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Early Spring Home Tour

It's hard to believe that spring is almost here, but if there's a good indication of that, it has to be the beautiful weather that we had over the weekend and even yesterday. Those delightful temperatures in the sixties and seventies were a good sample of what to expect.

It's definitely the time to open those windows, let some fresh air in, and add a few signs of the new season inside our homes!

Welcome to my Spring house, I'm so excited that you're here! Once again, I'm joining my dear friend Marty from A Stroll Thru Life and a fabulous group of blogging friends to showcase our homes for the new season. All the links to each of the beautiful home tours can be found at the end of this post.

If you're stopping by from Decor To Adore, you might know that Laura is renovating her kitchen. Don't you love kitchen renovations? Oh, I love them, and she's turning her kitchen into a stunner. Not only that, but she also managed to give her home a lovely lavender glow for Spring.

Today I'm sharing part of my downstairs all dolled up and ready for the warm days ahead!

Let's start in the living room where this room sported some winter attire... the red rug, black curtains, and dark accents were removed. I almost went down to the bare-bones, as you can see in the picture below.

Once the weather started to change, all those dark accents were a little too much.

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The white canvas I was left with made me remember that I've always wanted to add a fun design to this wall, there in between the b & b planks.

Well, after three rolls of wallpaper and a few accessories, this is how this room looks now. 💙💙💙

I love this wallpaper! It looks as if denim/jean fabric was added to the wall and it brings so much character with all those printed birds. 
This is a peel-and-stick wallpaper which means that there's no texture to it. For this 12' x 9' wall I used three rolls, but I was running a bit short of it. I even had to patch up some areas.

By the way, this paper is very forgiving when you do that, which is always a big plus.

You can check the little video about this wallpaper install.
Genevive Gorder blue birds peel and stick wallpaper

This big focal wall filled the room with color, but I still wanted to bring another contrasting color to the space.

These tulips were love at first sight. I love the two-tone, strong orange on the outside and a soft yellow on the inside.

My fiddle leaf was moved from the corner of my office to this central spot in between these two rooms.

Last year I gave my fiddle leaf a good amount of TLC and she's been thriving. She got another little trim last week, as one side was growing faster than the other. This is the perfect time of the year to trim and transplant your household plants. 

The old sofa was spruced up with some throw pillows and a blanket.

🐶 Louie's guarding post is on top of that chair in between the windows. He's always there, keeping a watchful eye on everything that moves outside.

He normally makes an appearance in my seasonal tours (especially seated in his favorite chair). However, Mr. RLC was home while I took these photos and Louie was spending some quality time with his dad <3.

I always cover the chair with a slipcover, that's the best way to keep both, those furry friends and ourselves happy.

These carrots were the first element I grabbed after a quick look into my Easter bin in the basement.

Followed up by these engraved eggs that I keep on displaying year after year. They were a Pier 1's find before they closed up their stores.
Easter eggs in bowl - Coffee table decor

Living room decorated for spring
|   Coffee Table   |   Lamp   |   Rug   |


Let's now head towards the contiguous home office. I don't usually take a wide shot of this room because of all the light coming from those windows and the wooden tones in the room give me some weird shades, but this time it kind of worked in my favor. 
DIY Coffered ceiling in home office
|   DIY Coffered Ceiling   |   DIY Chalkboard   |   DIY Chandelier   |

On the shelves, little faux plants are my sure way to bring Spring inside this room.
|   DIY Built-In   |   Rug   |   DIY Door trim   |

I love working here, it's such a bright room.

A bouquet of hydrangeas and that little fellow peeking out from behind the vase make me smile every time I look at them.
|   Wall Art   |   Chair   |   Bunny   |   DIY Desk   |


In the kitchen, I prefer to display fruits and vegetables as seasonal decor.  A big bowl of oranges is not only the centerpiece on the island, I'm a girl who loves fruits... Mangoes, apples, pineapples, bananas, papayas, I like them all. It's good to have them ready. 

The big black bowl was an easy DIY a few weeks ago. I adore its size and how sturdy it is.

You can check the complete details on how to DIY a black pedestal bowl right HERE.

Here, is a little treat for my kids. ;)

I hope you enjoyed my Spring home tour and maybe found some inspiration to add some spring cheer to your space!

The next stop on our Spring home tour is Shelley's home from Calypso In The Country and is a must-see! Her classic style is fabulous and her Spring home tour showcases it so well.

Be sure to stop by and see all of the gorgeous Spring home inspiration from throughout the week!

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today? 



  1. Cristina I am always SO INSPIRED when I visit you! The wallpaper is absolutely fabulous. You are also truly a plant whisperer. A truly gorgeous home tour!

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Laura! Hehe I'm still not too sure about that title. :D

  2. I love that wallpaper, what a fabulous difference it made in your room. I also really like that you change things out from top to bottom for the season. It's a ton of work, but how fabulous to have a whole new room. Your office is such a favorite, I can understand why you like working there. Of course you know I adore your kitchen, your makeover there is amazing. Thanks tons for joining the tour again this season, such a delight to visit your home.

    1. Marty, That's true, it's lots of work, and that's why I do it just once in a while. :) Thanks so much for being our wonderful host!

  3. Wow,Cristina just, wow! I loved the panelling on that wall but the wallpaper gives it so much more energy and pzazz! It looks amazing, well done! As for your office, well, who wouldn't want to work in a room like that? How to managed to get that shot against the window, I'll never know - that's something I need to work on! Thank you for a lovely home tour, oh and those treats look delicious too!

    1. Ha, I was just reading about your trouble taking pics against that big window in your kitchen. I'll let you know if I can solve that dilemma. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words.

  4. Wow,Cristina just, wow! I loved the panelling on that wall but the wallpaper gives it so much more energy and pzazz! It looks amazing, well done! As for your office, well, who wouldn't want to work in a room like that? How to managed to get that shot against the window, I'll never know - that's something I need to work on! Thank you for a lovely home tour, oh and those treats look delicious too!

  5. Wow - that wallpaper is a showstopper! Also, it's so perfect for spring decor. I always love how you use color in your home...and you know I love blue! You always inspire me with all your diy projects and you have me motivated to finally hang some of the peel and stick wallpaper I a year ago! Thanks for the kind words about my blog too. Enjoy your week, friend!

    1. Thanks so much, my friend! Yeah, go and find that paper, it's going to be a fun update.

  6. Your spring home looks lovely, Cristina. And I would love working in your office, too! ;-)

  7. I adore your home and how bright it is so I can see why you love working in your office. And wowza that new wallpaper is magnificent! The pops of orange are perfect. I'm a girl who loves things to be cohesive throughout so when I saw the pops of blue and orange in your kitchen, I was smitten. Love seeing into your home and style. So pretty. Glad to have hopped with you this week.

  8. Wow! Cristina! You really have an eye for color and decor. Your home is so fresh and inviting for spring! Love all that you do!

  9. The wallpaper makes all of your pretty decor really pop, and I'm wishing I could figure out how to pull off a look like in our home! Beautiful spring tour Cristina!

  10. Wow, what a statement that wallpaper makes the whole room!! And so cute with the pops of orange in the living room that you used for spring. I'm happy to be hopping with you this week!

  11. I love that gorgeous new wallpaper, it is stunning!! And blue happens to be my favorite color ever :) Your home is truly beautiful I love your style so much! Happy spring! xo

  12. That wallpaper!!! So, so good Cristina!!! The other thing that I love are those wooden eggs!!! Gorgeous tour!!!

  13. I love all the color in your home! The new wallpaper is so beautiful! Your home office is a dream and your kitchen has me swooning! ~ Kristin | White Arrows Home

  14. Christina,
    You are so inspiring and very talented! I absolutely love that wallpaper and need to find a spot to use it. I'm pretty obsessed with blue. I went and read your post on the ceiling. I've never done anything like this on my own, but rather inspired to try my hand at the underlayment for a plank wall. I have 2 kids that are getting married in the next 6 months. I'm going to have 2 empty bedrooms to decorate!

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