friends, before I go any further with this little update, I have to say I'm so sorry I left you hanging in midair with this project. It's almost a month since my last report and let me tell you, it hasn't been finished.

There was a myriad of motives that made me put this project on hold, among them the steamy hot weather that was ruining the painting job, there was also another little project I had to take care of and just life with the regular turns it takes and other little extras that were thrown in the mix.

Anyways, this is how this space looked after installing the slate floor:

I asked my nephew and designer Julian to draw the plans for this space. That first picture you saw above is the view when looking, let's say, through the window. A sitting bench will be right there in the center.
Now, those cabinets on the right are only an illusion as you can see in the picture below.  That's in fact a wall that I'm planning on making look like a tall cabinet.

The real tall cabinet on the left will be the shoe cabinet. Back there, there's also space for another cabinet in that nook. It can be a closet or a space to store the vacuum cleaner, brooms, etc.
I used painter's tape to mark the placement of the cabinets on the floor. The shoe cabinet was looking too narrow. I was planning on storing three pairs of shoes per shelf, which gave me more or less a 27" wide cabinet. The main problem with this measurement was the door-s size. Only one door would've been too wide, and two 13.5" doors would've been too skinny!

After all the planning, the building part started and I was super happy to have my son as my big helper. He wasn't too joyful during those first days of work, but lately, he's been more eager to complete the tasks I give him. He's a quick learner and that's a big bonus.
 The big shoe cabinet was built.
And it was brought immediately inside the mudroom. That lower shelf is going to hold the boots. four pairs of shoes on each shelf.

Then, a small cabinet was installed above.

According to the plan, I had to build/install another cabinet in that backspace. But, I thought it would've been a waste of material since the walls already act as a cabinet, it's an enclosed area! So, I appointed Matt to take care of that space. Here he was making leveled lines to install shelf supports.

The cubbies above the bench were also installed.

We started painting these cabinets, well, Matt did. But, the weather was so hot and humid that the paint job wasn't looking good. He had to sand and paint again. And then again, it didn't look good. That's when we had to take a break. :/

Most of the cabinets will have doors, the four lower cubbies above the bench will be open and baskets will be placed there.

I'm painting the inside of everything white, except the shoe cabinet which is going to get a clear coat.
I was undecided about the color of the doors. I was thinking of giving them a dark green or gray, or maybe even a light blue color. But, this space is so small and rather dark, that any other color besides white can make it look drab. So, I guess white will be my choice.

Well, this is how it looks right now:
diy cabinets in mudroom

A sliding door will be added to that backspace.
Now I need your help! How do you think I can hide those switches there on that wall? 🤔 Remember that wall needs to look like it's full of doors!

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  1. So exciting! I used to be annoyed when my dad made me help him in his workshop as a teenager. Now I'm 63, and I tie on his old apron and take his tools and build things all the time! He's been gone 10 years, but I feel close to him again. So grateful for those memories and for what I learned!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet note! It makes me feel better about "making" him do this. :) That's what I keep on telling him: This is not what you're going to do for a living, but you have the foundation/knowledge to build anything you want to. How I wish I had those same type of memories with my mom or dad. ❤️

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