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Bathroom Renovation: The Fake Window

Bathroom with three little trimmed windows

It's been a while since my last post about this bathroom renovation and I want to apologize for keeping you on tenterhooks with this project.

I have to tell you that this makeover is officially done, but because of a collaboration due date that hasn't arrived, it's still going to take some more days for the big reveal to happen.

While that time arrives I have some other little projects that were part of this makeover and that I want to share with you.

The last post about this bath ended with a similar picture as the one on the left below...  I told you how I couldn't finish the shiplap installation because I run out of material. 

Yep. It was a bummer. 😔

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Bathroom renovation
But hey, the skinnier shiplap arrived... Look at the difference:

I installed it without any trouble. However, I can see the difference in the plank thickness right there, where both planks meet. When I asked my husband to tell me where was the meet-up point, he couldn't tell.

Now, remember the little fake window I installed there above the storage shelves?

Well, that was my way to create symmetry on this wall. The two real windows were off-center above the shelves. So, creating that extra window made the whole thing look much better...At least in my eyes.
Bathroom makeover - White beadboard and small windows
Under the Eaves Storage Shelves

But first, let's take a look at how this wall looked before:
Bathroom makeover

So, the little windows were trimmed using 1 x 4 primed pine material.
Little windows in bathroom

For the fake window, I drew the outline of it. Same measurements as the real ones and same trimming.
Bathroom makeover - penny tile and storage shelves

This is a temporary solution. All our windows need to be replaced in the next few years and most probably a long window will replace this setup.
One real and one fake window in bathroom

I used my Ryobi AirStrike nailers and I didn't use any glue. Whenever I'm ready to remove this trim, it's going to be an easy task.

I'm not giving you many details about this window trim. I've done a few of them that you can check here, here, and here.
bathroom makeover
I used lattice pieces in two sizes and half inch square molding, to make this window look like one of the other pane windows,
How to trim a window

Once again, I simply attached those wooden pieces to the Sheetrock with brad nails.
How to trim a window

And this is how it looked when I was finished with the installation.
How to trim a window

How to trim a window

I decided to use mirrors to create the illusion of a window. The size of my mirrors is 8" square. I found them at Hobby Lobby and I kinda like the beveled edge all around. They are candle plates.
Mirror used to fake a window
Command™ Picture Hanging Strips, White, Pack Of 50
I used the Command Picture Hanging Strips that were leftover from this project here.  And I like that they can be removed easily at any time.
How to trim a window

Can you see that little gap at the corner of the picture below? I installed the window trim first, leaving the gap for the shiplap. Since I had to order a skinnier shiplap (I couldn't find the one I left the space for), I ended up with this gap.  And I'm going to do nothing about that. It bothers me, but heck I'm tired of this. :D
How to trim a window in bathroom

So, this is how it looks from the outside:
How to trim a window

I have to tell you that I'm not that crazy happy about it. The difference with the real windows on the side is very noticeable. But, it's still better than having an empty space there.

Don't you agree?

The following are the links to the projects done in this bathroom:
Here's how I easily change the look of the shower.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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