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How to Install a Sliding Barn Door - Part 2 - The Door

Well, the door is finally on! :)

Yeah, I decided to leave it with the chippy paint.  You can check my previous post to read about how I found it and all the saga going on trying to build/find this door.

After a really good cleaning - it was super dirty - I applied clear and dark wax on all sides to protect the wood. On one side there was more peeling of the paint than on the other, I decided to showcase the beaten-up side.

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After cutting the excess length, it was time to install the hardware.
The only thing we needed was a couple of these Box Rail Trolley Hangers, they come with the screws you need to mount them to the door.
You place them on your desired spot on the top edge, mark the location of the screws and drill the holes.
You also need to open a hole at the top edge, the lower picture below, we used a 5/8" spade bit there.

This is how they'll look when installed.  Your door needs to be at least 1-3/8" thick for this kind of hardware. It's much better/easier with 1-3/4" thick doors.

Once the trolley hangers are properly installed the door can be hung onto the rail on the wall. For complete instructions on how to install the rail click HERE.

The final part is to install the End Cap to prevent your door from falling off the rail.

A metal drill bit and screws are needed here.

This is how it looks once installed. I'm going for a rustic-industrial boy's room. that's why I left the screws/bolts showing.

I still need to install a pair of pulls on each side of the door and a couple of stay rollers to keep the door in place, but those are coming after installing the floor. You can see the little gap at the bottom of the door.

As you can see, the sub-floor was painted, that's in preparation to install the new flooring.

I like it better when the door is open.

I'm so glad to cross this task off my to-do list. ;)  The installation of the track and all the components is not difficult. The hard part for us was dealing with the heavy items, first, the beam we installed for the track, and then the heavy door.

This track makes noise, it's not a loud noise, but if you're looking for something super quiet this is not for you. After all, this is the stuff they use in barns. The cost for this hardware was around $110, for how strong it is I think it's a great deal.

 This is the final look:

I can't stop looking at this pretty, chippy old door.

For details about the Closet Makeover click HERE.

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  1. Perfect. Love all the chippy paint and peeks of wood showing through. Great choice for track hardware, much more reasonable than barn door hardware and the industrial look is beautiful.

  2. Looks great Cristina. You have some mad skills, and you must be very strong too. A mighty girl!

  3. It looks awesome Cristina...and I like it open too. It shows off that amazing closet you've created!

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