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What's In Store For 2020

Hello there!

This is a post that should have been written about a month ago as we were welcoming the new year with resolutions, plans and projects to keep us going. However, in my good'ol procrastinating fashion, I'm just 30 days late with a list of projects I have in mind for this new year.

Even though, I've done quite a lot of work in our house, there's still lots of work that needs to be completed. There are many areas in our home that I 've never touched and many others that I've changed, but they are in need of an update.

During this post, I'm listing six of the projects at the top of my to do list. The order in which they're listed is random, I wish I could tackle them all at once! Haha one can dream, right? :)
I don't believe they all can be finished this year, as usual, it's only me working on these projects. The other big factor is money. If I get into a big project, I need time to get more funds to start on a new one.

This first project I'm listing has been on my to do list since the time we moved to this house, almost 20 years ago. >>>


Building a deck that allow us to get from that double door by the kitchen to the backyard would be awesome! My disappointment with the current situation gets worse during Summer when backyard activities arise.
This picture below, of a deck in our neighborhood, is the type of structure I want. A simple deck with a staircase to get to the backyard, a pergola would be a nice addition and the storage shed underneath would be more than welcomed! :D
Now, this is a project that I would let the pros handle. This is way too big for me, I'll probably be a helper in order to give you more details about the build.
If I get a green light for this project, this is something I want to be done before Summer arrives.


The foyer, but specially the staircase is one area in our home that has bugged me for quite some time.
It was like ten years ago that we decided to install hardwood floors on the entire first level, staircase included. It was a big upgrade from the linoleum and carpeted floors we had, but I'm right now SO tired of that butterscotch yellow/orange color of the floor.  The staircase is the worst! And those railings/ newel posts are not helping much!
| Kitchen Makeover |
The plan is to paint the foyer, change the light, install a new railing, posts and most than likely update the stairs. Maybe painting the raisers white would help tone down that color.


Looking at the other side of the staircase, you get a peek at the powder room. When the door is open, the straight view is that picture gallery on that back wall.
Up close, this is the view to the left side of the door: A pedestal sink and oval mirror.
On the other side, the loo and a trio of floating shelves I installed long time ago.

Everything woks fine in here. My only problem is that I'm so tire of the same gallery wall and the same finishes and the same decor or lack of.
| DIY - Floating Shelves |
Since this is such a small bathroom, it might be easy to update it, mostly decorative choices.


Going up the steps we land on the number four on my list: The upstairs flooring. Yep. Carpet.
And it doesn't look good. Here in the hallway is where it looks the worst. The plan is for us to install hardwood floors in here and that same floor it's going to be carried down the steps. Which means, I can't do the steps first.


The funny thing is that the hallway bathroom also needs a makeover and that's the first project that has to be tackled upstairs. I don't want to install new floors outside the bathroom and make a big mess demolishing the bathroom. :/ Nope. Hardwood floors and staircase need to be addressed after the bath is done.

I gave this bathroom a cosmetic makeover about eight years ago. You can check that story right HERE.
It got to be tear down solution. Linoleum floor, old tub, toilet, vanity, mirror, everything has to go!
| Bathroom Makeover |


It's embarrassing for me to show you this picture of our garage. Full of tools, furniture, wood... You name it... It's here. :(  A narrow empty space where to walk to get in and out of the house. 🤦‍♀️
I don't know how or when this garage turned into this disaster?! For the most part I'm an organized person. 😞
At the end of last year I built this cabinet to store the drills, batteries, chargers, circular saws and small parts. It' been a huge relief.
garage organization
| Charging Station / Tool Storage Cabinet |

However, the rest of the garage is still a big mess. And given that this is the space I use the most to work on projects for the rest of the house, I had to start work right here. Cleaning, organizing and building structures to help me keep this space organized and working for me.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen my updates on cleaning this space.
Oh, it's been though! I've packed my minivan and headed to the recycling center twice already.
I have big plans for this big and wonderful garage of mine and that's something I'm going to share with you during my next post.

Stay tuned!!

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  1. I always get great ideas from your projects! Excited to see about your deck and how you do the stairs down. I'm thinking about the same thing.

    1. That's so good to hear, Deb! So many ideas, projects... So little time! Right now I'm working on bringing organization to the workshop. Gotta start somewhere! :) Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments!

  2. Hum...I posted a comment yesterday and don't see it. Anywho...I was commenting on your garage. I recently quit "rehabbing for resale" and I LOVE having my garage half way organized again...we even managed to get a car in there! And I installed the metal peg board and now everyone knows exactly where all the tools are...sweet!!!! Have fun projecting this year...

    1. Oh, I don't know what's going on with Google! I don't even get the comments in my e-mail any longer. :/
      Holding onto those rehabbing items is one of my problems. I have a dresser, table, mirror, etc. that are cramping my space. I'll be setting time aside to fix the dresser and table, the others need to go.
      Congrats on getting back your space! Yes, it must feel really good.🙌🙌

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