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How to Update Old Vases with Paint

Old vases can be updated very easily and economically with paint. Yes, indeed! 

Last Saturday I was busy organizing and styling the built-in unit in our family room. When the time came to decorate those shelves, this pair of old vases that I fetched from the basement had the perfect size and shape that I wanted, but their style/color was a loud cry next to the other décor pieces I already had on display.
The quick and affordable solution: PAINT!
How to paint old vases

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I know this must have happened to you too! You're there in the middle of your styling, but somehow you have to get into a little makeover to finish the entire task.

I quickly run to the area where I store the gallons of paint and grabbed the darkest shade I could find. And yes, it's regular/flat wall paint from Behr. I spent more time waiting for the paint to dry than applying the paint itself.
How to paint old vases black

While waiting, I remembered the stash of acrylic paints I also have! 🤦
As soon as the first coat of paint dried, I gave both vases a coat of black paint.
How to paint old vases black

Once dry, they looked very OK, but a bit too drab. They needed a dash of luster.
How to paint old vases black

Back to the basement one more time to grab the clear wax and the brush for that job.
applying clear wax to protect and give sheen to your project
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A light coat of wax was applied to both vases and then, using a cotton towel I buffed them to get that sheen.
Waxing and buffing a black vase

YES. Lovely!
Modern makeover to an old vase - black

I love that the texture still showing up.
Old vase painted black

And how those engraved motifs pop up even more. 
Vase on a metal stand -

That's when I brought them here to the shelves, the other is on the other side.
how to paint old vases black
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old vases painted black

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  1. thank you so much for the great idea... I have a few vases of my own that I hate to part with, just never use.. Maybe with a little paint I would!

    1. Try it on one of them, maybe the smallest one. And see how it turns out. I usually go with white, but this time I decided to go the opposite way with black, and also love it. I hope you like it too.

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