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The Crafting Nook Blogging Planner

Blogging planner
I haven't been the best at keeping track or planning my blog posts ahead of time and I'm sure that if you're one of my regular readers, you've noticed it long ago.

Yes, I've tried many planners throughout the years, but unfortunately I couldn't get used to them. I was barely surviving on Google calendar when my friend Camila from The Crafting Nook convinced me to work with a blogging planner.

She sent me the planner she created, so I could prove myself that yes, I can get used to a planner and make it work for me, my blogging business and my family life.

If you're one of my regular blogging friends, I'm so happy that you're here today, because I know this is definitely something you'd want to know more about. If you're not a blogger, well, I'll be back with my regular DIY projects and home decor during my next post.

My first impression when I got this planner was, Gosh, it's so PRETTY!!

*This post contains affiliate links.

I picked this beautiful gold and rose design. Very feminine.
Blogging Planner by The Crafting Nook
And guys, the next thing I did was to get me some pens, markers, stickers, stencils...

I felt like a second grader getting ready for my first day of school. :)
BIC intensity pens - stencils and stickers for planner

Well, with everything at hand, I sat down, my beautiful planner wide open, staring at me.

My oh my, it's kind of embarrassing telling you this, but after filling out a few pages, I got stuck.
I didn't know what my yearly goals were, neither did I know who my ideal reader was. 😳
Blogging Planner with mildliner highlighters
Setting goals and general information takes time. It feels a bit overwhelming because there's a lot of thinking that goes into it. So, I decided to come back later to fill out these areas and instead, I continued filling up other info that I could easily add.
The Crafting Nook Blogging Planner
If you're a blogger, you know how it feels... like you're always juggling a bunch of things at the same time... You have to write, DIY, decorate, photograph, schedule, promote, engage with readers, etc. etc, etc. All while taking care of your kids and family affairs. Well, that's exactly why using The Crafting Nook Blogging Planner makes sense for us bloggers.
I love that I can customize this planner to my own needs. It contains all the key planning sheets to manage, control and organize my blog.
It has a monthly calendar, monthly goals, monthly blog and social stats. It also has a planner for each: Instagram, video and newsletter. Some of my favorites are the daily to-do schedules and daily blog and social tasks. It even has the monthly blog expense and income sheets. Yes. It has all this and lots more!
As I said, you can customize it to fit your needs. You can print as many pages as you need during the week or month.
The Crafting Nook Blogging Planner
I'm beginning the planning process at full force today! I'm making a commitment to myself on keeping organized and growing this little blog of mine.
Gold and rose blogging planner - The Crafting Nook
How about you? Are you ready to take your blogging to the next level?

Stop by Camila's place and get your very own
👉  Blogging Planner. 👈
right NOW!

Here are the links to some of the supplies I got:

My daughter highly recommended me this. And guess what? I love them!  These are double ended highlighters featuring a broad, chisel tip and fine bullet tip for broad highlighting or fine underlining.

They give you that gorgeous soft pastel color that's neat and doesn't overwhelm you.
Perfect highlighters for working on your planner

I bought this one at my closest Hallmark, but added a link to a similar clear pouch. I can grab the pen or marker I need because I can clearly see its contents. The top zipper is really neat.
clear pencil pouch with pens and markers

The vibrant colors of these felt tip pens are hard to ignore. I like their feel and how nicely I can write with them.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Ha, I'm retired and other than doctor appts...I do not commit to anything that would require a planner...and all the stress is gone! I do put appts in my phone and that's enough! Cost ---$0

    1. Sandi, I'll probably be there in a few years, enjoying retirement. But right now, with all the blog related tasks I have to perform, this blogging planner makes so much more sense.


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