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Spray Painted Bold and Bright

Modern office with easy to change spray painted design on the wall
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Today I'm sharing with you a mini-makeover done to my office with a new desk and a cool painted design on the wall.

If you're one of my regular readers, you probably know that a few years ago I turned my dining room into my office space.  A built-in unit with a bench was built and a table served a double purpose as a desk and also as a dining table for those special times when we had visitors.

Well, we'd been happy with most of those changes except with the bench. At first, my kids loved it, but soon after they found it uncomfortable and didn't want to sit there when we were enjoying a meal.

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Dining room - office for the seasons
Spring  |  Christmas  |

When I used the table as a desk, I had to bring my own chair and the bench on the back turned into a useless space. 

Oh, wait, for a couple of years my son used to lie down there behind me, giving me company while I worked. That was the only reason why I kept the bench in there, but my son grew up and didn't fit in there anymore, so it was time for that bench to go.

The 2 x 4 frame and the top cover were removed easily.
Getting rid of built-in bench
And I built my very own desk. :)

I kept the desk design very simple. You can check the complete details about this build right HERE.
Sleek built-in desk
For now, what I really want to share with you is this awesome whitewash wood stain!
quart of white wash wood stain on wooden desk
Varathane White Wash wood stain

I didn't want to paint the desktop white like the bookcases, I wanted the wood to show, but since everything is connected I had no idea how to go about it. 

Ha, no need to fear, this Varathane White Wash wood stain let the beauty of the wood shine through, but the subtle white effect goes SO nicely with all the other white elements. It's like it was meant to be used here!

I only gave it one coat of stain and after a couple of minutes I wiped it off with a rag. Love it!
modern desktop stained with Varathane White Wash wood stain

After finishing work with the desk, I turned my attention to creating an art project on the wall behind and decided to go for:
A Painted Wooden Tile Design on the Wall

This time I wanted to create a bold statement but at the same time something that I could easily remove without damaging the existing shiplap.

Well, this is it! I know you're going to love it.

I'm not giving you exact measurements because you probably won't have the same space to work with and besides, it's easy to set it up. Let me show you how:

1. Think of a design you want on your wall. 

Keep it simple. At first, I wanted to work with triangles, but then I opted for this geometric design that I thought would be easier to work with.

2. Craft the design on paper.

Use paper to make the templates. The stiffer the paper, the better.
The width of my "tiles" as I call them was 6-inches each, and I set them up on the wall with tape.

Having the shiplap there on the wall was a good guide as I didn't have to measure too much.
I moved the outer tiles closer together or further apart to see how I liked them better.
Once happy with their placement, I brought up the other pieces.
The center design was spaced at the same 6-inches.

Don't forget to center the design width and lengthwise on the wall.
Paper templates for design on wall - removable

3. Mark the design on the wall.

When you're happy with your paper design, mark its location on the wall.
I used a pencil to mark little dots and lines at the top and bottom of where the tiles should lay.
And I cut the paper templates to their proper size.

4. Mark your templates

If your design consists of different size tiles, like mine, do yourself a favor and mark those pieces, first on the paper template and then on the wood. top, bottom, right, left, and also which side goes up.

5. Create wooden tiles

I then, headed to the Home Depot to buy my material: a 1/4" sheet of underlayment for about $15. This guy helped cut it lengthwise at 12" intervals.

At home, I cut the four lengths in half, using a circular saw. Which means I ended up with 8 - 6" lengths.
Home Depot saw -
Put those paper templates on top of your wooden planks and trace those lines.

Using a miter saw, cut those angled lines.

Note: If you have an angle duplicating miter tool, it might come in handy for accurate angles. I didn't find mine, so I had to rely solely on the paper templates and had a bit of trouble with some of the tiles not coupling nicely.
wall art -

6. Install the unpainted tiles on the wall

I didn't want damage on the shiplap and that's why I used Command strips. I've used them in this project here and here and I'm happy to use them again.
Three strips on the longboards were more than enough.
It all looked good! ;) But hey, I wanted some color, the wooden tone looked somewhat blah.
wooden spray painted design on wall

7. Paint the tiles

I brought the tiles outside to spray paint them and I chose this gorgeous Rustoleum Midnight Blue color.
Rustoleum Midnight blue spray painted design on wall
A light sanding with 120 grid paper was done after the first coat dried.
Once the second coat was dry I brought them inside and mounted them on their designated spots and this is how the entire design looks now:
Rustoleum spray painted Midnight blue and Tuscan sun colors in office
I can't even tell you how much I love it!!
Rustoleum spray painted Midnight blue and Tuscan sun colors in office
So simple yet so striking.

And how about that whitewash treatment?! It works so well with the new modern design going on in the room.
Rustoleum spray painted Tuscan sun chair in office
I gave my chair a new color to make everything pop a little more, and this Rustoleum Tuscan Sun was the perfect shade of yellow my office was begging for! It goes perfectly with dark blue.

And talking about blue, this space now complements the decor in the contiguous living room to a T, remember those navy blue drapes I added recently? Check them out right here.
Rustoleum spray painted Midnight blue and Tuscan sun colors in office
What I like the most is the versatility of this new design. The fact that I can bring those wooden tiles down or change the color at any given moment is wonderful!

And with so many possibilities, I can't wait to give it a new look. Check the new Rust-Oleum palette... Bold hues and new neutrals aimed to inspire and empower you!
| Coastal Gray | Deep Forest Green | Rust Cherry | Metallic Satin Bronze | Midnight Blue |
Pink Peony | Silver LilacSmokey Beige | Tuscan Sun |

Rustoleum spray painted Midnight blue and Tuscan sun colors in office
Louie's the only one missing that bench! :D
Rustoleum spray painted Midnight blue and Tuscan sun colors in office

Rustoleum spray painted Midnight blue and Tuscan sun colors in office

Well guys, now is your turn to tell me what's the next spray painting project you have in mind.

Hop over to Instagram where I'm hosting a giveaway to get the wheels turning. Two winners will be chosen!!

For more spray paint inspiration, check out what The Home Depot has to offer.

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*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. You blew it out of the park again! Love the color combo!

  2. This is the coolest wall ever, I love it!!

    1. It's so good to hear you like it as much as I do. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful times three!!! Great change up for the space. So sleek and artistic. Love it!

    1. Hehe thanks girl! You know how much I like to change things up. I might spray paint it green or gold when I get tired of the blue. :D

  4. As always, this is awesome Cristina and such a great use of space! I love the colors you chose and the design is very artistic. The use of command strips is brilliant. I'm going to use them also to put corbels on the wall under a shelf so I can easily take them down in case I want to use them somewhere else. Here's to your mad DIY skills my friend!

    1. Your idea with those corbels is right down my alley! I love to move stuff all around the place and that sure is an easy way to do it. Thanks so much for your kind words!

  5. Excelente trabajo Cristina, ese escritorio quedo maravilloso! Y me encanto el tono de color elegido midnight blue para la decoracion de pared!

    1. Hola Victoria, que alegria me da ver tu mensaje! Tengo que ir a ver esos proyectos tuyos que tanto me encantan. Un besote querida y muchas gracias por tus palabras.

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