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How To Add Moldings To Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen makeover

Adding moldings to the kitchen cabinets is a sophisticated upgrade that will bring lots of style to your entire kitchen.

It's been a long time since this little kitchen got a needed makeover. The honey oak cabinets that we'd enjoyed for more than ten years were still intact and reliable, but they were beginning to show the tell-tale signs of time.

Some simple trim and a few coats of paint were the main materials that transformed this kitchen on a very low budget.

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honey oak kitchen transformed with trim and paint

The moldings I used were crown molding, wall molding, base cap, screen bead molding, lattice, and half-round molding. 

Yep. I used quite a few. :)

The main tools: A brad nailermiter saw, and a tape measure.

We've enjoyed this "new" kitchen for more than 10 years already. It's still going strong!
How to add moldings to kitchen cabinets

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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