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Sphere Chandelier for the Dining Room

metal sphere, small chandelier, orbs, light, dining room

It's been a busy week working on the shelves in my son's room. And it was precisely my son's room the one that brought me to change or create a new chandelier for our dining room.

When I was looking for a door for the boy's closet I spotted that cute sphere, and hey I had to bring it home because I kinda knew what to do with it.

So, the project today was an easy one. 😉

Maybe, because I didn't do much of the work. I have to give a big thank you to Mr. RLC. He was the mastermind behind this project. ;)

When the dining room was spruced up about two years ago, the chandelier the builder left was replaced with this pair of lights.

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light blue dining room, white parson chairs, Mohawk rug, painted chippendale chairs, white curtains

A very inexpensive Ikea hack with wood veneer. I liked it, but it got a bit damaged when I added white tape during Christmas one year. The veneer began getting loose when I tried to remove the tape. 

Anyway, it was time to change it!

This past summer I even bought a big metal basket, thinking on turn it into a lighting fixture for this room. It never happened. The basket is still around the house holding stuff.

As soon as I saw the sphere there in the thrift store I knew it would look good in the dining room 

They had many of these spheres, different sizes, and ones that open in the middle like the one I bought, and others that didn't open. The price I paid for it was $45, it's about 25" diam. The twinkling lights around the sphere were extra.

metal, rusted sphere

The search for a small chandelier to put inside the sphere began. I didn't want to buy a new one, the prices for chandeliers are usually way more than what I wanted to pay for them. Besides, second-hand chandeliers are easy to find.
silver chandelier on floor, sisal carpet

Two weeks ago, we found ours at the neighborhood flea market. The mister was the one who spotted it and surprised me with his find ---> Only five dollars!

five lights chandelier, white - close to window

As soon as I got home I spray painted it white, the silver color didn't go much with the sphere.
rusty, light blue orb sphere

Well, the white one neither.

The metal sphere has this rusty patina that I wanted to preserve. It also has a bit of light blue tones as you can see.

opened quart of Duck Egg Blue ASCP - quarter can with wooden stirrer

After the white spray paint dried, I brought the chandelier inside and gave it a coat of ASCP - Duck Egg Blue.

cinnamon container, small spoon, chandelier, rusty feel, sprinkling

For the rusty feel, I sprinkled it with cinnamon. 

Yep, you heard it right... Cinnamon!

 A tip I got from a talented blogger when she used it on this project HERE.
how to upcycle a garden sphere

It's not perfect, but I think it's good enough.
upcycled garden sphere

As soon as I was done with the painting -technique, and all, I gave it to the mister, who worked his wonders. 

You see that rusty wheel at the top of the chandelier? It was his idea. ;)
how to repurpose a garden sphere

He left the same rusty screw that opens and closes the sphere.
upcycled garden sphere into chandelier

This is a pic from the bottom up, with all that cinnamon rusty feel. 

Hey, it smells really good. :)
orb, chandelier, sphere, rusty, five lights

And here you have it. One step up from the previous veneer one!
metal orb/sphere, small chandelier, rusty feel, annie sloan Duck Egg glue chalk paint,

I'm decking the halls. I'll be showing you this room all dressed up for the holidays and sporting the new chandy soon!

HEY, not interested in upcycling?? 

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Love your ingenuity. It's fabulous!

  2. Looks amazing ...your thriftiness is very inspiring! xx

  3. this is brilliant. you are so talented and creative.

  4. Un case me hubiera ocurrido hacerlo en una lámpara !! Es una tremenda idea

  5. I love the name sphere chandelier! I like what you've done with it. loe those sphere's

  6. How did I miss this? Your talents never cease to amaze me!

  7. Love it! The chandelier looks modern and vintage at the same time. It'll fit great in my dining room.

  8. Love it Cristina! And cinnamon, I never would have thought of that!

  9. I love it! I have been on the lookout for a sphere, but haven't found any this size. Cinnamon- what a great tip!

  10. Just found you this the chandelier you made...and your cost! What creativity and resourcefulness you have. I just subscribed and am looking forward to your future posts. BRAVO!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and for subscribing, Janie! I just published the latest makeover done to this room. I was thinking on changing this light fixture, but in the end it worked kind of nicely. You might want to check that post right here:

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