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Master Bathroom Repurposed Mirrors

It's been almost a year since I finished work in the master bathroom. We're delighted with its outcome, maybe that's why it seems like we've been using this, the new bathroom way longer than that. 

There were quite a few projects packed in this bathroom makeover that kept me super busy last Summer. Transforming this space from the floor to the ceiling generated quite a few big and small projects that for the most part were shared with you at the time. However, a couple of those small projects, like this one, the repurposed mirrors, were pushed to the side. Last week, when I found these pictures, I decided to bring them to a post.

My initial plan was to build the frames or boxes for the mirrors, but with all the projects and blog obligations I had at that time, I decided to take an easier route
by buying the mirrors. Although, I didn't have a big budget for store bought mirrors and that's why I kept on searching Craiglist and Facebook marketplace.
I was lucky to find this set of mirrors over at Craiglist for only $50.  These are the exact same pictures from the Craiglist post.

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I like the wooden frames, the beveled edge on the mirrors and I also liked that they seemed to be very well done. 
The main thing I didn't like was that big crown molding they sported. I set the appointment to go check them out and decide if I could possible remove the crown.
I could see screws were driven from the top of the crown onto the mirror's frame. So, yeah. The mirrors came home with me!  I also remembered that while working with some other furniture pieces, they don't add glue when attaching crown moldings. 
The first thing I did as soon as I got home was to loosen those screws... After removing the screws nothing happened, the crown was still attached to the mirror, but not as firmly as before. I could wiggled it a little and that's how i noticed the nails that were still holding both pieces together.
I used a pry bar on the back of the mirror to take both pieces apart. It worked. I also removed the lower molding. 
I was not too fond of the shiny finish on the wood, so I brought my sander with a fine grip paper to sand those frames down.  After cleaning them I gave them two coats with a dark stain I had in my stash.
And to tell you the truth, I didn't see much change, specially on the color. The amount of sheen went down and they also got a bit more texture. But overall they look pretty much the same.
Wrapping paper was used to create the silhouettes of the mirrors & round wooden hooks -an easy way to decide where to hang them on the wall.
I didn't add anything to the top or lower edge. I liked the new simplicity of the frames.
Round Wooden Hooks  |  Shiplap on Wall
Here is a recent picture with the lights on.
|  Vanity  |  Toilet Paper Holder  |  Vanity Install  |  Rug  |  
Well, I'm still very happy that I could repurposed these mirrors. Their big makeover came by just getting rid of those moldings. How easy, right?! 
Moral of the story when looking for thrifty items that might be a fit for your space...  
  • Inspect to see those little signs the piece itself will tell you. (in my case the screws)
  • Think about price vs the amount of work/materials you have to invest in the piece.
  • If you like it a lot, maybe you might take the risk, if it doesn't work the way you thought, it might work in other way.

And hey, if you're going through a bath makeover or thinking of starting one, you might want to check the reveal and all of the projects that went into this bathroom during the makeover reveal post:
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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Great tips for thrift shopping, Cristina. These mirrors just couldn't be any more perfect for the space. The entire bathroom is a sight to behold. Simply outstanding.

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