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Trimming the Windows in Living Room

fiddle leaf plant in middle of room

how to install window trim

Hey there!

The trimming of the windows has been a slowly process in this house. It only happens when I update a room. I shared a post with all the details while doing work in the master bedroom, you can find that post HERE.
Then, the dining room got its first update and of course, the double window in that room, got trimmed too. You can find that post right HERE. Then, it was the office, the kitchen, the boy room...

Now it's the turn for the living room and I'm sharing some of the details because it's a bit different from the ones I've done before.

gray room with two plain windows

This is how the room looked right before starting work. Oh wait, I've already removed the tiny baseboard.

how to get rid of wall anchors.

Before you start working on installing trim, it is best to take care of those walls. I removed all those anchors that were left in there since who knows when! Patch the holes, sand, and paint.

room with board and batten with planks of wood painted and ready for install

I've found out that it's better to paint the wall and wood before adding the trim.

how to install trim on low windows
RYOBI Cordless Jig Saw
Since these windows are so low, I started trimming them by installing the baseboard. It turned out that the baseboard's also the window's apron.

1 x 8 primed material was cut to size. Once in place, you can mark the window location and trim the excess.

How to install window trim

You have to trim not only the space for the window, but also the space for the two casings, plus the reveal lines.

how to install window sill, tracing the shape

Next step: the window sill. I usually trace the dimensions of the old window sill onto the new material. Of course, adding the dimensions of the casings and the "horns" (little pieces that extend beyond each side of the casings).

Note: for the window sill I use 1 x 5 material, but this time I couldn't find it at the big store. I used 1 x 6 and trimmed the excess.

low window trimmed with 1 x 4 and 1 x 8 baseboard

Making sure everything was level, the window sill was nailed in place, then both side casings, and then the top casing.

All the casings are 1 x 4 material.

two windows and doorway trimmed.

However, as you can see in this picture, the trim on the windows was too short compare to the trim on the doorway, and it didn't look good.

I tried a 1 x 6 piece on top of the window to make it reach the doorway trim, but nope, still too short!

how to install window and door trim

So, the solution came by making a bigger header out of 1 x 4s.

How to make a bigger header for window

A smaller glass bead trim was also added all around the rectangle, and both, windows and door were top off with a piece of 1 x 2.

fiddle leaf plant in middle of room

I still need to caulk and paint some areas, but overall is done!

My husband is telling me to leave the little trim unpainted, he thinks it goes well with all the unpainted trim in the contiguous dining room.  I kinda like it, but since I haven't painted the inside of those frames, it's gonna be more work trying to keep that little trim from being painted. I'll see.

Even though I want to go and get rid of that stair railing, that's a project that needs to wait a bit.
I'm already decorating this room for the upcoming Spring Home Tour, and I'm also working on a project in the backyard.

window and door trim as well as crown molding and higher baseboards in living room
Of course, I couldn't leave you without the before and after. Window trim makes a HUGE difference!

For more DIY projects in this room, check these out:

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door in between two rooms all trimmed out.

How to install a coffered ceiling

*Ryobi Tools were given to me to try out, 
I love them so much so, they are the tools I use for my every day projects. 
All stated opinions are my own.*

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  1. Your trim work is always stunning. I love it.

  2. Girl you just never sit still!! The trim work looks amazing on the windows and that ceiling is still swoon-worthy.

    1. Oh Stacey, nope, no time to sit down! :) Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words my friend!

  3. Love the windows! Wish I could hire you to help me out around here. My house would love me---and you---for it. :-)

    1. Ha, a perfect team that's for sure! Thanks Susie.

  4. Beautiful job. It always bothers me when the tops of the windows is different than the doorways and you did a masterful job of correcting that! If it were me, I would paint the entire window trim and molding -- just more cohesive and sophisticated.

    1. Awww thank you! The hubs is gonna be happy for some time with the unpainted trim, then, it's going to be all white, but shhhh don't tell him anything! :)

  5. That window trim is fabulous! Your windows are so nice, going down so low to the floor.

    1. Thanks Julie! Yeah, this is the only room with the windows that low, I got used to them, when we just moved it felt weird, like we were behind display windows!

  6. You are amazing! You have inspired me to decorate my small powder room ceiling, add trim to my kitchen soffits and bar and redo my son's bedroom. Hoping to do my dining room ceiling this summer now that I did the powder room. I wished I had your woodworking skills.
    Thank you for your posts - I look forward to them!
    Cynthia Schuster - Parker, CO

    1. Cynthia, I really appreciate your comment! Every time I share a project I hope something in it would be beneficial to someone out there. Your words are music to my ears. I'm so glad you got inspired by my work! I would love to see your progress and cheer you on! Don't worry about your woodworking skills, by doing all that work yourself I'm sure you've been sharpening them. ;)

  7. I am in awe! Your living room is beautiful with all the trim and the windows add the finishing touch. I envy your power tool skills and woodwork wizardry.

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