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Old Soda Crate Succulent Garden

mini terracotta pots holding succulents in old soda crate

Whoa, it's April already!

The months are flying by, but this is the only time of the year when I like that happening... The cold weather slipping away to welcome the warm, sunny days.  Ahhh, beautiful!

Yes, we had a beautiful and very busy weekend, and in between all the things I could accomplished was this little project that I'm sharing today, and that says to me: Spring is HERE!

A couple weeks ago I stopped by one of my latest favorite vintage stores in the area and found
the old soda crate below.

Yellow Pepsi soda crate repurposed with dried flowers in terracotta pots

I loved the crate with all those tiny terracotta pots...

dried flower arrangement in soda crate

BUT, the thing I didn't like that much were the dried flower bouquets in each pot, sad. :(
how to repurposed a vintage soda crate

So, I just removed them and cleaned the entire thing.

repurposing wooden soda crates

Then, using the dry brushing paint technique, where you add a tiny bit of paint to the ends of a paint brush, dabbing it on a paper towel to remove excess paint, the terracotta pots were painted to brighten them a bit.

how to repurpose old crate with succulent garden

Little succulents were bought at the Home Depot. Real plants are always a winner in my book. ;)

how to repurpose an old soda crate - yellow Pepsi crate

I left those pieces of dried moss on the edges of the pots, for the added texture they provide. But, now that I'm looking at the pictures I'm doubting that decision. Should I remove them?

terracotta pots with dry brush paint holding succulents
Well, I'm going to leave them alone for some days and I'll see.  Over all, I'm loving this easy makeover, so fresh, and green, and Spring-like!

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  1. You always nail it, Cristina! I wish I could find one of those crates with shelves as I'm not very DIY with tools.

    1. Thanks Brenda! One of those lucky breaks, finding the crate with the shelves and pots already in place.

  2. I love it! What a fun and rewarding project. Happy Monday! :-)

    1. Yes indeed, Kim, Thanks! It puts a smile on my face each time I look at it. :)

  3. so cute and fun! looking at that original pic with the dried bouquets makes me just want to have a sneezing fit! haha.

    1. Lol true! I'm glad I brought the crate to the garage to remove those flowers. Lots of dust and little bits of everything flying around!

  4. Love these! Such a fun idea. :)

  5. Looks really cute and a great way to get a lot of plants in a small space.
    I would love if you would tell us what you pay for these fantastic buys you make at yard sales and shops. It would help those of us who are just getting started in this way to know if we are getting a good deal or not. Please consider this request.

    1. Carol, I also like to know the prices people pay for this kind of finds, but surprisingly I didn't say it in the post. :/ Sorry about that! I paid $35, which I think it's fair price. I've seen the empty crates for around $20, adding the cost of the nine tiny pots with the saucers and the glue to set them in place + the shelves and the dried flowers, even though I removed them, might bring that price even higher.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment!

  6. I have a Pepsi crate just like that! But I use it as a tray. Love succulents! I keep adding to my collection! I is better than fake or dried! The pots are so cute!

  7. I love this idea. It look so much better with the succulents.

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