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Dremel Versa - Your Best Friend when Cleaning Around the House

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a powerful little cleaning tool

Hey there!

Is cleaning your household one of your least favorite chores?

Well, I'm right there with ya.  😒

I don't know when it happened. But, cleaning my house has turned into such an unbearable task. I remember many years ago when every Monday I turned into Cinderella mode and made every single square inch of my house sparkle!

Ha, you read it right... Maaany years ago.


Nowadays I have no time, or energy to dedicate an entire day to cleaning my house. And of course, it shows.

The trick that works for me lately is the one-hour cleaning routine. Every day I try to dedicate one hour to an specific area or room. I don't end up with a spotless home, but I make progress.

And since last month, that progress has been even more noticeable thanks to this little tool:
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Power Cleaner
replacement pads and dremel versa tool
Dremel Versa
The fastest and most compact cordless cleaning tool produced by the worldwide leader in rotary tools.
I totally think they designed this little tool for people like you and me in mind...  People who don't like to spend an entire day cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

The Dremel Versa was designed for those of us who want an easy to use, convenient yet powerful tool to clean difficult surfaces and reduce the amount of manual effort.

You can see it in action in the following video:

It charges via USB and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge. If the light is ON, the battery is charging, when the light goes off, the Dremel Versa is fully charged and ready to use.

It comes with three replacement pads (foam, non-scratch and heavy-duty) that attach to a backing pad with Velcro-like material.

though cleaning around the house

I used the blue non-scratch pad to clean the front of my dirty stove. - The beauty of having a teen that loves to cook. 🙄

The grease and grime that usually takes me for ever to remove with liquid cleaners, disappeared in just a few minutes when using the Dremel Versa.

What I like the most is that I don't have to push or do any effort, this tool does it for me! Its high speed (2200 RPM max) and the powerful lithium-ion battery technology give it a faster, more aggressive cleaning/removal. The speed and the accessories do the work for you!
stove front and knobs cleaned with Dremel Versa

I used the foam replacement pad to clean the trim work on our foyer. Only holding and guiding the tool it's all it took.
foam replacement pad to clean trim work

The backing pad and bristle brush get attached to the tool by turning them in a clockwise direction.
powerful cleaner

This attachment turns the Dremel Versa into a powerful brush. Very efficient for cleaning those grout lines.
the easiest way to clean grout

I didn't use the splash guard, but it's a necessity when dealing with a good amount of water.
dremel versa with retracted and extended position splash guard

One push button is all you need to operate this tool. It fits perfectly in your hand and the soft rubber material and ergonomic design give you a good grip at all times.
ergonomic design

After completely charged, battery life for me has been about 45 minutes. It's not a great amount of time. And that might be one of the downsides. However, that's not been a problem for me and my "one-hour cleaning routine".

Check the many uses you can give this wonderful tool:

  • White Eraser Pad: multi-purpose for hard surfaces, including countertops, tabletops, floors, doors, walls, baseboards and appliances. It also works on soap scum in bathrooms, splatter stains in microwaves, the rubber on sneakers and a variety of other surfaces.
  • Blue Non-Scratch Pad: for surfaces that need scrubbing without scratching, such as exterior of pots and pans, grill exteriors, sinks and drains.
  • Bristle Brush: ideal for getting into detailed areas that require heavy-duty cleaning, including tile grout, faucets and car interiors.
  • Brown Heavy-Duty Pad: removes stubborn stains like rust as well as small surface scratches on wood furniture.

I totally recommend it for most jobs around the house and I don't even have to wear gloves when using it. It does the work for me!!

cleaning stove, bathroom tile, etc. is easier with the power of Dremel Versa

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Love the sound of this. I wonder if it would work in the shower. :)

    1. It does, Stacey! It keeps those grout lines super clean. 👍

  2. Sounds useful. However, the number of ads in this piece is insane. It is no longer worth reading when every other line is interrupted with a big ad.

    1. Thanks Pam, it is a very useful tool! And I'm sorry about the many ads. This is one of the few ways to support all the time and work needed to keep the blog running and also keeping the content free.

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