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Ridgid MegaMax 18-Volt Brushless Multi-Tool

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RIDGID MEGAMax - Reciprocating saw, right angle drill, sds

If you're in the market for a new set of tools or thinking on upgrading to a more powerful set, you have to give the new Ridgid MegaMax system a serious thought. It took Ridgid a few years to bring this multi-functional system to its fans and well, I'm glad it's here with the excellent quality of all Ridgid power tools, lots of power at a great price.

The MegaMax uses one power base and three detachable heads (sold separately) which means, you save money because you're not buying the same base for each of your head tools, but you also save space in your shop.
Check this short video to see how this multi-tool works:

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So, let me show you some of my favorite features of this system.


  • Brushless motor technology delivers increased runtime and motor life.
  • You can adjust the head position - four directions- allowing the user to optimize ergonomics based on the application.

  • Lock-on for reduced fatigue and increased productivity (only on specific heads).
  • Great grip and ergonomics.

  • This power base automatically recognizes each attachment head and configures the settings to match.
  • LED communication panel shows the status of the tool and attached head.

  • Tool-free Die-Cast interface provides a secure locking mechanism with release button for quick and easy attachment head changes.


  • Lock-on functionality in chisel mode to reduce user fatigue and increase productivity.
  • 3-mode selector to manually switch between hammer, drilling and chisel modes.
  • Mechanical clutch helps minimize torque reaction when the bit binds, protecting both the tool and user.


  • The industry's most powerful reciprocating saw with the power to handle any jobsite conditions.
  • Sight Line Blower directs debris away from the cut line for increase visibility. 

I paired it up with Carbide Tipped Recip Blades from Diablo  and it can manage any job you throw at it!

Here going through a 4 x 4 like it was butter!

  • It comes with an On/Off Orbital Action to allow user to match the cut to the application. Off Orbital Action for straight fine cuts.

No extra tools necessary for installing the blade. Turn and hold the blade holding head, insert the new blade and let go. It's secured in place.


  • High torque output delivers the power needed for any jobsite application.
  • 1/2 In. heavy-duty chuck securely hold bits during high-torque applications.
  • All metal gears and Die-Cast gear box for increased durability and professional quality.

During our trip to NY for tool review program, we tested this tool and were amazed at how powerful it is. Here my friend Amy was having fun with it.

All the head attachments come with a LED light that illuminates the work area.


Every attachment head, provides maximum performance when paired with a RIDGID OCTANE battery in high demand applications. Which means, under heavy loads, the tool talks to the battery to determine when to draw maximum power to the motor, allowing the tool to increase performance and finish the task.

  • Dual USB ports charge all handheld smart devices.
  • 2-pass through AC outlets allows you to never waste an outlet by plugging your charger in, plug any other 2-pronged device into the charger and keep working.
  • Rapid charge time charge any RIDGID 18-Volt battery in one hour or less.
  • Smart charging evaluates the battery condition and provides status with easy-to-read icons.

You can carry it all inside the nice tool bag you get when you buy the base. ;)


RIDGID MEGAMax Rotary Hammer (Head Only)
RIDGID MEGAMaz Reciprocating Saw (Head Only)
RIDGID MEGAMax Right Angle Drill (Head Only) 
RIDGID 18-Volt OCTANE Blue Tooth 6.0 Ah High Capacity Battery
RIDGID 18-Volt dual Port dual Chemistry Sequential Charger with dual USB ports

DIABLO 9 In. 9 TPI Demo Demon Carbide General Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade
DIABLO 9 In. Carbide pruning and clean wood cutting reciprocating saw blade
DIABLO 9 In. 10 TPI Steel Demon Carbide medium metal cutting reciprocating saw blade
DIABLO 4 In. Bi-Metal hole saw

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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