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Easy to Make BIG Chalkboard

How to make and install a large chalkboard

I love chalkboards. In my book, they are wall décor that you can update anytime. They're also a good
background for wreaths, and almost anything will pop when you hang it in front of the dark chalkboard.

I am still working on the finishing details of the dining/office and the living room. They're almost done with paint and trim, but the décor is starting to come, and the chalkboard idea was right down my alley here in our dining room turned office.

My chalkboards are most frequently used as displayed areas on the wall, as my chalkboard design level is still at the rookie level. However, that doesn't stop me from enjoying them practically in any room in my home.

The best part is that chalkboards are easy to make and economical ways to decorate a small or large chunk of empty wall space.

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dining room decorated for Christmas with chalkboard and red bench.
| Red Bench | Chandelier |

I was using this chalkboard right there in the same spot, but I didn't like its skinny, dark frame in this room, so time to replace it.
sheetrock wall into chalkboard
Since I wanted a bigger chalkboard, I decided to paint it on the wall and add a simple frame to it.

The area for painting the chalkboard was marked on the wall. I didn't use painter's tape to delineate the space because those sharp lines might be a pain to eliminate when I decide to cover the entire wall with another color in the future.

A remnant of navy blue paint was used as primer. Then, two coats of regular chalkboard paint were applied.
how to paint a wall to turn it into a chalkboard
| DIY - Coffered Ceiling |

Then, it was time for the frame, and I was also working on updating those tiny baseboards.
office space with chalkboard - kitchen in the background

The chalkboard frame was made of 1 x 3 pine. The corners were mitered, and the frame was assembled before being hung on the wall.

I think this is an easier way to deal with the frame, inflicting less damage to the wall.

The frame corners were put together with wood glue and long nails.

Hanging the frame was easy as I only needed to secure the boards to the studs on the wall. The vertical pieces didn't align to any stud, but that's the beauty of assembling the frame beforehand; it was secured from the horizontal boards.
rubbing a piece of chalk on its side on chalkboard

I don't think there's a big deal in curing a chalkboard, but I did it anyway. 

A piece of chalkboard is laid on its side to cover the entire board to prevent those first drawings from being marked permanently.
How to build and install a chalkboard

I added a small molding to the inside of the frame for a more polished look.

How to build and install a big chalkboard

And here is my new, bigger, and better chalkboard, of course, with my not-so-pretty design. :)

The mercantile sign and bench are Décor Steals finds.

How to make and install a large chalkboard
| Mercantile Sign | Table | Sisal Rug |

And hey, I also managed to finish those baseboards.

For more DIY chalkboard ideas, check these out:

chalkboard with added mirrors in laundry room white and blue

office area with old window memo board, desk and computer

backyard with a football toss party

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Cute as a bug's! My daughter Katie wanted "chalkboard" walls in her room but I wasn't about to paint her entire room we settled on a matte finish soft grey on three walls and it worked like a charm...I would bet any good flat finish paint in any color would work if someone doesn't want black! Just a thought...but again, cute!

  2. What a great frame! My daughter had a chalkboard painted on her wall for a while. I had forgotten that! I wish I could do pretty lettering. My handwriting stinks so I stick with large mirrors. Love Decor Steals! I bought myself a few things at Christmas (olive buckets!) I finally had to unsubscribe! Your rooms are really coming along!

  3. What a great idea! I just might have to steal another one from you!!! Thanks for all you do to encourage us girls to take on projects around the house. You are truly an inspiration.

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