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Bathroom Renovation - Fixing Trouble Areas

Hi there,

It seems like this renovation is taking forever, but if you follow me on Instagram you probably know things are a bit ahead of what you're going to see in this post.

I took a whole week off from social media and blogging to dedicate that time to working on this project and to spend some time with my little niece, Maria, who is visiting.
It seems like I'm going back in time to when my daughter was 10! Priceless moments! 💕

Anyways, my previous post about this renovation ended with the above picture... The little shower extension/bench all framed out.

The next step was to fix those problem areas you see in the picture below.
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One pipe sticking out the floor there, on the vanity area, one more on the shower area. Also, moving the shower drain to the center of the shower and...

Moving the air vent register from the floor to the wall.

As some of you know, plumbing and electrical work are out of my comfort zone, This job was hire out and I'm so glad I took that route! Anyhow, I was a helper during the entire process and this is a recap of what I saw. It might be of help if you go through something similar.

Getting the pipe below the floor on the vanity area.

Milwaukee Hackzall  |  DeWalt Drill  |  Husky Hammer
The first thing done was to open the subfloor area where the pipe was sticking out. All the section of pipe that was sticking out was cut off.

The new route for the pipe was done through wholes done on the joists with a hole saw attachment.

90-degree pipe fittings were the ones used to make the connections.

The final part was to patch up the sub-floor .

Shower Area Pipes

The pipe that was sticking out the floor in the shower area got the same treatment to bring it down the subfloor.
The drain was moved to the center of the shower. Right here you need to determine how high that drain should sit. Remember all the layers/materials that you need to install to create the shower pan... waterproofing membrane, lath, thin-set, tile, grout.
 Dremel Oscillating Tool 

While working on fixing these pipes, the guy heard a cracking noise from another pipe.  Well, he had to open another hole to investigate...  The connecting toilet pipe was the one affected. It looked kind of normal, but he change it, just in case. Better safe than sorry.

They carry a huge amount of pipes that many times they simply repurposed from old jobs. They give them a good cleaning and they're good to go.

It was like working a puzzle, trying to find the perfect pipe/fitting for the configuration you're dealing with.
Oatey Purple Primer  |  Oatey Heavy Duty Clear PVC cement
These were the products they used to set the connections. First, the purple primer and then the heavy duty clear pvc cement.

Here again, the subfloor was patch-up. And look how high that drain was set.

Moving the air vent register from the floor to the wall

Wiss Straight-Cut aviation snips
Once again, you need to open the subfloor to access the air vent mechanism. Remove the register part. Since we were dealing with a 6" pipe, it needed to be retrofitted to a 4", in order to pass it through the joists.
Insulated Flexible Duct  |  Gauge Reducer  |  Pro Grade Duct Tape
A 4" hole was done on the joists using a hole saw. Then, an insulated flexible duct was connected with duct tape to the reducer and the other end was brought up to the wall.

My husband wasn't too happy to have a 4" air duct instead of a 6". I understand we might get a little less air through this configuration, but I think having it there on the wall makes more sense.

So, all those areas were fixed and that subfloor was ready to host a nice floor. ;)

The following are the links to the projects done in this bathroom:

Here's how I easily change the look of the shower.

    *This post contains affiliate links.

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