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DIY - Spade Bit Holder

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How to make a spade bit holder

Every time I finish work in a room or project, I end up with a big pile of tools that need to go to their corresponding space. And even though I've been very diligent at finding a spot for each tool I own, there are those moments like when I get new tools or when the way I organized certain tools is not working quite properly and the only solution is go and create something new to get more organized and work more efficiently.

I was ready to pack the set of spade bits back in the little plastic compartment box where I store like 250 more bits and little gadgets, the problem was, they didn't fit quite well.

So, the idea for a spade bit holder appeared and it wasn't only because they didn't fit in that box. Nope, I also wanted them within arms reach because yeah, I use them a lot!  They are not only good for opening holes for electrical and plumbing work, I use them constantly when doing crafts.

And this 12 piece Bosch Daredevil spade bit set  it's a keeper with its full-cone threaded tip that work fast and with effortless drilling.

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If you have one of these sets or are planning on getting one, this is and easy project to keep them at hand and organized. The best pat is, the main tools you're going to need to build this spade bit holder are a drill and a ruler. Oh, and a piece of wood from your scrap pile! Let me tell you how:

The materials you'll need:


1. Set the bit location

Place the 2 x 4 on a flat surface. On its side, arrange all the spade bits by size.

I didn't take any measurements. I eyeballed the distance between bits, trying to leave the same distance between all of them. (picture below) 

Then, using a pencil, I did a little mark on the 2 x 4 corner for each an every bit, right there where the threaded tip touched the wood.

Extend those marks on the edge of the 2 x 4 with the help of a square. And draw a line all through the middle -lengthwise- of the 2 x 4.

2. Drill the holes

Each intersection is the point to place the threaded tip to start drilling each hole.
Clamp the piece of wood from both ends, grab a drill and start drilling.

I started with the largest hole, the 1¼", it's the one that almost takes the entire width of the 2 x 4. It needs to be dead center to avoid damage to the sides of the 2 x 4.

I stopped drilling when the blue mark on the bit was about 1/2" out.
drilling holes  on wood.
Milwaukee Brushless Cordless Impact Driver  |  Bosch Daredevil Spade Bit Set

Any drill will do this job, but I was delighted to use my Milwaukee Fuel impact driver, one of my latest tools and one that's at the top of my favorites.  In fact, it's a combo kit - brushless cordless hammer drill, impact driver, two batteries, charger and heavy duty case- that I recommend 100% for being powerful, good size and weight, lightweight and sturdy.

3. Sand it Smooth
DeWalt Orbital Hook and Loop Sander

4. Engrave the bit sizes on the wood.

This step is optional, but it would be easier for you to have the bit sizes marked on the outside of the holder.

I first drew the numbers right in front of the corresponding hole.

Then, using my Dremel Stylo, I engrave the numbers on the wood.
Dremel Stylo

5. Paint or Stain.

I stained the wood to make the engraved numbers pop.

6. Install L screws.

Using a scrap piece of pegboard I marked the location of the L screws on the back of the 2 x 4.

After staining the spade bit holder the L screws were installed.

However, before installing the holder onto the real pegboard, I added a few spacers on the L screw to prevent the entire unit from moving back and forth.

Finally, the Bosch Daredevil spade bits were brought in to their corresponding space.

I love it! They are right there, on your face and easy to find any size.

pegboard organization with a wooden spade bit holder

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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