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Bathroom Demo - Part 1

Hey there!

I placed my order for most of the materials needed in this bathroom and I've been happily opening packages. I'm still waiting for the subway tile, but it's already on its way.

The first part I want to work is the shower area, but first things first... Getting rid of everything in this bath.

The demo has started here, with the vanity area.

The very first thing I wanted to get out of here was the mirror. The plan was on reusing it to create two small mirrors, so I  wanted it out of here in one single piece.

That's a big mirror, about 60" x 40". I thought it was going to be a bit of a pain removing it, thinking it was glued to the wall.

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Well, fear not.

Bringing that mirror off the wall was the easiest thing I've done in a long time! One single push to that clip you see in the picture above and the mirror was free. Yes, off the wall as you see in the following pic:

No glue, no trouble thanks to these clips or mirror holders, which I totally recommend.

Hidden Mirror Holders
There were four clips holding the mirror in place, one in each corner. The two on the lower part were installed right on top of the small backsplash, keeping the mirror in place, while the ones at the top secured it from falling. Ours was only secured with the one clip at the right side, the left side clip was missing.

With the mirror gone, the next item to be dismounted was the medicine cabinet. A simple screwdriver or drill is all you need to loosen the screws that secure it to the studs.
Makita Impact Driver
The vanity was next. But, you first need to disconnect the pipes.

Well, the most important thing is to turn off those water valves #1. We had two for each sink, one for each, hot and cold water.
Then, using a pipe wrench, disconnect the water supply lines #2
Next, is time to disconnect the sink trap from both ends. #3,4

Removing the countertop

For me it was countertop and sinks, one of the few advantages of having this, counter and sinks in one piece, set up.
Milwaukee Hackzall
Countertops are usually held in place with silicone adhesive, which  is a really strong material.
In order to cut through that silicone I brought a strong tool:  A Milwaukee Hackzall.

As with any job, having the right tools make everything so easy!
Cutting thru that silicone only took a couple of minutes, but that badass demeanor it gives you is priceless! :D

The last pieces to be removed were the cabinets, which have to be unscrewed from the wall and from each other.

However, with those pipes still holding the cabinets to the wall...

I decided to cut a section of the cabinets all around the pipes.
Dremel Oscillating Tool
Then, the cabinets were easily removed.

But hey, we got a surprise. A pipe sticking outside of the floor.

A piece of Sheetrock was removed to investigate the function of that pipe.

It's a drain pipe and it needs to go under the floor because my new vanity has open space at the bottom. Even though it's not that huge space it would be gross to leave that pipe out.

Overall it's been an easy demo. The bathtub/shower is next and opening that back wall to the garage/attic. Kind of weird, but it's exciting!

Hopefully, no more surprises. 🤞

Check the small video of this first demo part:

The following are the links to the projects done in this bathroom:
Here's how I easily change the look of the shower.

      *This post contains affiliate links.

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      1. You are very fortunate! My huge vanity mirror was actually glued to the wall...I suited up, stood in the doorway and started pounding it with a long stick...broke into a million pieces and I managed to get them all up without cutting into a major vein! That, of course, required sheetrock repair! I also discovered that the plumbers had removed all the sheetrock AND insulation on the wall behind the vanity, which happened to be an exterior wall. Explains why the bathroom was always freezing...that and the "nest" of leaves and pine needles I found clogging the HVAC vent to the room. Yes, it had been that way since construction and I didn't remodel the bathroom for 7-8 years after I moved in! Demo can be soooo fun and! Again, watching closely since this is my next big project...another bathroom remodel...but at least this time I know exactly what I will find!

        1. Oh, what a pain, Beck! I was so lucky to pull only one clip and BOOM the mirror was free! There are always surprises along the way. :D

      2. This is great! I'll be remodeling my bathroom soon. I'm taking notes!

        1. Yaay, It's good to have great company! :) I hope that what I'm going thru helps you a bit.

      3. The pipe is a bummer. I hope you get it re-routed without a problem.

        1. Yep. I need to cut more of the subfloor to check how it's going to be re-routed. :/

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