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The Master Bathroom Plan

Good morning!

I'm finally back with my master bathroom renovation. My apologies because I posted the mood board like two months ago and then, it looked like I forgot everything about it.

Nope. I didn't forget.

As I told you on a previous post, my daughter needed my help furnishing and decorating her office, I had to go and give her a helping hand instead of working on this bathroom.

So, let me show you all around this small, plain bathroom.

The next picture was taken just a couple of weeks ago. This is the ugly and boring bathroom I've always had, the only room in our entire house that I haven't done anything to it.

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Well no, I took the doors off that "vanity" because I needed them for another project. :D

In general, I cannot change much of this bathroom footprint. This is going to be a makeover where most of the items, fixtures you see in this picture are going to be changed, but the layout stays the same.

The Vanity Area

Those cabinets that they call vanity are going to be replaced by this real vanity in the picture below.
I already bought it and it's in my garage waiting to be taken upstairs. I found it while shopping at Costco. I'm super excited about those cute drawers!
The price was the other reason why I picked this 60" vanity, the price at the store was $800, you can find it here on their web site, for a higher price, which I believe is the shipping.
I'm planning on using that big frame-less mirror I have in there to create two mirrors like the one you see below:

If you know who this bathroom belongs to, please let me know, so I can add the link. ;)

The Hollywood lights are going to be replaced with three sconces or pendants in between the mirrors. And behind the mirrors, better yet, on that entire wall, shiplap is going to be installed.

A new toilet, only one piece is going to replace the one we have.

The Shower Area

The shower area is probably the part of this bathroom that is going to change the most. I'm getting rid of the tub, we never used it.
Instead, we are planning on building a walk-in shower like the one you see in the picture below. Well, is in the opposite side but the layout is kind of the same of what I have/want.
Via: Canny
The one thing I really, REALLY want to have is NO division on the floor.  I want the floor to be all the same level, no separation or division at the shower.

A clear glass division, just like you see in the picture, is what I'm going for.

A niche, the space for storing the bottles of shampoo, soap, etc. is also in the plans on that back wall.

Now, the other thing I'm planning to have in here is a seating bench like the one you see here:
Via: Laura Lochrin Interiors
This bathroom sits a top our garage, there's space that extends beyond that back wall in the shower. However, that space houses the garage roof truss. A sitting bench is the minimum floor space I can take advantage of. I wish I could have space for a free standing tub. 

The water fixtures are going to stay in the same place, but of course, they're going to be updated. Look at these:
  Delta Vero 1-Handle shower only faucet      |       Delta Vero 1-Spray Hand shower

A plain shower and a hand shower that the mister wanted to have. And yes, they're going to be Champagne Bronze.

The Floor

I'll be happy to say good bye to the vinyl floor and in its place, we are going to have this porcelain hex white with black dot mosaic tile.
Hex floor tile

The Entrance Door & Window Area

Standing in the tub/shower area, this is what you see (above picture) the entrance door. I want to turn that door into a sliding barn door, but that's not going to be a priority right now.

This half wall, here below the little windows, is another part I want to transform.  ;)

I have some space behind the lower part of that wall.

If you see the picture below, that's when we were replacing the roof, like a month ago.
Anyhow, that big arrow is pointing at the two little windows in this bathroom. That part that extends outward below the window is the extra space I have in there.

My plan for that "knee wall" is building some shelves like the ones in this bath:
Via: BHG
So cute!!

Oh well, I think that's all for now, if no troubles pop along the way.
I already ordered most of the material and I already started the demo, which hasn't been that bad.

This is all super exciting, I haven't done a room like this, like starting from zero. It's always been half repurposed, half new.
But, in this bathroom, everything has to go and I'm even taking little spaces from the attic.

The things that scare me the most:
  • The shower floor - building it, making a flawless transition from the main area, with no division.
  • Grabbing the extra space for the bench in the shower. Mostly because I don't know exactly what's behind that wall.
  • Connecting the shower fixtures. Well, I haven't deal with water fixtures that much, I think what scares me the most is having water leaks. 

Let me know what do you think or if you have any recommendations. I really appreciate you input.

Follow me on Instagram for daily snippets of this bath progress and wish me lots of luck!!

The following are the links to the projects done in this bathroom:
Here's how I easily change the look of the shower.

    *This post contains affiliate links.

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    1. This is my next big project as well....a total master bathroom will be it's second. And I want the exact same shower with a flat "step." I think I have used the whirlpool tub MAYBE three times in 20 years! Like you I am concerned about proper sealing and NO leaks! So I am holding out for the most experienced tile guy in our area and that means it may be awhile!!! Suggestion on the bench. I want one as well but instead of doing a fixed bench which I think will limit us, I am thinking about a teak slatted bench that can be moved around. I told Brian we need to get on this while we are still able to walk upstairs and use that bathroom while ours is gutted! I will be watching your progress closely!

      1. Oh Beck, sealing everything properly is my main concern, well, besides price... This is my first main bath makeover and those numbers keep on climbing! 😜 I've been consulting with my BIL, he knows a good deal about pretty much anything in a home. He gave me a huge helping hand when building the deck in the backyard. If he can take the time, he will help me with the major tasks.
        I'm making the bench a fixed one because that space is too narrow, I was always bumping my elbow with the mirror and stuff the hubs hangs there on that wall. I'm taking that extra space from the garage roof, but the truss is there. I'm assuming there is a slanted board right alongside that back wall that I need to determine how to work around it. The bench might hide some of those boards.
        And yeah, I'm converting it to a walk-in shower because it's gonna be easier to get in and out now that we're getting older. ;)

    2. Hi. I think you're amazing and I love all your projects! We just redid our small family bath and I used large white subway tile in the shower, a gray vanity and these tiles from HD:

      Even though it is a large scale pattern in a small space it makes the room look bigger. I LOVE those tiles. I don"t think you mentioned what tile you will use in the shower. When we changed another bathtub into a walk-in shower we used a pan in the bottom. I don't know how you waterproof the floor in an application like yours. Eventually all caulk and all grout fails. Please research fully. I can't wait to see your progress. Good luck!! Jane

      1. Oh Jane, Thanks so much for your kind words!💕 It looks like I'm copycatting you! :D I'm using subway tile, a gray vanity and I almost used those beautiful tiles (similar design) to cover the floor! I think they're gorgeous, but I think that's a bold trend that might be difficult to replace. And knowing me (I get tired of things easily), I don't want to change that floor at least in the next ten years! Yes, I'm going to be extra careful with that floor. Thanks!

    3. So happy for you and your plans for the master bath! They look awesome and you'll be fine with the construction. I have total confidence. I also have a master bath waiting to hear all of your tips and tricks. XOXO ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

      1. You're my girl!! 😘 All that confidence makes me be extra careful. Thanks Susie!

    4. Love, love, love and would like to copy Every. Single. Thing. I do wonder, though, about water seeping out into the main space. Will you slant the floor? Have a sliding door? And, will you have some sort of shower pan hidden underneath? We had a shower pan with a slow leak once and had damage to adjoining bath and downstairs rooms as well. Water leakage scares me! Thank you for sharing!

      1. Aww thank you so much!! You're making me feel good about all the choices taken. :) That shower floor is going to be a super sealed one, I promise. :D Yes, it needs to be slanted, hard to see with the naked eye. No sliding door, one single panel. And my guess is that little drops of water are going to get out the shower stall, but a rug outside would help.

    5. I am looking forward to seeing your finished bathroom filled with all those beautiful finishes and ideas. You might want to rethink your idea of a sliding barn door for a bathroom for privacy reasons. We have one separating our living room from the hallway. Since it essentially is hanging over the opening rather than "sealing" the opening as a regular doorway would do, you lose much of the privacy factor of a traditional door. Sound, smells, steam, etc. will easily pass around a barn door. If this is an ensuite master bath, that may not be as important though as it would be with a hall bath. I will be "watching this space" for the reveal of your lovely new bathroom!

      1. You're so right Sue! This is an ensuite master bath, but I certainly like to have privacy when using it. I also installed a barn door in my son's bedroom and yep. There's a big gap on the sides. I thought about the privacy issue before and came to the conclusion that what I need here is a pocket door, I don't know why I said sliding barn door in the post. Anyhow, I think I have the perfect setup for building a pocket door for this bathroom and the contiguous closet. But, that's something that it's not going to happen too soon. :D
        Thanks for stopping by and for always giving me great advice! ❤️

    6. It’s going to be fabulous! I’m quite sure you can do it all. I agree with Sue P. about the sliding door, they do not seal the opening and are not good for all applications.

      1. Thanks Julie! I'm trying to do the most I can. But, I'll be reaching for help if things get rough. ;) You and Sue are right, sliding barn doors suck in bathrooms! :) A pocket door will be more appropriate here. I still remember all the work you put on yours to make it functional again.

    7. Oh, Cristina, this is going to be amazing! My assumption to have the one level floor is that there has to be a very slight decline to the drain - what other way would work?! We only have one full bath in our home, but I'd trade it for a walk-in, one level floor shower for sure! Looking forward to following along on this!

      1. Thanks so much Guerrina! Yes, that's the trick! And making a perfect decline might be tricky. That's the part where I think I'll be reaching out for help.
        We have a tub in the kids bath, which my daughter uses a lot so, that one is staying in place.

    8. Yes, a pocket door would be nice. And I know you are up for the task!! 😀

    9. How fun. I know you are up to the task. I cannot wait to see what you do with this space.

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