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Early Fall Home Tour

Fall Home Decor - the kitchen

Technically, it's still summer, but I'm already head over heels in the Fall mood. This post is one of my favorites as it's full of easy and affordable Fall décor ideas that you can implement in your own home.

I love that our sweet host Marty from A Stroll Thru Life always gathers a wonderful selection of homes in the most varied décor styles. From traditional to modern, eclectic, boho, farmhouse, etc. You're going to find great ideas on the style décor that you love!

Are you guys stopping by Sarah's beautiful home on her blog Grace In My Space? Her blog is always a feast for my neutral-loving eyes. If you haven't stopped by you should, I know you guys will love it! 

At the end of this post, you'll find the links to all the 30 beautiful homes.

Ok, ready to come to peek around my house? Below each picture, I've linked sources to most of the DIY projects tackled in each room as well as the sources for the decorations and furnishings.

*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Our first stop is the family room. Lately, I've been using green accents in this room. Well, I kept them and added even more. 

Thank goodness I managed to keep my monstera green, because of that I allowed her to stay.  ;) 
She grew up so much in that spot all summer long and is looking better than ever!
| MirrorPlanter | Pillow |

Fall décor was mainly relegated to pumpkins and dark textiles.
| Chipwood Pumpkin |

Faux pumpkins are in my opinion the easiest way to bring Fall inside your home.

Luckily, one day before taking these pictures I also found a good stash of real tiny pumpkins at Target. 

And no, the ones you see in this picture below aren't real. :)
Fall home decor

The built-in unit stayed the same. I simply swapped a few accessories.

And yes, It's pumpkin spice season! 
Fall home decor
|  DIY Built-In  |  Wallpaper  |  Wall Sconce   | Rug  |  Painted Vase  |

The biggest change in this room came by simply installing new curtains and a mirror. I bought that mirror thinking about using it in the powder room. But, given that I haven't even started working on that room, the mirror can wait here.
Neutral fall decor with faux fumpkins
|  Coffee Table  |  Rug |  Pendant Light  |  Chair  |  Pillow  |


Tired of storing my heavy pans inside the oven, a few weeks ago I bought a pantry cabinet that had the perfect measurements to fit in this little nook in our laundry room. 

You should see the before right HERE, to really appreciate the after. Not only did that little nook get organized, but installing this cabinet here brought so much organization to my kitchen!

Look at all that I could store in there! 
Cristina Garay
 |  Pantry Cabinet  |  Cast Iron Pans  |  Crock Pot  |  Pasta Pan  |

Now, some of you asked me how far from the kitchen was the laundry room. 

This next picture, taken from inside of the laundry room answers that question.

You can see the pantry cabinet on the left and our breakfast room a whopping one big step apart.

I removed the door separating both areas and that's given me a brand new view into the breakfast room. 
Pantry cabinet and morning room in the background

We call it a breakfast room, but it's just a little area between our family room and the kitchen.

This Summer we had to update the chairs, I love their design and how comfortable they are. We had a bit of trouble putting them together as some of the screws didn't align with the holes. Thank goodness for having lots of tools for that type of job. ;)
black and white buffalo check accents and leaf plates and placemats
Pendant Light  | Chairs | Curtains | Throw Blanket |

I quickly set the table using as a base these leaf placemats, one of my early wooden projects. Very easy to create and they immediately add that fall vibe to the table.
Black and white buffalo check napkins and leaf plates
| Napkins | Silverware | DIY - Leaf Placemats |

Black and white buffalo check napkins always look good.

Pumpkins and more pumpkins were sprinkled around.
little boo pumpkins on the table


Let's look at the other side... The kitchen.

I love how that peek of color from the velvet curtain complements the blue island.

White and blue kitchen with orange and green accents
Kitchen Makeover  |  Pendant Light  |  School House Ceiling Light  |  Kitchen Stools |

Branches from the backyard are the understated focal point.
Kitchen decor -
| Vase  |  Candle |

This pretty painting you see below is one of my daughter's creations. She is super creative and has a knack for art (I wonder where she gets it from). Although her main medium is polymer clay/ceramics, she also likes dabbling in painting with acrylic. 

She came home one evening after hanging out with her girlfriends and gifted me this cute mini canvas! She drew inspiration from a similar painting online and decided to recreate it. Well, I loved it so much I wanted to have it here in the kitchen where I can see it every single day! 

I love the contrasting colors she used, so vibrant.    
canvas painting of blue truck full of pumpkins

Looking at the kitchen from this angle, all I can think of is... Hey, no more pans inside the oven! :D
white and blue kitchen for Fall
| Rug  |  DIY - Range Hood  |  DIY - Plate Rack |

Oh, these are the real little pumpkins I got. They also give the kitchen a good pop of color.
little pumpkins on cake platter

I took this pic standing by the side of the kitchen table. Let's take a look at the room back there.
white and blue kitchen with orange accents


Yep. This is the space where you can find me at any given time during the day or late at night. I didn't add Fall décor in here, other than the little apple orchard sign. 
Fall home tour
| DIY - Plate Rack  |  Cutting Board  |  Rug  |  DIY - Built-in  |

Here on the plate rack outside the room, I placed three simple large pumpkins that read BOO!

I found them at Dollar Tree and I think they're so cute!
Dollar Tree pumpkin decor

Last but not least, MR. RLC's new office space. The little corner of the living room that he's now enjoying. 

Be sure to check out all the details about this man's office right HERE.
Fall home decor - dark accent wall
Rug | Office Chair | Clock - similar |

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of my Fall home! Now it is time to head on over to the next stop on today's lineup - The home of my friend Anita of Whispering Pines Homestead. Anita is a girl with countless talents living in a vintage Victorian-style home full of color and history that I'm sure you're gonna love!

Fall home tour


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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Everything looks beautiful! I always look forward to your home tours and find myself scrolling up and down to look at things again. Happy almost fall!

    1. Shelley, you're as always so sweet! Thank you so much my friend.

  2. Cristina, wow you always deliver the most welcoming and inviting decor!! I can’t believe those pumpkins are not real, and I wanna know where you got the green curtains!! But your pantry cabinet, oh my goodness I hadn’t seen it, and it’s amazing!! I need to build something like that on the side of my refrigerator but we have to take care of some roof repairs first😭😭😭

    1. Thanks Anita! Our kitchens are so small we need all the storage in the world. But oh my, yes, roof repairs come first.

  3. Your home is so beautiful, curated and organized. Loving your daughter's artwork too.

    1. Thanks Julia! I'm enjoying that splash of color there in the kitchen.

  4. I love your fall tour. Every room is always so inviting and full of inspiration. All of your fabulous DIY Projects are works of genius and art. You are so talented. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season, your home is definitely a favorite.

    1. Aww thanks so much Marty for being such a great leader! It's always a pleasure being a part of your tours.

  5. The link to the breakfast chairs directs to the strap sandals. Can you please fix it?

    1. Liz, thanks so much for letting me know. Most of those links were a disaster. I have no idea how that happened. It's all fixed now.

  6. Hi Cristina!
    Love love love!! You have such a beautiful home. Your style is so perfect! Home decor goals... So happy to be home touring with you!

  7. You have a gorgeous home!!! Love all of the DIY's and the green curtains are perfect. I also love your hubby's office area....nice:)

  8. Your home is so inviting! Love the little touches. I'll consider Fall decor for my home in late Sept/early Oct. LOL, I've got to stretch the Summer out up here in CT!

  9. Darn it--I think the internet ate my first comment! I was saying that I can totally relate to the feeling you get when you move the pans out of the oven (lol). What a great kitchen/breakfast room/office area you have--I would never leave it! Thanks so much for sharing your fall tour with us!

  10. What an inspiring tour Cristina! I am off to go look at your pantry cabinet next. You always inspire me!

  11. Your house is so pretty, I love your fall touches and the table setting is so cute! You've done so many neat things around your house and it shows so well!

  12. Fall is literally my favourite season! loving everything about this fall tour! I'm new to your site but I love your home DIY projects. you should also check out at for home design services and products.

  13. I just adore the vibrant pops of blues and greens in your home! And the pumpkins and plants are beautiful.

  14. Those pops of blue are so fun! I'm a sucker for blue! Love being on this tour with you and seeing your beautiful home!

  15. Your home is lovely. Love the crisp photos and fall touches. I am happy to feature your lovely fall home tour at Love Your Creativity.

  16. I love your blue kitchen island! Such beautiful home and love all the fall decor.

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