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The Master Bathroom Lighting Plan

Ha, Summer hit hard around these parts!

I'm so sorry I've been so MIA lately. I went to San Francisco last week. It was like a mini vacation where I got to hang out with my sister and her family.  It was our very first time visiting the West coast and we really enjoyed the nice weather and well, pretty much everything about this beautiful city.

Now that I'm back home I'm getting all the bath makeover pictures organized and hopefully, I'm going to start sharing with you all the progress because it's almost done!

My last post was about the plumbing fixes, you can read about that right HERE.
As soon as the lower part (floor) was ready, we turned our heads up to start on the electrical.

I'm saying we, but I was a simple helper... Finding tools, fishing cables, getting rid of the old stuff.
All the electrical stuff was done by the guy my BIL recommended to me.

So, that first picture is the lighting I had in the bathroom... The famous Hollywood lights above the vanity and the main light in the center of the bathroom.

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We also had a small exhaust fan that we never used because it sounded as if a train was passing by!! 😣
Ha, when we uninstalled it we noticed that it had been closed this entire time! The little flap was stuck, it didn't move. No wonder it was so noisy!

It was replaced by this NuTone Ultra Green Fan. I got it for only $85, but now that I went to get the link I see it has been discontinued. :(
It's super quiet and we made sure to install it correctly!
NuTone Ultra Green110 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Bath Fan Energy Star - Discontinued |  Similar

Besides the exhaust fan, we also installed a new light fixture, more exactly a shower can light
Recessed Lighting Housing  |  Recessed Lighting Shower Trim

I wanted to have a good amount of light right there in the shower. The old set-up was too dark.

The main light fixture wasn't centered across the entire bathroom, so it was easily moved thanks to the old construction housing where you can slide the can light.

My initial plan was to replace the Hollywood lights with three sconces, but then, I changed my mind and decided to take advantage of the high ceiling and install pendant lights instead.

It was a bit more complicated to bring the electrical cable from the wall to the ceiling, but it was done.

This guy knows it all! It's been an invaluable learning experience for me, working at his side.

He set the connections and organized all those cables perfectly for the lights and fan to work on their own. Well, the three pendant lights work on one dimmer switch. The other dimmer switch is for the main light. The two smaller switches are for the can light and the exhaust fan.

I eliminated the outlet that was there. (right-hand side picture below). I'm adding an outlet inside one of the vanity drawers, so, there's no need for this eyesore to be right there.
  Light Switch with Dimmer15A Two Single Pole Light Switch  |  Electrical Work Box

This other outlet on the side of the vanity was also moved a little lower to the side of the vanity.
15A Tamper Resistant Outlet

Making sure the connections were right, the holes on the wall were patched.

Here, the new fan and two back lights.

Oh, and I wanted to leave you with this:

These were the sconces I first thought about using.
Antique Brass Wall Sconce

When I knew I was going to install pendant lights I ordered three of these:
Antique Brass Hanging Fixture

Here's my little dilemma:  I was looking for a chandelier for this bathroom, to use as the main light or center light. When I found this one at Craiglist I loved it, the price was really good, less than half the price at the store and it was new. I had to put it together.

However, I don't think it goes nicely with the three pendant lights. Its size is also something I have to consider, I don't want a huge chandelier there. I brought it there to the bath to see how it looks. It didn't seem too big for the space, but it's still hard to get the big picture in a bathroom that doesn't look nice.
Floral Burst Chandelier

I might give it another try and take a picture. ;)

Let me know what you think!

You can check little videos of this bath progress in my Insta-stories right HERE.

The following are the links to the projects done in this bathroom:
Here's how I easily changed the look of the shower.

    *This post contains affiliate links.

    Enjoy what you read today?



    1. I don't know if you are hiring the sheetrock repair...if not, seriously give this method a try ( ) will never repair sheetrock the "old fashion" way again...I promise!!!

      1. Girl, you've the best tricks up your sleeve!! No, I'm not hiring the sheetrock repair and I'm the worst at patching those holes!(true) But you know what?! I'm covering that entire wall with shiplap! 😊 So, I'm like... that's OK let's open another hole!! 😄

    2. BTW...looking AWESOME! I meet with a "design consultant" on my bathroom tomorrow...yes, I am hiring the work done...this is new for me and I am sure it will be a test of my patience and!

      1. Thanks Beck!! I ended up hiring the tile work, plumbing and electrical, oh and the shower extension. BEST DECISION EVER!! I was thinking on doing the tile, but after witnessing all the work that guy had to do, my oh my, I'm so happy I went this route!
        The tile work seemed doable, but nope. there were so many cuts and lines to follow. Oh, everything has to be arranged from the bottom up, making sure you're not going to end up with a tiny piece in one corner. I'm sure that would've happened to me!!
        Maybe you too can be a helper. I was there in the bathroom, prepping the materials, separating damaged tiles (yeah, every box comes with a good amount of chipped tiles) from the good ones, but mostly learning a whole deal from someone who does this kind of work frequently.

    3. Can't wait to see more, love the pendant lights

      1. Thanks Marty!! Oh, I need an extra pair of hands for all the updates I need to write! It doesn't help that I'm a slow poke.

    4. Love the pendants, not sure about the chandelier, simply because of all the surfaces (cleaning). I can totally relate to all the movement with outlets, lights, etc. We ended up with two canned lights in our new shower (which are a combination vent/light, NuTone), since it was bigger than our previous shower space. I'm with you - more light, don't like the darkness! Can't wait to see your reveal. Your projects are ALWAYS killer!

      1. Thanks Rita! I had to go and check your bathroom one more time. I'm adding your link here, for all of us in need of beautiful inspiration!( Well, your shower's huge! I see why the two canned lights. And I was drooling all over your pretty tub. I've been forever in love with that type of tubs, but I didn't have the space for one and truth is, I never used the one we had!
        I'm working like a little bee, building, painting and getting closer to the decorating part. I can't wait for reveal time!
        Thanks again for stopping by and for your kind words! 💓

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