12 Small Updates to Brighten Up Any Room in Your Home

living room with striped navy and white drapes, round mirror, blue rug and blue accents.

It's been two years already since our living room got its major makeover. I have enjoyed this room a lot and I wasn't looking to bring any change to it, yet. Well, not with the long list of stuff I need to do in other parts of our home, but somehow a little refresher happened last week by simply switching a single element in it.

I was buying some
clothing for my son at TJ Maxx and then, when looking through the home section I spotted this set of striped curtains and thought, they might look good in our living room.

Well, yep. I was right.
Living room dressed for summer in white and navy blue
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They not only look good, but they give the room a completely new look!
white and navy blue striped curtains
The curtains are well done, they're Tommy Hilfiger 100% cotton, rod pocket modern window drapes. The set of two 50 x 96-inch curtains was only 25.
Hydrangea bouquet on coffee table
Vase  | 
The curtains alone, change the look of the room, but they made me go and add a few other elements like fresh flowers. Love me some hydrangeas!
living room in navy blue and white
And an old element that I brought down from my son's room.
small updates to brighten any room in your home.
I'm delighted with this simple makeover. So easy!!
white and navy living room decor with hydrangeas and round gold mirror
Drapes  |  Coffee Table Rug Mirror  |
If you're trying to freshen up a room in your home, I'm going to leave you with these 12 small updates to bring new life to any room in your home. You can use only one or maybe a couple of these updates for more impact. Of course, let's start with:

  • Update window treatments
  • Re-arrange furniture
  • Change the rug or maybe ditch the rug for a couple of weeks or months
  • Switch up throw pillows
  • Add a vintage find
  • Change wall art
  • Add new lighting
  • Re-arrange your coffee table or side table vignette
  • Add greenery
  • Paint a wall to create a feature wall or maybe the entire room
  • Install peel and stick wallpaper on a wall
  • Add a mirror 
Now tell me, what's your favorite way to freshen up a room?

Stay tuned for the 2019 Summer Home Tours hosted by my friend Marty from A Stroll Thru life, starting June 10!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Your room was already gorgeous but I love the way the new curtains add extra life to the space! Of course, I love blue and white too... Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Shelley! Yes, I know you love this palette. This room goes perfectly with your dining room. ;) 💙

  2. Those drapes are amazing and what a fabulous addition to the living room. It looks gorgeous.

  3. LOVE this room! The new drapes and pillow covers really make an amazing change. I have 3 seasonal changes for my living room - pillow covers (don't need to store full pillows!), books and decorative touches in the new color pallette, and a throw if appropriate. My background is neutral grey with pops of turquoise, so summer is navy, lime and turquoise; fall is turquoise with touches of coral; winter is white and grey with lots of texture. Easy changes and I don't get bored. Thanks for all your hard work on this blog - I love reading each post!

  4. I love how bold yet simple these curtains are! Right now I have some denim (very faded from the bring sunlight) but I may see if I can find something a little brighter. Thanks for the inspiration! (I love TJMaxx!)


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